Z Flip 3 Review! - Galaxy User Guide

Hey everyone, and in today's video I am going to take you through my review of the Samsung Galaxy, said Flip 3 in just a moment [Music]. So here it is the famous Zed Flip Three and this is how it looks, half open and as soon as you close it, you can hear that satisfying click I like it as you can already see the design is amazing. It reminds me of the game boy advance sps back in the early 2000s, beautiful design, nice and compact.

Another thing I want to mention to you guys is: the hinge: can scratch very easily as it is exposed, especially if you have the matte black version of the z flip 3? Now there are ways you can get a screen protector, maybe only for the top and the bottom of it not so much the middle, because obviously you want to reduce anything getting jammed in the hinges so be aware that it can scratch easily if you are not careful. So yes, if you are thinking of buying the device here, are some of the key features you might want to pay attention to so that the hinges are quite sturdy, but obviously you would want to reduce any debris or dust that gets inside as this is not dust resistant. It just looks amazing when it is half up and obviously closing it you have to be gentle.

Once flipped down, you have the lock screen and the volume keys reversed. So that's another cool feature that samsung have brought in is that the volume keys will indeed reverse, and you can see here that it's scratched a little bit, so any keys in pockets will be aware of it, so yeah, but you can still see a little bit that it was scratched on that corner and this case fits beautifully on it though, and it's a clip-on one hardback leather case. So this is the clock I have on display to match the case [Music] and you can also slide to the side left or right to get your timer. You can add another widget and you can press and hold so now you can see you can customize your widgets, which is really cool, so yeah and you can even customize the clock.

So there we go you have all your different clocks on display, pick, choose and refuse and yeah. So yeah, you have all these things and you can see the strength of the hinge once it's flipped over which looks very sturdy again um. You know the feature has really improved this year and I'm impressed so people if you're trying to unlock the screen. As of all the zed flip series is now operative. On the side for the fingerprint sensor, you touch the fingerprint sensor gently to unlock it like that and then to click off press the button and then lightly touch it again and it should work just fine [Music]. So, as you can see, I'm going to press it again to see how quickly it unlocks and it's very fast to navigate through the phone.

I prefer the vivid setting which is really vibrant, very nice, and if you go into youtube I'll show you my channel and to play a video I'll show you the split screen. So once it's folded, all you have to do is touch on a video of your choice on youtube and then it would display like this look, how cool that looks. So when you open the video it should have a split view where all the other bits come below the screen so you can still navigate through the video as you select it. You can still choose what you want to watch next on the bottom part of the screen, so I find that totally amazing and then when you flip the screen back it becomes as normal as if you had a normal smartphone and then splits down the bottom once you flip it halfway, which I find incredibly cool.

It looks really cool okay, so I'm going to show you how to take selfies on the front camera. Double click that and you can see the preview opens with a little display. Hey guys, don't mind my crazy hairstyle and as you can see I'm filming on my ultra and I wave my hand in the air and it should take the picture yep. Let's try that again this time with my case, gotta hold it quickly. Oh okay, let's see, let's try some more yep just to raise your hand in the air. Nice finally got it right, so I'm gonna open the phone and show you to exit camera mode on the front camera. Just click the lock button, click it and then I'm going to open the phone to show you what the pictures look like and yeah for picture quality purposes.

So it's pretty standard stuff, I quite like the selfie cameras, they're really cool, [Music], [Music], so another feature on the camera. Once you click the camera button you'll be able to open the photo, you'll see a touch pad at the bottom of the screen. So you can literally navigate your pictures as you look at them and then when you open it up again normal it would center in the middle of the screen for the normal pictures - and I would say it looks amazingly detailed, it's so good. Even when I zoom in you can see that the detail on the basket is amazing and the shadowing of the floor, everything it looks really good.

Now for some of you, I know that if you've been using the z, flip, 3 and have had it for like a week coming up to two weeks, maybe a month, you'd notice that the battery life is a 3 300 milliamp battery. Here are some of the ways you can extend your battery life on the Zed Flip 3. If you swipe down in settings, go to settings and press and hold the settings button, then you search improve accuracy, option it'll come up, click that and then you'll be able to see that wifi scanning switch off and bluetooth scanning switch off too and then that's how you'll be able to reduce your battery usage. Another way to reduce the battery usage on the device. You click the power saving mode that further reduces the battery life.

So I want to share the bluetooth connectivity with you guys. I am impressed with the Bluetooth connectivity so far and as you can see these speakers are immensely loud for this smartphone. So even if you block the speaker, it's still pretty loud so that the Samsung for upping the sound I quite like it, it's quite good, even the top speaker is amazing. I want to talk you through the accessories just a quick moment, so this is the back of the phone case when the z-flip is open. It has the lines to match the case, which is cool the wireless charger you get now. I recommend this one if you just want a standard size of travel, one, it's quite good to fit in bags and I'll.

So you have the nine watt fast wireless charging, the compatibility for the buds in the airpods and the led dimming mode, yes, and it's very thin and lightweight and you can take it anywhere. So that's what it looks like when it's on display and on the actual charger itself, so it will notify you when it's charging, as usual Samsung smartphones, but it'll have a little ring around, but instead of the ring for like the ultras it will have a square shape, rectangular shape, so yeah. I love the matte black version and this is what it looks like when it is open too. So you have the circle feature that it is charging, just like the Ultra phones and the other s series phones, just any normal samsung smartphone would have that now.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that the battery will adjust to your usage on the phone over time. So maybe after the second week third week of using the device it will study your daily habits of your daily use of screen time. So that's another thing to take note when you use the device in case those of you who aren't keen on the battery size or the length of the battery during the day and you want to change the device just know that it will indeed study your usage patterns over time. It is not advisable to take off the protective layer once using the phone because it could indeed shatter the glass it has a more chance of shattering [Music]. So I want to talk you through the size and scale of the phone compared to the s21 ultra case.

I love the design on this, so I'm thinking of getting this device too. Just in comparison, you can already see that this display is narrower in width and smaller in length, just a little bit as it's a 6.7 inch display for the flip and for the ultra, the s21 ultra is 6.8 inches yep, so you can see that if you put it together against each other and it's narrow it's easier and compact to hold the flip, and yep and the best part is it's even more small when you flip it over. There are some cute accessories for this device and some of them are pictured here for you to see if you guys have the phone and are interested in buying any of these products right here. That concludes my review of the Zed Flip 3 and I am looking forward to seeing the new devices that are out in the future.

That's a reliable comment down below guys what you found good about it, what you didn't like about it if you're excited to see the new s22 series, if you're thinking of getting the new s22 models or if you're thinking of sticking with your z, do..

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