Will it work with Samsung A71? Unboxing and testing the compatibility using SAMSUNG A71? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello guys again welcome to another video, and this is Alphon. So we are now going to u ne unbox a new product. Okay. I guess the twist of this Unboxing is the guys. Okay, I don't own any iphone, um, iphone or Samsung or any compatible um device for use dji om. So let's check it and let's unbox this okay, so guys, like what I have mentioned, uh, this unboxing is actually uh, so this is quite different unboxing because I bought this dji om not checking the compatibility uh of uh yeah for the devices. I bought this just because I just like to have the dji om4 I'm just impulsive guys, so I own a samsung a71 yeah, so um and I just learned about the compatibility device in terms of dji uh. I open it without any other, oh yeah. I bought that for 149 dollars yes.

So create magnetic moment all right so that we have this uh inside the box. You can download the dji memo app for free - right? Really, I downloaded it, but I don't know if so let's just be optimistic so this is what you receive inside the box, how to get this It is a phone yes, so this is the bag carrying pouch and the lanyard Okay. What is inside the body is just some papers. OK, so paper works dji okay, quick guide anyway! Also let's keep that as the most important thing if we use all right. So let's put it back here: okay, where it belongs so: OK, that's it and then the Uh! If you are going to install it kum to the back of your phone, yeah, so you can use it! Okay, um, okay, so I just put it back here right.

Ok, so inside you can see the okay, grip okay, so the sticker - oh, no, it fell out. Okay, so put it here to save that, yeah. Can you still take it right back, so I'm just going to save the sticker guys so to case right- and ya have this rubber. For small phones? Where should you put the ricer pads? So it is all in order, so you have the Gia Tripod wow. So you know and this is if you're wondering what looks like wruck 'n okay wow. This is my concern guys, why all the gimbals I bought went smooth like that q2. They don't have any charger for the gimbal adapter charger, so I do have a hard time to find an appropriate charger for it... yeah. It really is the reason why I wanted to get this because I bought the last time uh mod q2, and then I use it.

However, for a long period of using because of the um, the type of handle for that in the weight actually for using the you win, it is quite uncomfortable in a long run, so this one appears like a gun right. You have access easy zoom in and zoom out, um the controller, the menu right and the record button. So this is actually nice yeah and you can see the charging port just in case. You wanted to use this port to charge your phone while using the gimbal, so you can use the charging port also. Just try to attach this okay, so you can see the groove Yeah. Uh can buy accessories for this function. You can put some stuff there, the stabilizing weight yeah.

You can use that here and then other things that I discovered guys and are also available for this one um for I'm, it's like uh, it is like a holder for this magnet. I mean this metal thing, yeah, and then all you need to do is a quick wrap to wrap it, or tie it, and then it is connected with the metal thing, and you must fix it there. For this, just in case guys, you know this is just magnets right. There are a lot of tendencies that you may disagree with. You know that your phone might fall right so for extra precautions you can buy these accessories. If you have an iphone 12 or something, your phone is a bit square yeah. Also, I think having this kind of phone curve on the side is good yeah all right.

Okay, let me just remove it okay, so I'm going to put it in here and such. So actually this is what you get when you buy this Gimbal all right, so that you have the cell phone holders, the gimbal, the tripod and the lanyard... yeah, you also have the pouch carrying pouch okay So I am going to remove my phone right, and I'm going to use another uh protection so that as I have said, mmmm mm guys 'right. This is very important guys uh, that you should consider when buying the gimbal. Now this is one million question guys! Okay, so I downloaded ok uh, my oh hold right, so I have the Dji here. Even though I know that it will work, but let's try it yeah okay, so how? Oh, yeah we need to turn the bluetooth on, all right, so memo how to install it.

OK, how to start using this guys, well so [Music] OK, um! Okay, make sure that the app is open and do not leave the current page with server during activation. Good luck [Music] fully active! So you can see some um information yeah, so it's activated right now guys. Is it actually installing guys? Nah, he is here right now! Finally, the all right I'm not expecting anything guys um! You know that just like what I have previously told you that I bought this without any information about uh compatibility with devices using the dji, not only the om4 but the uh also the osmo 3 dji. The dji osmo eye contact um, shout out to the seller um. I will go to link his page um if you have the description below.

Can we use shooting settings okay, so I will show you some information all right. It still set up so quick access for story mode. Okay ; then display device, battery level, gimbal, etc. Axis has additional settings, including gimbal shooting and general setting. Okay, so glamour effect off grid press menu is done right, so uh, some instruction right, so that focus, oh yeah, okay and all right. All right enable the switch camera yep. Sorry, it's a little awkward as um, my cam is the only camera I have. This one is a71 that I am using right now and I'm so happy because it worked guys and all ok so stop recording uh.

Okay, uh, let's try other okay, so this is a video okay, all right Okay, so that is six times for guys: Ah 0.06 for 1.0 zoom, okay, that is already okay. For me, and here you have the Dyna Zoom whoa! Please try me , let us hope that it will work out for the best. Okay, so let's find in this round Okay, so good news guys for those who are using a71, Samsung a71 and if you're planning to buy the Dji om4 wow. Okay, okay I have, I've read after I bought this. I've read that you know about iphone having a more compatible app with dji products.

Okay, so let’s find a model ok guys! I'm going to try more video about this Wow, but I know good news guys, because this is good news for everyone who are using the android phone and uh with the samsung a71 units, so wow, I'm so excited guys and there are other um devices. You already know this effect, yeah I'm happy that I can use the Zoom. I can use the Zoom um and then move the Gimbal as a WOOW Thank you very much, I am so worried that I paid too much for a Gimbal, and I'm not able to use it. So let's check it out guys, the video we took it all right.

Oh no, so I changed the position so um all right, so guys Um for those who would like to try your android phone to dji um yeah guys I also felt this uh was disappointed as I purchased Dji and then it is not compatible with it is not on the list. Upon checking it out, however, it works fine! There are some features that I can use, and that is what I can. So yeah that was it and then we can try other time lapse. Yes, you can start custom story if you like, I'm not sure with the panel all right, try new clone me panel, oh yes, wow and then all right. So I'm going to test this guys uh I've tried my best to maximize this dji product. I'm so sorry guys this video is so long, but I'm so happy that you know I can use it um.

I can use the dji yeah, I'm so thankful, all right, so everything works um. Yeah yeah I will show some video about using this right. Oh guys, yah 'am so happy so right. Oh sorry, all right guys. Wow, I'm so happy! OK, should I okay like this right, so there's some line here that you can see right, so guys, I'm so happy that the memo app uh works uh on my phone yeah, so I think I could. So I thank you guys for watching this video and if you are planning to buy your own Uh Dji Uh, Om4 yeah, yeah and if you do Android phone have Uh Android Phone, especially the SAMSUNG A71. I think it's a good news for everyone. If you like this video guys, give us a thumbs up and leave us a comment, a question um.

This is actually just an unboxing, but it ended up being a short review anyway. Have a great day next time..

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