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Let's see Saturday more than three days four days as I am here in the home types of iron furniture I come here to the room and change the phone I saw myself for the sofa on the 17th, with the telegram or do I have to go. I always have the match, bowlers out there and I try all of them. The truth is I'm enjoying them a lot and in this video I'm going to try to capture what the comparison between the two terminals will be, this plus, but forgetting about the thousand and some euros. Precisely to imagine that it's been five months now, everything has happened with friends and everything is perfect and through returns, there's like I've eaten before.

Hopefully it's like that and I imagine he bought it second-hand for about 600 euros or 550, and it's already height of the know, 10 plus in terms of money. As we all know, he purchased it using three months used with an invoice from someone who wants to sell it in Japan, and it is already in the ranking of prices of prices are mine to see the ones that are recommended in 61. So I forget to try all this in my view to tell you, but the truth is that having this mobile has the thin covers that I have, because you have to do that. Do you remember that the back was made of plastic well, I traveled to Osuna? The ultra is really insane and I do not recommend anyone in the world to spend the tablet on a good device.

We are going to see them by gunshots because the truth is that they are a maximum cucumber and I hope you like them in the video [Music] good stories that seem to me or the sensations that recording with 7 and well. The fourth arrived and I found stepinac or, and I say my mother. How much design is it not so graceful with this finish, but as I say, I have the bomb on the inn because it is the small phone with an impressive screen and the fluidity of the 120 hertz. You can tell the truth it is the speed with this processor super fast, without you are worth it today. There is no discussion, the truth that it is the cane because its price is always critical.

Yes, but when five months pass in a real luxury to be able to have this device because it has everything what a malt can have in 2020 because it has everything they change wired when it has everything, everything is the best. But indigo arrived, my goodness, 1900 exquisite construction, the best the best I still have the rear protector, because I love the phone, and this one is I kept it for myself. I did not buy a foot more or less at a good price. Nothing else that came out and the truth is that the construction of this mobile has also an incredible size. It feels incredibly much stronger than the 20 plus, but much more robust, and the truth is they are two incredible devices and the only downside in construction uction, but not 10, plus.

Oh, my gosh cucumber in terms of impressive screens well. Without a doubt, the one on the right, 20 produces I see it of better quality, not because it is newer but because of viewing angles and what its brightness I see it more powerful than that of audi plus content reproduces youtube, 1080, 60 and well, more or less. Well, the screen of this 6.8-inch mobile with this format 1990. The content on this incredible screen, stereo sound [ Applause ], it's impressive, look at how these impressive pants come.

The screen is bigger than 20 plus yes, but without words of protection, corning or line that 6 o'clock very easily is a spider, but the mobile is very active because I carry it more or less always without covers, and at home it is great when it comes to scratches [Music] a real rookie. I promise a victory, but undoubtedly incredible [Applause] This is spectacular, [Applause] [Laughter] drone. We have to change s. I want tickets that are more than 120 frequency - low resolution to full hd to feel the fluidity of 120 hertz that when you put it on is really noticeable in terms of processor. It is as if they were 865, remembering that the previous processor of 10 would be equivalent to 8 plus.

The truth is that it is the best and you are going to have a brutal experience in terms of power and then 120 Hertz and if that fluidity is noticeable, we would not have 12 gigabytes of RAM memory with ddr5 technology and the truth is that it is superior to the r 4x. It's not loading so fast because if I've been playing the game a bit installing and reinstalling or why they try to use the transparency of the game it is excellent light. Now we will make the comparison like this in slow motion and you can tell [Applause], but as for the sound, what is the sound like when I am cooking (Applause )? Let's also see [music] the sound it is brutal, the sad thing in that 20 plus it's really impressive. We would also have uff 3.0 nes faster devices.

What is the reading and others and you will also see the loading times of that, that 20 plus and what is the perspective in As for making the screens more square like this? It's like the wow effect is a little bit bigger but you can see here not these curves that the truth which falls in love with is a maximum pickle. We wouldn't have 120 hertz, but the truth is that if the 60 suits him very well, I saw a video recently of my friend, el conquero I, think it was called, comparing the iphone 11 pro max and the s 20 ultra, and he stayed not with the apple device and 4 construction at which general battery level, or you prefer to lose the 120 hertz and stay with one and an iphone 11.

Maybe it is if it is not like that, because if the iPhone 11 pro max and this device were there I think that maybe many people would opt for this device before the iPhone 11 promax that is given by its construction, also says that the camera has a bit of problems and I know that it is not working well enough in terms of focus as Samsung takes a long time to update what its devices are. You have to take it into account to enjoy it better, two months or three months to update the one Plus or xiaomi that the truth is that they update always very well. Nonetheless - and all of you in here - look at what is going on and you are here - and that is also very good. It is very, very good and the truth is that my experience is vulgar bombs.

We are going to slow the camera and see how it would move when scrolling, ah [Music] what you are. Yes, [Music] cas [Applause], we see how the lack is clearer of the cemetery terminator movie Many of you will say: go to 0, okay for nothing, but well I like to make this type of comparison and I hope to conclude in this case I want today to be timba and invite in mourning [Music] yes [Music] in front of this. There is not this presentation layer of samsung that makes it better super electric positive every time of this 20 plus.

Well if the most is what is similar one plus the maximum, the maximum in terms of fluidity of scroll touch as you have seen, the comparison is a real lightning, a comparison with the thousand 90, because I have it there, [Music ] fine and the truth is that it goes thin. It is a real lightning, a very good application that we have on samsung on all devices by samsung, because samsung is characterized by the customization layer it has is super large in terms of content, a lot of software, and that means that it takes up more batteries in second applications, flat, more system files consuming energy. The titanium bulb is similar to the bacum but without final root.

It is now called for a small adaptation activation process that resets without paying and makes you freeze these applications. Do not give it the route for that to be activated, but I still have this application so that it is frozen. I do not have a bixby hotels option, but I do not want it either, because I would be a user of the new launcher and without being able to take it with a new lunch. The truth is that it is a true lightning bolt. I love having new night so we also have an option in the balances by the way. Animation speeds: to put it faster than light is nonsense /. We reduce them too much in the development options because now I have a slightly more electric phone.

The truth is that I love to carry it like this and nominated 1,0 plus maximum good after this device, because it is impressive, it is not a lot more than any type of problem. It had no side and nothing none of the devices when this product 20 is it is an extra - no I - always say full HD I - Think two kilograms 120 'hertz- We can take it 4 hd, but more battery would be enough, although well with 120, if it also spends more than taking 60, but still in terms of material we have 4,000 and 4,500 average million, but it really is as if it had this battery, that is a little less 4300 I think they were or weren't.

It may turn out to be a little appropriate depending on which users it is the truth that it is almost almost the same 4300 and 4500 almost the same in terms of battery issue. Let's talk about the cameras, not a new sensor, this s 20 plus dual 12 megapixel sensor with wide angles of a 9 64 with 3x optical zoom. They are two very, very good cameras with the big difference being the front sensor, and so we could record four terminal meats. Next growth does not have a plus, because it will surely be updated and point the truth. The doctor will tell me about the home made cameras with sensors to measure the subject of the proximity and we are facing two great devices.

It is true that this new one is quite better because a little bit better because what it gives more clarity collects more light and the truth is that compared to it more or less I don't see that a small difference is better. [Applause] is very, very good terminal, I love both cameras. So I am going to leave you photos and videos so you can see how these cameras behave. Look how wide from here, which are very, very good photos of the distortion. You will be very, very good I do not know, but I also notice that the excellent product darkerens a little more but it has a higher level of detail, don't believe it.

Look at this photo, a car that was there and the truth is that it is without it, it's without assigning the repeated 10, plus s 20, plus in 82 these areas and north of plus me, and the truth is that both a terminal and the other will be the best in that mind. Ah also tell you that we don't have a jack connector in either of the two terminals, the s 10 plus, and it would have 3.5 state a knob that gave the devices that even though it seemed silly to me before and I used them for the issue of microphones and fats, which for me has also been a mistake, that good detail, also something totally different. This has an excellent effect on the 5th generation, two or three or four years,.

We will not have the possibility to have it as something everyday, that is do not rush to say that I have a mobile 5. You have to be independent Vodafone which I think will not work for you in 95% of places where they are seen right now, not also other details do not have plus the pencil. That is very good to take it out for the photos like this, from a distance that you press the button, place the mobile anywhere, you press the button and it takes the photo wow. Maybe five or six times from the pc that I have dropped so that the pencil comes off. Something very, very good that we have in these devices that appear silly and now with the córdoba videos you see making a video about the subject is very important to have a mobile with a country 68 from now.

We can also wash them with soap under the tap without any problem and the current terminals, well, most of them without having the pp 30, but with the new one or finally x2 provoke and enchant that mobile when it is worth 500 payments because it will be a pepinazo right now not comment on everything, humble one hundred euros or later having these cucumbers. My goodness have these mobiles at the price that is going to get to Put the Finger I. If people ask for this only for 150 euros and people want to spend a thousand bucks, 800 pesos 700, let's this mobile, my goodness have Zewdie plus for what it is worth 500 euros. It will be a worthy candidate for me to be a mobile to catch up right now or crazy.

I spend a thousand and a bit of euros not kidding when it is this cucumber. The sound on the screen in the stability is more or less a little more powerful. Good ip68 storage, amazing screen very good cameras, millions that the bomb is a groundbreaking pressure, this second-hand mobile that is the most. That would tell you that this mobile is better because maybe it can be yes, but the construction and what it has the best is the screen, the sound, the 5g and little else. It would be a very good purchase option, a very good purchase option and you follow the latest from the latest because you have that 20 plus the truth is an airplane, so nothing i, hope you give me a good like that.

If someone pays me little money well, I hope you liked that purple call and if you want to get us the excellent plus, then the most you will have the latest last and if you want to be more conservative, wait and continue to follow this perfect machine because I make good times greetings..

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