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It has a rally, car paint job, but does it have performance to match? Last year I was completely caught off guard by vivo. The x70 pro plus was a content creation monster and I was a bit shocked. I was the only techie to hold one up for Android Basha's reviewer roundup last year. We have the general curves of the oneplus, but with a flat edge on the top and bottom. I really like this full width rear panel for the camera module. When you put this thing down on a table and I think the vivo engineers were listening to me about the case not blocking the rest of this reflective panel, like it did on the x70 pro plus, it makes lining up a rear camera selfie really easy.

I'm just really glad they gave us the full panel cutout and the rear panel design is pretty sharp aiku's three color rally: stripes are sports car inspired. There are different colors for this phone, but the white glass has a satin finish with a kind of carbon fiber. Look to it, a cute little blue accent on the power button, something I loved on my Moto x2. Maybe I shouldn't call out the vivo wallpapers though, where a mercedes and a jaguar pop up on your lock screen, but no bmws. We get a rich bright HDR display, 1440p resolution, ltpo 2.0 refresh rates up to 120 hertz and it can scale down to one hertz for static images.

This is just a fantastic premium display, but what is exciting about the front of this phone? Vivo is using the new qualcomm 3d sonic max fingerprint sensor, it's a bit of a mouthful but this thing is huge. I've been a long cranky advocate of having dedicated hardware fingerprint sensors and I still think they are more immediately practical. You don't even need to think about where you put your thumb or finger, but this is the best in-display fingerprint sensor. I've used this not just for speed and accuracy, but mostly for not being so specific about where you need to put your thumb on a smooth, featureless surface. If I do the math it's about eight times more surface area than the fingerprint sensor on the s22 ultra, this closes the gap significantly.

Your muscle memory, it's an immediate practical upgrade, plus the training process is just ridiculously fast. The folks who want that buzzing of the whole table phone probably won't dig on this, but I prefer precision pops under my thumbs when typing. I wish the bursts were just a little stronger, but I have to shout out a fun feature in the ir blaster, I'm just so happy to see that continue in a number of these international phones. We don't have more options for this kind of tech here in the United States. All this is pretty great stuff, but the point of this phone is performance. This is my first phone with a qualcomm snapdragon 8, gen 1 and I think many of us mega geeks are a bit anxious about soc performance.

I was happily surprised by the x70 pro plus last year in early testing in the heat of the snapdragon 888. On early software, I would say that the iq9 pro is similarly performing. There is a slider in your settings that toggles between balanced mode battery, saver and monster mode. When you need more power, you can kick it up a gear and without the constant nag notification on a Oneplus 9, but even in monster mode, this phone rarely runs crazy hot. Recently I shot a video talking about changes in Android 12 that make performance testing more difficult. I was testing the iq9 pro, many of my performance tests aren't winning over the top performers of last year, but I don't believe that that is a vivo problem.

The phones that have performed the most consistently have not let these new socs run unchecked. Now I get a really exciting spike in top end performance, then the phone runs really hot and then it kind of crashes a couple of minutes later. To this end, aiku is showing off new internals to improve thermal performance, a vapor chamber and a full screen covering graphite sheet. I love high-end horsepower on a smartphone and this has near laptop grade torque, but I think a lot of folks will not be too conflicted trading, some of the hottest use for better consistent use. Now here's where I would normally show off some bar graphs on different apps, but I'm holding out until I can test a few more similarly premium phones to see the effects of Android 12 on this new hardware.

There are some games where I can see faster frame rates, but as the phone heats up I think the idea is to more aggressively rein in performance to keep an overall higher average frame rate. For example, a xiaomi will burst and crash on a game like an undead horde. It will sometimes feel like it is capping this gameplay, but it rarely falls below that level. You have to step up to some demanding titles before the phone starts to blink and even then you'll get solid gameplay, I'm rocking alien isolation and it looks great, even though the developers of that game say that this phone is not listed as compatible. I don't play Gention, but installing it and working through the intro was the hottest.

Another fantasy game Brightridge plays about the same as last generation phones around 40 frames per second when graphics are all set to their highest quality. At 1440p resolution I was hoping to see higher frame rates on dead cells because that platformer looks really good at 90 fps, but the iq kind of held that back. We can talk about huge leaps in graphics performance, but those leaps seem to come with significantly more power draw and higher temperatures vivo seems to be targeting more consistent game play.

So I know that some folks out there who want to tap the full potential of this chipset will be bothersome, but personally I prefer that over a phone that runs really hot for a couple of minutes, then spikes, then tanks, then spikes that to me is more distracting than just hovering at 60fps, hello, there popping in real quick. I always really appreciate the folks that support the channel that you are subscribing to smashing that bell icon. Please keep smashing the bell icon because algorithm, but we know youtube, is pretty toxic about really supporting creators and sending out notifications. I'm trying to get around that if you subscribe to some you're going to see a crazy list of playlists and RSS feeds and it allows you to kind of customize your own, some gadget guy feed.

Like say you really care about my phone reviews and my hearing health videos. You can put together your own playlist and drop it into an RSS feed reader, sometimes even a podcast, app and you'll get much faster notifications. Whenever I put out a new video again, some subscribe and thank you so much for supporting the channel okay on the cameras. The ultra wide is a 50 megapixel sensor, which is slightly smaller than the last generation of main cameras. But with a really bold field of view, the telephoto is only 2.5 times the focal length of the main sensor, but even iku isn't trying to position this as a long reach kind of lens, calling it a portrait sensor and stills off the main camera are fantastic with a familiar feel to the processing after using the x70 pro.

You know the different Zeiss color and auto processing hdr options, but that also makes the aiku a little easier to get into and start using and you are certainly not lacking in control. The pro modes are well stocked for dialing in specific, looks and the raw files are a treat just a ton of information to work with aiku's low light output is very good if a step behind the x70 pro plus, but in most situations you should be able to hang with or beat a pixel 6 in night mode shots. The color processing leans a little artificial, but it's shocking how much information vivo is pulling out of images in dark situations. Night video can look a little stale for the noise reduction employed, but the night video mode can often help split the difference in light and detail.

If you don't mind dropping to 1080p ditto the stabilization options, the main sensor floats really well under normal shooting conditions and again dropping to 1080p produces terrifically smooth output in this sports mode. This is more dramatic and fun, but packs a similar resolution onto a smaller sensor. I like the look of the x70 pro plus shots better, I kind of feel that ultra wides might have peaked with the oneplus 9. Okay, talking about portrait sensors, I really enjoyed using the telephoto on the pixel 6 pro. The iku doesn't quite hit the same level, especially if people are moving in comfortable indoor lighting, but if you can set your shot.

This is very early software for the phone, but the cameras on tap are good to excellent in a variety of shooting scenarios. This is a high performance phone, but even on an soc that we know can run a little hot. I was able to pull off a 25 minute recording of 4k 60 frame per second video in 80 degree weather and the only reason I ended up cutting my clip short was because I knocked the phone over if you are in direct sunlight and you are running the phone radios and the 5g and the screens going super bright, I would expect thermal throttling to hit before 25 minutes, but with some judicious use. I really don't know many android phones will set up a double tap on the power button to launch the camera. This is a multimedia champ and the speakers on tap are great [Music].

The aiku should be broadly compatible with all headphone jack replacements and that brings me to the battery and that's gonna be tough for me to talk about. This phone doesn't support North American 5g in my neighborhood, so I'm not making any claims about real world expected use here. There are multiple permutations of screen resolution, refresh rate and performance options at once. I can crank everything up to the max and kill this phone by lunchtime or I can tap a few buttons to settle things down and I can get almost two full days of run time. What I can comment directly on is that the charging is ridiculous, insanely fast and it's crazy how the phone gets a little warmer to the touch but it doesn't get worryingly hot.

I plugged this in at 12 on a low battery warning and after 15 minutes I unplugged it at 92 percent. Unless you need to get yourself a backup, slow charger for when you don't need to juice up a phone that fast or maybe to charge overnight, it's hard to know what the long-term effects will be on battery health. When we look at some companies struggling with 45 watt power, delivery and vivos like here, hold my beer all right. The aiku is built on Android 12 fun touch, it's a silly name, but the overall look of the operating system is pretty sharp. I wish there were a little more of the color os features mixed in, like I really enjoy the home swipe gesture on the oneplus 9.

Even in early testing, I've found only a few little gremlin bugs, the most glaring for me were some menu items that were awkwardly cut off in the camera app. I have only two other phones experience on vivo, but so far on premium tier devices. It is really a brutal competitor at the expected international launch prices. I can't account for every region and it's not coming here to the USa, but we're ballparking, roughly galaxy s22 plus prices like if I try to import this on Aliexpress we're between 900 and 1100 depending on configuration. I'm testing the 12 gigs of ram 256 gig storage option that I see online for a thousand dollars just doing some quick specs comparing, I would say that fits pretty well against the s22 plus.

The vivo has a nicer higher resolution and a more power efficient screen. The gimbal stabilizer is a fun feature, but that's probably not a deal maker on its own, but the vivo has a larger sensor on the telephoto. We'll have to see how samsung handles that because they cut the larger megapixel crop zoom out of the s21 and it looks like they put in a really dinky telephoto on the s22 samsung struggles to support faster 45 watt charging. Not only does the vivo support 120 watts, they include that charger in the box with a case and a headphone dongle samsung bragging on super fast charging when the iq charges faster wirelessly and lastly in most of the regions where the vivo will be sold.

So someone considering these two will need to consider their own shopping habits, the person more likely to flip their phone around two years later. I really enjoyed using this phone color me smitten, the x70 pro plus seriously impressed as a creator platform. It's not blowing the doors off my performance charts, but it stands as a proper premium solution with a great trim package joining that list of brands that I don't think really get the attention they probably should get. Looking at the American smartphone market, it's a damn shame we aren't getting more competition like this. I will, of course, leave some links below where you can find more information on the iku 9 pro, maybe shop, one of these bad boys online, as always thanks.

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