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In this video, we will unbox or unpack the Samsung galaxy, a 50-cm equipment. Here we have some information, I read them, as surely you will not see the equipment of mobile radio communications brands are It is a model SM to 50 5g, usb cable, earphone source documentation with a connector of your type all come with the silicone cover. The color of the equipment is black, as always, the technical specifications the manufacturer wants to highlight this model is 64 gb, because the memory for storage there is another 128 gb variant, always check with the seller, both this and RAM as a compatibility of bands if it is released or if it is not check for infinite screen and small I.

Imagine that it is for the notch, in the form of a drop of water, the three-way fingerprint sensor under the screen. With that octa-core taste, the measurements 6.4-inch screen, well the full rectangle and now we are going to see what this is full HD plus super amoled than map a triple rear camera, 25 average plus 5 megabytes, plus 8 megapixels front camera 25, medium pixels, 64, gigabytes memory and 4gb ram. The 128 gb variant has 6 gb ram and weighs 168 grams and then we see the dimensions great excellent, let us go with the unboxing, let's open the box, it is not hydraulic, it is working and there they heard hydraulic friction. It is like, for example, the iphone or the f10 idrovo I tell from euros, and here we have the Samsung galaxy, a 50 - equipment.

Yes, charger of 100 240 or 50 60 Ger 0, without buying the entry and exit of 9 volt 1.67 in Perth and 5 goals. As of 2 am, but I understand that this device has not yet been tested and supports fast 15 watt charging. We are going to remove them here to see if I can shake them without them completely opening. They are good in black color, black good [music] to dance great and nothing else. It seemed strange to me that they didn't have the warranty papers and the cover that I knew had to go in. It is here to support zinc extraction, quick start, guide and quick start warranty certificate and warranty certificate and the silicone cover. We will remove this plastic completely without opening it, as we can see.

You can already notice a characteristic that is the shine, not by someone or law. Hence this or this team was called 3d design or tweet and plastic knew that it is because of the mixture of glass in the front and plastic in the back and in plastic, plastic and glass frames with gorilla, glass 3 but note that the paint shines and I think it is the reflection and refracts a lot of light like the motorola ones. If I recall correctly, you saw that it is a great supervision of look at the colors. Here we have it phone with a little fly in the shape of a I'm not going to remove it as it has the sensor under the screen. Now I learned my lesson, let's turn off and then do the initial conference.

Let's see a little how this comes well, the notch with the front camera in the middle or for selfishness. Camera is a 25 megapixel camera with a fe aperture at 2.0 record 1080, video on the right side, volume up and down keys turn the screen on and off. We have the tray for the Nano card without and external memory microsd v We are going to remove it perfectly so that we can see how it is there. It is observed that in the case of a dual sim, this is how to call it in case the equipment is a dual sim or duo, as is typically called.

What else we have here below is the usb type c port here below we have the main microphone of usb type c port, the external speaker and 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the top a single microphone for noise cancellation and a rear part to see if we are going to make it focus perfectly and on the back are the camera or the main sensor that is 15 megapixels, with aperture of efe about 2.2 and 5 megapixels, with aperture of efe about It is a monobody note that it curved towards the frames.

You saw that generally saying that it is 2.5 - of because it protrudes from the frame it ; it in turn has the small curve of curvature towards the frame outwards, but it is not like the curved amoled screen - although it is a super nice panel, but as it is at the end, a little lowered. If the screen is very bright, Samsung Galaxy a 50 powered by android, the equipment has a panel or screen. As you saw marketing calls us, I lean infinity and for this mosquito we will go here in the form of a drop of water. There is the super - amoled brand of 6.4 inches diagonal 1080 for 2 thousand 340 p. The definition would be a full hd, more compatible with hd r 10, more turned off aspect ratio, 19 59, so I can all bright all bright.

The frames are very small, except here a little at the bottom navigation keys, 403 pp and the essence of the pixel and are protected with Gorilla Glass. Let's see, Let's see here we are going to download very nice, the phone adaptive brightness. The equipment has the android operating system in its version, 9 evidently with a week as we can see that we did not configure the initial configuration perfectly so we will go here. It is a medium rare initial configuration no connect in case it happens to them. The first thing I want to do is to access Thor from the place here. To start downloading, authors update good perfect. The second thing I want to do is access my samsung account, but when am I going to delete this eliminate the screens that I don't use, we have good vision.

Once that is done, it will surely ask me for my email address. The equipment has shock or Samsung kessel processor, exynos, 96, 10, 10, nanometers, 8, bcm 4 to 2.3, giga, hertz and others 4 to 1.7 gigahertz. Maggie g 72 is the gp and keep in mind, as we discussed later, 64 gb, 4 gigabytes of ram, 128 gigabytes, 6, gigas of ram memory variants with external microSD, parallel support. If you let me make the backup copy and now I have access to the place to download applications and update the that they come to install the expression very well. The second thing I want to do is go to the gala I exist in. Now it is called if I read previously or I start no and I'm going to put ok first and then I'm going to add the Samsung account to see if I have updates to the sanyo apps.

25 megapixel camera 25, 8 and 5 megapixel camera with led flash both record 1080 video in Dimensions of 15 about 85 cm high 7 47 long and 0 77 thick. The camera frame barely reaches a little bit more perfect [music]. Now it will surely ask me to create my account if you didn't touch here log in instead of logging in. If you don't have a samsung account, it stays in your account. Climate accept good in current education. While this is done here, we go to wi-fi - gps connectivity in the 2.4 and 5 gb bands. Secure mobility, shared folder e spot I on the internet, USB type, 6, 3.5 mm Audio - jack for external memory, WiFi direct. I guess you will use the key as an accessory.

I wanted to be something else before, but since we're here we have to configure the fingerprint sensor and test it a bit. It only has face unlock [Music] Update live well. We then configure the fingerprint sensor footprints. I come here settings remember that this interface is good and let's see that we are software information a week, 1.1, let us activate the mode developed here is also active, android 9 pay. We can see that with the battery information and version of android 96 [Music] great [Music] let's go back look. It has a key, of course, as I told him that I wanted this key to be his hand to beat the pay and pledge unlocking observe what you have here. I have never seen this before key to turn off min strange.

OK, settings and biometric data in this digital advanced functions data via metro, biometric data and official recognition of the security. My face is perfect registered face but sunrise on screen lock screen records when you unlock using facial recognition. For the time the screen is locked, ta swipe I don't want it to go straight to the desktop. This is we're going to deactivate recognized a faster wind, lift that if we don't leave it active, but the first doesn't because if we don't touch swipe after it unlocks, so that in theory it should go directly to the screen from the desktop fingerprints. The fingerprint pressure on the finger move, the finger moves [Music]. The island stay a little longer good, we're going to block the finger.

Okay, I should have a top setting, and this is going to cost me where to have lock, screen lock type [Music], ok, pattern password fingerprint and registered secure, lock, setting im looking for a particular option and it locks automatically whatever they do. The lone mode to change the power button, auto reset or whatever set lock option show two star button options: biometrics, facial recognition, fingerprints, digital preferences, biometric data. It is looking for preferred biometric information. This is how it turned out a good screen transition effect and that two fingerprints and with screen transition effect we are going to program - I, here I want that when he picked it up half where he touches it.

Then with his finger, because if one doesn't have one, then we're like this, no good, it looks as if this is going to be a little bit like that. We have to learn a little bit to use this sensor uns and a little tired and if not well then face looked. This is the face come but have or that pressing the power key detects face and half the writer is. If I want to use the fingerprint one, we touch it there to give somewhere. Well, you must practice connections, sound of notifications, screens, background screens, tension, lock, metric functions, anxo and this digital care. The device is called now a long time ago and memory to the memory level has systems and applications 2.2 gigabytes total, 64 gigabytes of ram.

In two points of use of four available space, 1.3 gigabytes are reserved 500 megabytes perfect. We are going to try it later, but we would have a 64 gigabytes, 49 points available spectrum or compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and well. There is already in use and now we have about 14.8 sorry user system 14.8 unnecessary, 14 megabytes. That is what we can release here and 49.2 great that's what I meant for after optimizing here [Music] there is it I wanted to see. The word done we were seeing that it started excellent, protect your phone. Then we have a bixby vision he had read for the one who was about to inject himself. But I, don't know if he said it's this and there a Bisbee boys at least because that's how we should start bits.

I say it is and I live there, and why would boix be like the google assistant, that I can record? Also we surely have the google assistant if you like it better and if we don't have the samsung pixie assistant today, then a bit more updates like a person on the drums before I forget [Music]. What does it sound like hi, fi, baby, hi, zoo, high speed rail beats vi great. We can now start adding the home screen perfect, for here teaches them how to use it. Remember that we have abyss, moss and hdr 10 for the battery four thousand miles with non-removable fast charge. If you want to change it to a support software update, download [Music] install, let's see if we have a software update and in the meantime if look we have a software update, 16 new features, 68 degree.

Viewing angle is now available to capture images with the front camera new feature, dynamic focus effect, gallery rotate, color tune, new feature added beauty, was mode front, back camera new feature, vi, upload round, temps, beat, routines vi, picks, routines new feature cal in months, ser community recognition performance, improved digital bag, admire important update, nes. That's – functions and performance improvements above all – digital versa and phone stability, excellent for every camera. In the new interface, good panoramic, but focus kmart pro. We have made the white balance and exposure compensation, dynamic, focus, image, video with artificial intelligence, video we have in the camera, ultra wide angle, slow motion and pearls.

We are going to put the perfect image great and if we rotate, we have front camera pressel fish, video, dynamic focus and we rotate. This was the unboxing of the Samsung team, the galaxy a 50 soon analysed, du if. If you have questions or want to try something, please give it in the comments and we'll see it..

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