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Well, here some, it was good morning guys how you are doing this to your friend Alex and I want to show you on this video. This is a special offer from Metro by t-mobile. So basically they offer two phones for free, and these are the Samsung Galaxy 820. Four guys super AMOLED display, so these phones are great and it says that is zero dollars. If you switch a battery with four thousand minions, this sounds like a good deal: two phones for free when you switch. I actually bought this phone guys so I can have them right here. The Samsung 820, the Metro by t-mobile offer, gives two phones free. These are big phones, fingerprint reader, dual cameras, and Infinity display. First see the October version of the security patch level, first check it out.

This is the version, guys and what I did with this phone is I was able to unlock it. So I want to show you: how can you know it's unlocking, let's try to dial 6 1 1, so I called one at 6 and you know who pick up Cricket Wireless and everybody knows that Cricket Wireless used the AT&T network. How can a phone that it was designed for Metro by t-mobile be working on cricket? That means that its unlock, ok and on this one I think that I also have an AT&T SIM card, which will prove I also. I didn't install this update, because I don't know if he'll block the phone again, so I just skip it for now. I think it's mandatory, though that's the only problem so I'm gonna have to do it eventually.

And then let me find a SIM card that I have never used before so I found a SIM card of AT&T I believe this is a prepaid SIM card I never use. Now I'm going to take out the SIM card tray and use that on that SimCorp I have here. You can also put a micro SD right here and then put the SIM card here and that is actually supposed to receive another sinker here but they block it. So at some models, I think the unlock model has two SIM cards here: nano SIM cards so we are gonna put it here and let's see what happened when I put it right here, let's see what happened. Guys I put a sim customer service. So this shows you guys that this phone is actually unlocking because he's enabling me to use an AT&T SIM card and I can activate it now and he's gonna work.

So that's the way you prove the phone is unlocked when you use a SIM card of a completely different company, a different network. Okay. Yeah guys I was able to unlock these phones. Let me know Send an email to me and we can talk right from there, but overall these are good for guys. This is the proof guys that this is an unlock form. So you guys I want to show you the specifications of this phone. So you have to go to settings and go to device care which is right here and from there you can see three key elements of a phone : the battery to the storage and the memory. I want to inform you guys that this one has three gigs of memory right now, and that the phone is using about half of it right now. I don't know I, I guess power and volume down? You are going to do a print screen.

We can say that when you do a print screen it is kind of an improved 720. If we go to about the phone, we find out that this phone is a and drawing nigh phone Android PI and uses the QT batch label UI version 1.1. This one also has NFC capabilities and also face unlock and also a fingerprint reader. You can go to mobile networks and here you can see network operators cricket and you can click here and access point names and is using this one. If you know the settings right, but every time you put a SIM card, this company typically set up access. Point names automatically how about that one? It says : internet io, wireless net, that's interesting! So that's what Crick is using and we are seeing that Android security patch level is from June 1st 2019.

Let's check this one guys I think this one has different information about phone and software and look at these guys: Android security, patch level, September 1st 2019. If you go to access point names, you can see that the sim car has already created to APN that we can use right. So you can see the name of AT&T next-gen mobile point, AT&T met. This is one of the most important settings from the APN, the MM SC 3/10 4/10. It doesn't have the ugly notch from the iPhone. Let me show you the iPhone compare the notch. [Applause] These now exist, you pick out, so now it sits all spring and you can see guys that there's a little notch here, there's a little black space, so it's not like 100% on screen, but it's much better than the iPhone.

Let me see if I could compare ok with the iPhone, so this is interesting. That is why we don't like the notch and Apple get into anything to fix it. Did you say that we're just going to, keep the top notch and wait for the next model? I don't know, but this is terrible by Apple but you can see the guys. Let's call it decent one more thing, guys I know that the battery might be low on this one but we are gonna try to update it because I want to know if this phone is still gonna work, if you still gonna be unlock. If we update it to the latest version, namely that's what people are going to do right.

This is the download on installation, let us click on it, and this is updated ready to install you can postpone distillation up to one time your phone will restart after updating during distillation. You cannot use the device to dial nine-one-one, and this is the software versions that we are going to use and this is the security patch level of 1st September 2019 so I already have this patch level on the other one. Let's try on this one, we pretty much style now low battery. You said: Please connect to a charger and recharge the battery for at least 30% to start the software app. Let's try to do it here so update the security patch level, 1 September 2019 I do not know and we are gonna install it now. Let's see what happened guys.

Android System Update preparing software updates, so I hope that this will not block the phones again. If you do updates and stuff like that, that normally is not the case, but depending on which method you use to unlock the phone, this could happen. This is the Android installing system updates, it's going pretty quickly. First of all, you can't postpone the update forever and secondly, everybody wants to have the latest version for security reasons, so it doesn't make sense to have a phone that you can not update. Also this is why we are testing the method of unlocking on this update. In the meantime, I am gonna connect this phone. By the way, this one has USB type-C connections and also has a headphone jack. This phone is pretty good guys.

The security patch level for Android is starting on September 1, 2019. That's why I understand why when I try to do the software update Oh hold on one second look: look at this ad: they will be automatically installed on November 24 at 9:21 a.m. Look at these guys last check on 5 November 2009 teen and the last update was on 29 September security patch of September 1st. That's a greedy company Apple shouldn't do that use the phone is capable of fast charging. Placed a fast charge on the box, but made me buy an app great I mean on typical Apple stuff. I mean they already charge you a lot for the phone right, 700 bucks and they cannot go the fast charger. I’m first gonna charge this phone. We are going to try to do the a play on this one and we are waiting for the other one too.

Let's talk about the specs of these guys really quickly. I said that they have 32 gigs of ROM, three of RAM 13 megapixels, plus a megapixels on the back 6.4 inch screen size. Yeah 4000 millions batteries good cameras, and this is what I want to check device specifications it says screen can double in brightness to serve as a flash for selfies interesting You can expand the extort up to 512 gigabytes, which is a lot of guys. Oh I, think this and then restoring after the update, so we're going to see I want to tell you guys that this phone is an android 9, 1.8, gigahertz, octa-core and I also want to show you the reviews, the best budget phone on the market grey phone, so yeah it has good reviews.

Okay, says that the phone is optimizing, apps 17 of 298? What happened to the system update? Your phone number is not registering on this phone so I am going to lose my what's up yeah. When I bought this phone, I received two lines and I created an account on each, but since I don't have those numbers anymore. The system updates is taking longer than I expected when the phone app goes a month when you have a prepaid SIM card Creek. Send you a text message with a link that you can click on it and you can now create an account on Cricut. I want to check on the settings about the phone and I want to know what happened. Oh, you can see that Cricut still exists but I would like to know about the software information and look at this September 1st, 2019 security patch level.

This is the phone that has the security patch in May or June. And finally we got the confirmation software app look at this. Look at the versions here : security, patch level, September 1st 2019. So I hope this is not a loop. Your phone will be restarted after the other is installed, and these are the versions which do the size in September 1st 2009. However, it is not limited to devices stability improvement, bug, fixes we're gonna install now, let's see what happened with the auto phone guys, so that this one is installing. This is all right, fast system installation. So let's keep this one here, also just waiting and on this I have already charged it a little bit more and you can see it still here, AT&T and I think we can do the update.

Let's now go to software and again gonna be 1 September 2019. So let's do this install now Android system update, rebooting, let's see who's gonna win the battle between the updates look at this 28, and this is 45 who's gonna win guys their stomach is messed up they ate tackles. Maybe they ate Mexican tackles with a lot of chipotle sauce. Don't have the loop that gonna. Ask me for updates again and again and again and I hope that I can still keep the unlock that I did on these phones and we are gonna find out right now. This is a long time ago, but I think the same with the previous update happens. Before 298 apps the same thing happened, but this is really fast. If you click it, you're going to see that system update finishes up.

That still there guys is the finishing, oh and on this one now, if you start, you know it gonna take a little while here in this screen, but that one is already finished with the updates and now we're gonna see - I hope we don't have it this 1st September 2019 again unless it changes something else. If a upgrade is available, you will see a number that you don't see there, so check it out, click on it. If we try the six one one call, we should get some message from Cricket: let's see guys this one is still unlocked and he has the latest updates from the phone software update, download and install, and this is what you want to see on your phone guys. Your software is the latest version of security at patch level and the 1st of September 2019.

You want to see guys on your phone, check out what happened with this one. This device has been updated, and now we have the prepaid screen of aent showing that the phone is still unlocked. Your software is up to date with security, patch level, September 1st, 2019 and really fast. Number operators, AT&T and the APN setting are still there, alright guys, so I think that concludes this. I show you that we can update the phones. Then if you want to take advantage of this great offer from Metro by t-mobile, send me an email and we can talk from there. Many thanks for watching my videos, guys, I really appreciate it. If you want to help grow this channel the best way is to do it. If you subscribe to my channel guys, I would really appreciate it and have a great day. Take care guys, have fun.

Whenever you go to charge the phone, it is a cool animation. This is the beauty of the fast charging eyes..

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