Tricks and Tips for Samsung S22 Mobile phone cameras. - Galaxy User Guide

The first trick I want to show you is how to learn the camera very quickly. Sometimes we have to take the photo very quickly and we have to lock the cell phone and until we put the password or the fingerprint there is no very fast way to unlock the cell phone and it is to remove this button twice and the camera immediately goes on. Surely now as you know, Villada has decided what is going to be our model for today, we are going to put it here. You have been making the video, making disasters like sitting here in the studio and good or let's start - and the first thing you have to know is that this cell phone has a camera I'm. So you can take photos with a lot of detail.

That's why I use it because I want to take a photo and I want even the smallest detail or a very wide format or I'm. Far away and I want the versions I personally told why they used it many times we are very far from some point: I zoomed in I took the photo and with the wide cell phone and I can read what is far away. So the first thing we need to do is to take a photo in 108 megapixels. We will put it here in full 3,400 megapixels, then there will be a much higher quality photo. It will be a very detailed image but if we want to have much more detail, yes in these good waits or that the screen is large that there are some dots in the lower part, we are going to press them and there it will take more detail. He took the photo so be careful that they look.

I'm going to open this photo and look at all the detail that it shows me of the texture of his milestone sack of stroller to load it. Juice is a cell phone, because the camera is very good. Let's go back to normal 11, it's like a square format. You remember that before this great began it had been used in this format? Let's say that what we use almost always is 34 and there we take it 34, so those that exist once and for all for the size of social networks. We can lower and raise the brightness of the subject, because we are usually eliminated more or less well, because we are using studio lighting, and we can lower it. By touching on the subject, here I decide that the brightness has been removed.

Let's do it again then: I have the photo in 3/4 or cousins on the subject there. It seems to me as it is said as the adjust brightness and I can either darken it or I can lightn it according to the need. The brightness here we have for the camera from a distance normal. Let's put it in normal mode to something that you I think you've seen us that sometimes you want to take the selphy or the photo with friends, and not on the cell phone like here. You can move this button to any part of the screen. There is something super important is that when you get very close to the subject for what we call Zooming in a lot to baby, you see where these dots come in to go. But they don't say that they take macro photos. Now let's continue here.

I'm recording the screen because to show it well, you can't see where my behaviour is going to fall in the video and I understand with him what I am doing with the cell phone and well here we have our model that is helping us today. One thing that the samsungs have is that they have seen the photos with ships, that is, the background is out of focus. Ok. We want to take the photo as person and then go simply where it says Image or Portrait, and here we get the options. If you see that the face is colored and the background is black and white and they take the photo so we can have that effect there. That is important because they take that effect that the back part blurs the distance.

Here is the face of the person that is going to take the picture, it is very close to give us that focus. I have him and here I have the blur of the back s that would have that effect you think is so cool on video. This is that you can take the fish without having to press the button. We take a series of layers ready for the thumbnail of the video, but then it has to be 9, 16, I'm. Sorry, we just have the cell phone ready, let's see how the people who put their hands in there turned out. Let's repeat it, we're going to take the filter with the palm of the hand and how the foot is, let us check, how it turned out. It looks very good that on top of the photo, those who have 22 are ultra have an additional advantage with him with the pencil with the spain.

This one has a small button here, no, I know if he will reach and in the camera and because of the light I do not think he will be able to see you with a silly state men who open the cell phone. He is not with his friends with the cycling group put the cell phone where everybody comes out and you walk away with this little button or and took the photo. Today we are going to take a video of our model so I make myself and I. Have the cell phone I am simply going to press here and there I took the photo. Then another advantage for those who have the s-22 Ultra that can do with that. A lot is the timer because because we want to be in the photo during we will like the cell phone and - well, there are two tricks here.

One is the palm that we saw before another is with the voice that I already tell them how to do it, and the other is to set the timer several times when the selphy that they want to fix their hair. Boys, the girls want to fix their hair after shooting the photo, then simply And. They come to this timer and they can put 25 or 10 seconds on it, so great because, for example when they use the bully gym I put the cell phone on the Jimbal and give it 10 seconds and it gives me time to settle down to smile or well. However, if you want to go on in the photo, do not forget to use the timers. One thing that is very important is to use the 80 model if we are in places like this studio where light is very low because all walls are black fro the foams to audio protection.

The light is extremely dim and very low and we want to improve that. We look where it says more and here it says that it moved at night so look how the light improves the photo. It takes a little longer because it has to process a little more but now they have the model. One thing is not for those more versed in photography, of course, I am going to make another video because here are a pro mode and a pro mode that shows that we can handle the iso it can handle the shutter speed. Yes, but I am going to make another video that is going to make out from these is because the phone allows me to take photos in rows, but they are several steps.

Then he is going to do it in another video to not be so long well and another thing when we are going to take moving photos, for example for those who ride a bicycle. Here's how your server does his napkin like a youtuber, that was somewhere sworn, so they come to take photos in motion. It's good and I'm still, but here we use the button to take the photo and the first thing at midnight. It took 20 photos in just a second that I had pressed it while taking photos of children playing soccer from kids running from your pet. The photo sounds another thing before I forget is that you can make the side that the camera focuses on the subject and moves and centers the subject, but that's for video.

Well, then get out of the photography because the video is about to end if you are in the photo and want to record quickly videos then simply move the button to take photos to the padlock and there it begins recording ready video. I've made a couple of videos that I'm always uploading stories and instagram that's how bad the resolution is that instagram gives us because it is an app that is not the correct resolution so the camera is very good. If I want to focus here, I have a successful video. So here in the bottom right is this circuit with those four corners that we will go first and that what does not detect the doll touching the area above me? Yes, then my face was detected and I moved and he stays the white squares look good.

The subject is very good because when I'm right using the jimbal a month ago and I didn't do a full review when I'm wearing glasses on it and you see what it does with recording the subject with it all the time and when I'm on video and I need to stabilize the video, for example, if I'm on my bike right and don't want it to shake, but the video will be very stable, then I'm just going to press the little hand here Now we have to pay for the auto-framing and I put my little hand on it and there it is super stabilized and where the stabilization stopper mode turns on so that the videos don't fit me I don't know: Even if I stay here and they're going to see that right now, it's going to stabilize it a little I think that I exaggerated.

That being that you see the movement so abruptly that it really doesn't feel like it. Trembles then, and that's what it is ready for and on the video can also make the famous ship by putting it in modes. This one makes the background black for me like some lines, then they can I increase it. This is then the good thing about so many things you can do with it with the sb with the s 22 I did it, but I am sure that with it is from 20 and s. 21 are going to run many of the same functions, and I was missing one to tell you, it is that you count the photo with your voice so you simply come to the configuration by d methods, ispar well by methods of and by methods of doing the shoot and they turn it on where it says, voice command.

When I say here Smile capture there, he took the photo so that's another thing that I wanted to show you well. It already leaves you with enough cell phone tricks. Hopefully it will be a trip before you finish up something that you can do with the new software that it brings. The Samsung Cell phones of photography is to delete things, delete objects that you do not want to appear in the photograph, so that we go to edit, for example, and we go here to the three points, and here it says, for the object. We are going to say delete the object, the cell phone, analyzes the photo, and then he says that we draw the part where we want and the part that we will not come out.

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