Three Months Later: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: The Best of Samsung! - Galaxy User Guide

A portion of this video was sponsored by caystify. Everybody welcomes mtg back with another episode, if you are new to the channel hi there. So today I want to talk more about the Samsung Galaxy S21. I made a bunch of videos talking about this device and I've had this device since it was released so more than three months ago and each month that I use this device, there's something new that I experience with the phone or something that I like and something that I don't like that I tend to experience throughout each and every day. So I want to talk about my experience with this device, nearly three months later and ongoing.

But before I begin, I want to talk about the wallpaper that you see right here on the galaxy s 22 ultra, it's my new wallpaper pack called psychedelic I'll leave the link in the description down below I've been making a bunch of wallpaper packs. Lately uh there's a bunch more coming in the near future, but this one psychedelic I'll leave the link in the description anyway. Let's dive right in [Music] without further delay, okay, so design this. I like this design overall and after using this for three months I've felt that boxer designs are just something I like more than rounded designs, and that goes with the s22 as well, because they've curved the edges a little bit more to make it a little bit more boxier reminiscent of the iphone 12 and 13 series.

Let me know your opinions in the comments below uh but samsung. I like this design overall and it just makes it even better with this um glass back that has a matte finish. This green doesn't attract too many fingerprints and it's something that I really appreciate the camera layup, I don't mind it at all uh. It's like individual camera, cutouts uh, some people may not like it. Because of what I noticed is that when I put it into quad hd um the battery suffers just a little bit more, so I tend to keep it at full hd and I don't really see too much difference like if I really nitpick I'll see the difference in quality but other than that um. It doesn't really affect me too much so for the past three months I've been using it at 120 hertz this curved display.

If I switch back to a phone with a flat display, I don't miss it or I don't I'm not looking to switch back or whatever, but when I use this device it's not like it really bugged me. Now if you remember with like the galaxy s6 edge, those were really big curves, but samsung definitely slimmed them out with each and every iteration of the s lamp. I actually use this quite often uh and sometimes when I forget it is there and then it comes to my mind and I remember hey this s. pen is here, I pull it out and I use I'm like wow. I can't believe this is this phone because it's my first device with an s pen, I've just come to really enjoy it. I did sign a document with the s pen a couple of days ago, which came in super clutch.

But this way it was just easier opening the pdf and signing it with the pen through the phone. So the inclusion of s pen is absolutely great and overall I think design is a huge plus for me with the s20 ultra. I have had no issues within the last three months except and I'm back to display is it. I guess gorilla glass victus, but as you can probably tell, I don't have a screen protector on here and I do have some scratches. You may not be able to see it right now through the camera, but I do have scratches on here and that's a bummer that. I really don't, and I thought gorilla glass was fixed. I have scratches on the phone that I can see, they are very visible and it's just kind of upsetting.

They feel really good in the hand and they are engineered with a two layer construction of chi tech, 2.0 material and they are drop test approved their impact and impact crush cases 6.6 feet and their ultra really puts its name to its meaning and ultra impact crush cases, have four extra corners to a drop protection of up to 9.8 feet. What I did notice is that these cases, the impact ones are made from 65 recycled and plant-based materials and are all shipped in 100 recyclable packaging and also have an anti-microbial coating. Their defensify antimicrobial coating eliminates 99 of bacteria by preventing the growth of microbes and preventing bacteria from sticking to the surface in the first place.

If you want to check out these amazing cases I'll leave a link in the description below you, just go to mtg and you can get 15 off. Your next order case defy show your colors. Now let's talk about the software and performance and, like I said, I've had no issues with this device since launch. I've come to love samsung, one ui, sleek responsive. It runs the snapdragon 8 gen 1 which is actually the successor. The snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 is coming out very soon uh, but that doesn't really matter if it doesn't have the eight plus gen one chipset, that's okay uh! Now it's not a huge drastic improvement uh.

Where you need the latest and greatest chipset, there are devices that run a snapdragon 845 855 that perform like a champ for three years and four years later, um I haven't had any issues with this, you know. It's been super smooth, there has been no lag, no stutters uh in my three months of using the galaxy s22 ultra. I used the vanilla, s22 and the heza gigs of red, and it also has a snapdragon 8gen one uh, but it hasn't really too much. I mean in fact it's always good to have extra of many things, but it's not like you're getting eight gigs of ram and you're missing out on a whole bunch uh, and that's really it for software and performance.

It's just really sleek and elegant I've been getting significant updates from samsung they've been pushing it a lot they guarantee four years of software updates so that's android, 13, 14, 15 and android 16. That is crazy. So the reason is that I see it as we keep our devices longer than ever. So I think it's really crucial to update and phones are getting so good now that I think they are able to especially Android devices. You know, hold up three years of software updates and this galaxy s2 ultra. What looks like, I believe that when Android 16 runs it will not have any issue at all, but we gonna have to check that four years later when Android 16 does come on the Galaxy S 22 ultra, but other than that um. Once you pick up this device it's going to be a breeze.

A crucial part about phones nowadays that companies tend to focus more on each and every year is cameras. It's like we're throwing this camera software in this camera hardware and you get this feature and this and that, but I haven't come to really use any of or all of these new features. What I like to do is just open the camera app and take a photo like that. I don't really nitpick too much about the details of the camera. As you know, if you're subscribed to the channel you know I'm not a phone camera guy, I don't take a lot of photos or videos on my phone um. It has just not really been my thing, but when I do I, like I just showed you- I just opened the camera app and I just press the shutter button and that's it now.

The one thing I did notice though is that the shutter speed is at times. Maybe that wasn't the greatest right now, but at times it's very, very slow and I tend to miss out on the subject. For example, like I can't take photos of my cat because she is always moving and when I do it just comes out blurry so I'm like well welp, I gotta either go to another switch to another phone uh, because the shutter speed is just not fast enough uh, but the one thing I do like about the Galaxy s, 22 ultra is 100 x, zoom uh. I took then, it is usable for me, but in general you are not going to be disappointed with the camera photo results as well as the video results on the s22 ultra. For me, battery is a big topic and that's because I'm a heavy user.

I use my phone from start in the morning right to the end of the day, uh and my day typically starts at six to seven a.m. Uh give or take and ends around 10 11 p.m. So I always have to use my phone, whether it be calling youtube videos when I get boards playing games, I use it for social media and whatnot and keeping up with you guys on the youtube channel as well. As you know, some other side projects I got going and just texting friends and family here and there so really anything you can think of I'm pretty much um. You know hard tasks like Final Cut Pro that I can't do. It gets me throughout the entire day, I'm now about 10 to 15 with battery life. So there is that it caps out of 45 watts of wire charging uh and what I've been doing for the past two months.

There have been a couple nights where I had to, but other than that I just put half an hour in the morning and I'm all set to go with the galaxy s22 ultra. I just don't really use it on the s22 ultra and that's really it battery life is good for a heavy user, I get about five if I really push it six hours of screen on time. If you have and seen reviews of the iphone 13 pro max that is like the king of battery, I agree with those people who say that because I use the iphone 13 pro max it lasts me literally two days two days on heavy usage, it will last me uh and it's great to take, especially when you are traveling. So I don't need to worry about battery life on the 13 pro max and I have to compare it.

I wanted to compare something to this because that's kind of like my that's a king of battery performance endurance for me, especially uh. So when I compare it, you know that this has been really good, Android battery life and throughout the years. I think this has been one of the best android battery life, endurance, phones or whatever you want to call it. It lasted the longest out of all of them better than pixel 6 pro and better than it's uh, smaller brother s22, galaxy z, flip 3, uh, oneplus 7 pro at the time it I'd have to kind of give that a draw, but now oneplus 7 pro it's not as long as battery life has been good. If you are a light user and you are not going to use this as often then I think this is a great and powerful device.

Its 5, 000 million power battery will get you throughout the day and I want to talk about price because this is in fact one of the most important factors for many people, and if I wasn't making videos about smartphones and I went out to pick up a new phone, it would be very important for me. How much I wanted to spend and how much I was looking to put into a smartphone price is actually a deal breaker for many, and I've seen this first-hand experience working in the mobile department at Best Buy, and that was a great experience by the way I absolutely loved working at Best Buy and I had great colleagues. So if you ever come across this video and you guys are watching it. So the one thing I would recommend don't really buy this right on launch.

One month, two months at this time of recording three months I'll leave links in the description down below, and my suggestion is to consistently check up uh if you're interested in buying this consistently check up on prices and if they drop, but as of right now, at the time of this recording the galaxy s, 22 ultra is 949.. Now, like I said, this could change. If you watch this two months three months down the road but at this time in the middle of may uh, in fact towards it was like start at the end of April uh right now, um it is 9 49 and its retail price is 11.99.

Yes, it is, but for 9.49 it's more worth it you get you pay less, but you still get that same awesome phone, and if you want to compare this to like its competitors like iphone 13 pro max eleven hundred dollars, pixel 6 pro is going to be 8.99. It's a big number and it's expensive, but when you compare it to its initial retail launch price at 1200, it's definitely much cheaper. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I absolutely loved this device. I still do and I love Samsung devices in general. My first android device happens to be a Samsung Galaxy S, blaze, the t-mobile variant, and I use that device for two and a half years until it got hard braked in which I could not use it, but then I was able to recover it.

It was just a whole different story, but that kind of really got me. I did use the original touchwiz which was pretty bad, but I've seen how samsung grew. They matured they've changed a lot of things and now they have an identity and I'm really happy with samsung. You know it's like a 50-50 with the s22 ultra because it takes after the note lineup um, so maybe there may be some improvements that they want to make that I don't mind, but overall it's s22 series has been great with um them, offering a note an s22 ultra, but that's really it. I hope you guys enjoyed if you did submit that like button comment down below and best of all share this video because it really helps the channel a lot, it will help push my content to more people.

That's been up for me I'll catch you guys in the next episode [Music] you..

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