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We are going to test the resistant screens in 321 and the final battle of the Galaxy S 21 against the iPhone 2 arrives, and they have also come out a few months apart. We already tried the s-21 ultra and now it's time to test them all and which is the best apple or samsung. The green team completed all the 21 we have the iphones, some are already finished, ready to be tested, and you I want to ask a question : are you ready for that? We are giving you a Samsung Galaxy S 21, but to be able to take the box.

What you have to do right now is subscribe to the little button below and don't forget to hit the bell because in a few days we will launch the video of the draw and the first that they are there when that video is released, will be the ones that have much more possibility of carrying. If those of us who are going to leave a code like this in this video, there will be many more points, many more possibilities. Dades, we did it in the unboxing of some tests of the galaxy s 21 ultra. Today we have to open these two that came to us later, but before all that we have to clarify one thing in the three boxes you are so red. The adapter in the Spanish version of current can be obtained separately for free.

We saw this the other day in the unboxing of the galaxy s 21 ultra and we agreed that we would consult with samsung because in samsung it tells us that it is not going to be like that that it is a bad translation and that it will not come with a free charger in any way, having subscribed there. The fight, or maybe something I say that now it's time for the truth, anita, they are better than the iphone 2. Let's see with the issue of the new processor new successes, how are you but I am doing the unboxing? They are done quickly, don't worry about the good ones that we have each one of the galaxies of a different color pinchito or here little wave puts it for God's sake.

It does not come with the galaxy, the lilac for the league, while it has this one in silver, so we already know what color it cleared up, and here this active area was black pinchito and at the beginning it was fast guarantee and usb c&a usb cable. Having shown me dale oops, this silver is nice too, but look you do like him ultra. It doesn't kill me it's the matte and all that, but I don't like it very much now it will touch the back bar that you put on a is in the difference by touch. The normal s-21 comes from polycarbonate plastic, as I said, I tell you because of the price difference.

Do you want me to tell you between the ultra and the plus, a lot of difference in size? There is no massive audio, no, what happens is that the ultra weighs much more than the cluj and the resort is also thicker. No and I think that the camera module does a lot and with respect to this, and there is nothing to say, and it feels different- the touch is not the same. It is not that the ultra bull camera module is much, and here we have the two heavyweights, the ultra against the iphone 12 promax the biggest modes. We already see that the ultra gains in height and the iphone 12 pro mack in thickness and I, also like the grip of the ultra better I, said it the other day because the edges are rounded.

Although you solve this with an s-21 cover, this 21 plus against 12 is bigger and the f 1 plus, which is a big and thick phone I, would say that the s-21 could also be thicker loops. It also seems a little thicker to me and there in width I think that these two look like martn before passing them through the scale a point in favor of the color in black. You can see the fingerprints at all, on the other hand, the silver one is already noticeable here, all the fingerprints are marked and the purple one is also noticeable in the fingerprints, not as much as if they were shiny, but if they are noticeable a little, they should be removed easier here in black to pass on to us all.

So far, the pir to the king of heavyweights, almost s 21 plus 204 grams I, had not seen any plus that weighs so much so far. Here we have the iphone power button and yet on the galaxy we have the volume button and the power button on this side at the bottom, audio output and lightning on the iphone on the galaxy, usb audio output and a tray for the sim. Let's remember that it is dual sim, as in the ultra, without expansion with micro sd. In the galaxy we have the antenna bands and here we have volume, control and control of notifications and from the top antenna bands in both and here micro, on the back. We have deactivated the automatic cartridge and there it gives a plus, and what we see in this case is that it is a little brighter.

But what we do see is that the colors are stronger in the galaxy 6 the iphones, so colors are more sides and more brightness, and instead the galaxies are stronger, colors are more saturated and a little less brightness, but I don't know how to say the screens, I see them all very well, and even the full HD ones. The only thing I can tell you is that from here the iPhone is not smaller too, and as for the frames it is quite clear. The thing is much more little ones in it: s galaxy s 21 while on the iphones, and we see frames, although they are proportional to what they have here tonight, disgusting in terms of news things that are up to date. Don't want to tell you anything that I've seen the s-21 from here, you've given me quite a bit while it maintains a perfect white from here.

Well, we are talking about the fluidity of the screen that what happens here is that it has 60 hertz, that is, it refreshes 60 times per second, while this one has 120, and that is what we are going to check to see if we notice it at first glance. We are going to see it in slow motion so that it is more noticeable [music] eye. You do not notice the difference from the others that are less, but a ter going back. We are here in the center of Barcelona and the 5g card does not arrive I. For the moment it is stuck in my iphone and for now you can see that it puts me on 4g because the 5g does not arrive with a lens strip.

We are quite depressing martn grabbed the 5g, the galaxy s 21 and we put the 5g card a barbie in this of the 5 they gestate diapers that pathetic mobile or ana morillo, not so that it does not remain either that the back is mine, and now it serves in the Wi-Fi test. Be careful that we have 600, stockings, uploads, 600 downloads. In martn, and now with the iphone 12 let's see how it goes, then it throws the s 21 in this case at least low no one high. It also reaches one of the key moments of this comparison. While in the upper part we have a galaxy s, 20 plus and here we have the rock with 3 that was the fastest phone. We could say of 2020, and we have it here because it takes the snapdragon 8 65 plus to the fastest processor of last year.

All these come with hits, but it seems that these hits are good healthy compared to the en and dragons that come in other countries, not the s 20 c 21. So we are also going to do that comparison and in any case which is faster, an iphone 12 or a galaxy s. 21 start at 321. He gives the vo lumen a hard time, This is the most bad test for graphics, the phones that do not have a good processor and a good graphics, and you see that the iphones also read it a little in this test. The s-21 seems to have no worse cooling as it is made of plastic. While here we are hotter, 41 42, it goes up the temperature na smaller, more rises, each less space to cool 40 of there is not much difference from above.

They are calmer, they attend and you can tell that it is hot, and this one is at 40, while the normal iphone 12 42 is there. We have obtained results that attract a lot of attention. There are about 615 thousand points, five hundred and ninety-nine thousand and six in 2000, the normal iphone 12 that is less than the prop with 3 from last year that reached 644 galaxy s, 20 plus led to 527. We have a surprise martn now he has just finished the normal s-21 and has given us more points than this 21 plus. Not before so among the most powerful, the Samsung Galaxy S, 21 ultra won the iPhone 2 Promax, but the first one has been the rock. So what would remain to be seen is a galaxy s 21 with snapdragon and compare it with these successes.

It seems like a small step, but it still seems to me that ue is missing another little step more carefully because we are going to start talking about interesting things about s 21. But it is not a sub 1.1 that, of course, has more megapixels frames and brings the images closer, but we can also use it as the main camera. And now if we jump to the zoom the liar sub approach, the bug in the face, as he said, and we go to the wide angle and the other diego controversial na.

Because in the previous video we bitterly criticized that the s-21 ultra ftc to focus had to change from camera to camera, and of course they said that it was not a good thing, but look anna that when you change cameras the quality drops a lot because of course an inferior camera happens and you don't do that on other phones. They stayed so that the 108 megapixel camera did not embarrass me the time to focus closely because it is quite bad in that aspect. Let's see what is activated for us here, an option that removes this automatic operation if we deactivate it then if we can return to focus with the main camera of our phone if you want clear results and be careful what piece of result we already have.

The final word on some things, such as the galaxy s, 20 and 1 ultra they screwed up, no, not in all master. For me it was what we had been saying before the first main one, the subject of the close approach, not that another camera jumped. We saw it in the video or when it focuses very closely on an element. When we focus on any other, it gets blocked, conrad and simone that they take a few steps twice and we know that's where the shots go. So for me the s-21 ultra, taking into account that also in conditions of low light it doesn't work, I'm very excited about the s-21 plus what a piece of camera the focus, the colors, the stabilization.

When we compare it with this one I like it much more fundamentally because of the colors, also martin, we have to say that the galaxy s 21 ultra like this- that improves with the zoom issue. I would say that the best series in this case has taken the iphone 12 promax and then in the results of that 21 of the three quite similar models. As a final result and taking into account my experience cia, the s-21 plus, which 21 the two have the same cameras. Seeing that the other day they beat you up instantly report, you have decided to change the game. Since it took time to update, I left it there, I forgot about the corners, they quickly put them up for sale.

On the one hand, we now have the s-21 that they apparently made, there is a deal with the people of the League of Legends. In this case, the version of the mobile phone called Juana el Ro will allow you to play this game at 120 frames per second to see if it allows you to activate it here. Silver says: high definition balanced performance. Now we are going to show another one that exists prepared, that I am a crack. As you progress to get to, let you raise the graphic quality and others. They don't go to a modern one, but well in its open world. While in this one, let's see how it goes well, what do you want me to tell you quite similar in itself, maybe a little more fluid, but we are just as lost and I know what I have to do.

Ok, where am I going I can't do a shock test on this, no lies. We have to get covers to test it, healthy and daisy. Kills you I often do things by hitting the room layers that the jury is not going to do it. This way we have an art and we are going to test the resistant screens in 3 2 1, my goodness they will know that it got broken up. The drop nothing happened, definitely which one do you buy zone I. Think the most balanced, clc, 21 plus I would take that one for battery issue. Also, we haven't tested them on the performance of the, but it is said that they are very good. It is obviously in the ultra it will be better, but only 200, milliamps differences with the aspect to the plus the old reliable to this 21 plus p Because.

It doesn't have the thickness, so thick and so on, and if we compare it with the other critters on the iPhone, which is also the comparison, I have the truth because of my personal tastes. I have no doubt that it was completely with that 21 plus, more than anything because of the 120 hertz of screens, but that already depends on each one in their tastes and all that there will be people who prefer iphone. What I can tell you with my heart in the hand of that than with none of these phones. It has improved a lot with respect to the Samsung s 20 processor and this year it has done things well..

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