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[Music] Hello everyone comes into play today for a new test. The magnificent samsung is no longer a vain version of qualcomm, a rather rare version, because in fact samsung has been marketing in Europe for several years. Samsung has it with their own version and exynos cradle and it is not always extraordinary. But the problem is that the difference is generally quite noticeable and it is still the case this year. We have an exynos processor which is powerful but has a hot game and had not such good performance as the qualcomm eight generations.

In fact, we don't have the qualcomm version like everyone else like in China, like in the e United States, and so suddenly I went to trading Shenzhen our partner and sent us another samsung sdn to his hair like and I offer you their tests done show is what because their tests, no it's their phone. You already understood that if you like the video that has been said when they have on tepee or directly in the ass buttons to young people. So to show you I'm fine, fully mounted, that's not it if he, the 'new', the wine hold off for now. It's ok then 70 15 8 wide by 157 case high by 7.6 mm thickness don. It is very flat, very weak, these last meters of thickness for 195 g. So after the weight it is rather classic in range of one percent.

On the other hand, there in this bubble, 6 we are part of the high-end telephones that it is the finest that can exist. I generally speak of the top of the range on much more to the heavy and bigger Guru. Even if I begin to reverse the words, it will not do too much jean maury affected by the 2004 waves. There I receive Europe to the women of x, 4 the fan and five pros who is much heavier and he also likes it and the same for the 2nd men's quarter. It gets me drunk has the chic and the ability to make us magnificent phones, 4 9%, what the screen takes compared to the total of the phone. It's rather interesting when you have a small hole in the screen rather discreetly.

Even if, of course, we are not yet sure of the sensors under the screen so east, in three colors black in white and green in green, we have a 6-inch screen of the amoled type definition 2340 x, 1080, so full HD + by double break is reserved for ultra models. The most already price level is already 1080, the most 1400, the ultra 1400 and some of course I will put a purchase link for you below the description. It is on a screen that goes up to 100 green, so good, the classic mills. If I can't see the notes but who boosts it with 750? So after it's samsung screens it's a calf in front of rap, so it's their own technology. It can't be heard better on a telephone and is protected by a film no. On the other hand, 1 gorilla glass is of the bicus type, the last so make a rule.

Gorilla glass is dressed, which gave imperfections gorilla, glass protection which also on the fields but 11 and chaumet 12. The companion and face I have not changed my mind here. [Music] doesn't match here recognizing his sides, maybe with the phone and a little bit more trouble people. However, usually I get there recognize, even with the phone below you will tell the guy will locate the double nano cima, so I opened it to him during the man, unpacking I, don't know anymore, I, don't know anymore force to chain the phones I'm going to do it there. I don't know on which phone anymore and thank you to our subscribers for showing me that in fact a phone moved where I had a drawer, a card sim on one side, a card and on the other kills it at 2.6.

We have what continues there so stereo speakers here we will talk to the port there, the port type c of May 26 above so sir already you see that it is not the fault to the adapter type, its volume buttons, more or less plus power buttons, and here we have the fingerprint sensor. So cap town takes a false step this time and it's a bit of a shame. That's it then, once it appears tac, you put your finger, so it's ultrasonic technology and all good. We are still quite far from the ha sensor ku letter to the cape, to cape 3d, which last generation which, frankly it is funds either it is the best sensor you can find on a phone. The itunes is pro which was already announced on the haiku wipro.

Otherwise it works pretty well, but I found it a shame to see that it is not able to shake the phone to make it appear. We akwaba here a rather basic hull, I am, it's the white model. I have three elongated photo lenses, so good design level its own has had its own, but honestly 1080 euros. So there is already a full screen for those who don't like flat screens good, but there are some who prefer curved screens me I liked curve case and mansaly I find more upscale there. It is flat they look like b a lot on the iphone. So suddenly the design is classic and frankly that's what's a bit of a shame, ps so expensive to have a classic thing.

Well, you pay a lot for the brand, in fact so good after that, it's you who does what he wants if you're pro samsung, it's like you're pro apple but hey so at the camera, you have what you're five years old, 2 megapixel angers, n, 5, jn, 5 I! So I like myself by the photos that you find coincidentally in the with an intro, holds the same after you have the 12 megapixel grain tanguy 1713 at 12 megapixels such lens. It mixes 772, the processor I tell you it's a snap, eight generations, a real number 7 september for the graphic part. We don't really like four thousand five hundred million pairs fast charging, 46 watts, so good, it's fast, 46 watts, but good.

When you see that you have hard and a half in the process of range that makes 65 watts and a Zambia that makes sense well watt at 300 euros on their e t, 1911 pro further. So you can bathe with you, can make your life with shower and all good I always recommend it. No, you can crowd 4g and by continent that hatred 28.1 for the 5g band go out. Why it's the first time I see it would be a Chinese smartphone I'm going so we're going to skip the screen. So suddenly a very nice screen and we go directly to the rest. Of course, china will use a little more on his machine than france, including an overcoat which is a lot of people who have a lot of customization, but in a sense that I find rather classics here quite simply, on the other hand.

What is good is that there is bixby in French, see the watch and big ben and a rib it be, You know the dodge spirit channel, you don't want to listen to me in the water. Yeah, it's not connected les bickers. He doesn't deprive himself of the test he wants to take. It works very well, so bickers works well and, moreover, in France and in it's rather not bad, because we remind you that certain threats- maliki smartphone, so noble and flashy google- it comes out. We will go directly to the screenshots, will be easier to go so we will show you all the options that are included so learn 910 1905. That's it high-end Audi touch for adults, 13 1321 for the PC marks, the first big band, closing bench on 3.

No, it's the same game takes the screen, shot twice elsewhere area, so it's small maugis museums for children, cool stuff with the tips. It allows me to see in French, but everything that has to do with his phone in the options that can allow you to make galaxy theme and in France and in addition you have generally seen Chinese phones theme shops are in Chinese the tea shop, mixing French, it's pretty good star manager. They study your phone and give you information about it. Your phone is therefore an optimizing antivirus of roms etc. He is well certified lm for the involvement of training, three meters of walking like 48.7 edification 58, the safety net. He is good wifi calls so I have an orange chip, the dot nor atmos.

Its adaptation of you delivers it its rule perfectly adjusted only for your ears. It runs every time you wear headphones here is in fact puts you on a set, in fact that's a funny thing. So suddenly, between 30 and 60 years old, I will have a different sound than the under 30s. That will allow me to listen to the sound of your phone + elsewhere that, frankly, it's pretty cool the dark note. The problem is that you can't force application, we have not seen the flight and the movements it's or 60 or adaptive, so there it's a shame. You can't put back or 60% of the stayed together all the time like I. It is he who manages alone, but if you want 120m all the time, it does not really simplify the side flap. So it's a small tac flap with shortcuts like his image there, all of education.

It's only seen as samsung, but you have to do the gites with no google gestures, so 100% a phone. It's the return to the old way that way tac that it's a bit of a shame. I would like to have my normal return that we have as I am used to it is where I looked very badly for the always we say price quite well. That's what invented it and it has evolved super well so, but apart from that I would have liked them to turn. When you move sluggishly, you have to touch a support to display it's a shame. I can't just move like some taxing displaying. That's a computer interface like windows, samsung, apps and applications that are still in beta, so full screen with split display and multi windows for all apps.

Talleu the side, key, the side, key(s) double press to yes, good, double press on the camera, that's where active and bizzbee was able to extend where the tenors. Yes, since we were dense below you, it will be possible to evolve from more or less complainers at the start, I remain supported there. It does not work the movements and gestures, so the double tap new screenshots, three fingers, etc. So it works very well, you have it you have it, you have it where you have it you, the moon, double tap! That I was a double tap with a largo facial that does not say the buttons, but I feel you before these routine bickering. It spots wasteland you because you are wrong, ayrton wifi and it turns the lights back on.

It's automation, stuff, n, subject, intelligent questions, make more that you can go, oblige so do better than him gilles gard, and it seems little to me so suddenly I'm going to add 4 gigabytes of virtual memory. Potentially we arrive the autonomy of which I was saying a weekend, so I left Monday 8 8 am mendy, I don't know anymore good Monday morning, I only used Saturday for 10h 40m 1h31 great him, but it's not much on 10h40, but it's a quiet weekend. The phone aside and I had 67% left in a row after no less planes. Until the next morning, I slept at 11:10 a.m. at 45 for to be precise, I light rats. This is for the united general saturday and I used 8:06 am and the disaster. So suddenly it went down a little too quickly, rouved to my taste and with 1h14 on Sunday.

Suddenly it's a phone that made me the weekend, certainly, but on a normal day when I use the screen quite a lot and like 12 and a half years to three one notch him, but sometimes lower they wouldn't last the day when the day no more I'll pass the game part to you and we'll do the photo part directly. You got what pro video pro single take night food panorama, super slow motion, slow motion and was talking about this portrait. Here are the flash settings, self timer hop the 16/9 format, I love it. The filters in real time are the parameters they are there. Optimisation of the tnc link, then I bring you closer and I slide. As usual, a singular Google drive that you will read the description directly in thin I lost my water mode trunk and spit them everywhere and so suddenly.

So suddenly the real photo will take 2, 10 megapixels of which I don't have the provenance, which looks rather pretty rather interesting and works rather well, so that you need a sensor sound and video capture for this. It was there that I wanted to see good level and itunes the graces completely. I want to see in broad daylight committee, not know possible and the night vivo and it looks like they go in broad daylight with infrared glasses, except that it's all white, how everything? On the other hand, the samsung is a little more myths at night, it's not as good but otherwise in all conditions it's really very good phone at the photo level.

Second test way: bixby, what is the weather today? We go to the party then, his co-munication is very good, very beautiful, excellent, even perfect, and the speakers [Music] [Music] well, here is a disparity between the two normal ones. In the meantime, the most powerful lamps are wav each time, apart from the barrel. I compared with like you because that's what I have on hand, the haiku gives him the mash levels are I. I often excluded this moment like you and I can tell you that the sound and the most powerful more bass. It's a bit better to jump with, but otherwise it's a good sound double speakers, even if I was expecting something crazy that a kind of you him in front of his TV connects in bluetooth to the TV. It closes the cinema like a sound bar, no I'm kidding it was.

On this beige on facta understood s, it was the most qualcomm sms, 2 6 years old, have a phone which is very expensive and which is not the prettiest and which is not the best everywhere. Otherwise it is very, very fat, even in passing, but I would have preferred it to cost 700 euros or 800 max no more kisses to you..

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