The Real S20 Ultra (FAKE vs REAL) 2.0 - Galaxy User Guide

Good gentlemen, welcome to the real man it is the real fake phone of the s, 20 ultra, in this video I'm going to show you what the new fake looks like because I'm teaching you I made the comparison with the one from the rumors, which is this one that came out, and I I.

Remember that I complained because if you realize the numbers in the letters did not look, like I mean here, you could quickly identify which one is false, but sir, the Chinese market that to get an exact replica Remember that there were things that didn't coincide in the that, the one I made for them : it had a minijack for example and well, well The cameras are also very lousy here, but in this video I'll show you the true copy, so my gentlemen, hold on tight, because here I will show you what it looks like when we start with the omar box because I didn't open it up. This video is not to only teach people how to identify a fake phone. You understand that this is because he is not a normal child.

I have to tell you that he comes with the box containing the accessories and then we proceed to opening the device and a camera test too. So let's give it to him in one go and here you can see, gentlemen, that they aren't that much alike, because here we can see the difference in size, that is the original 20 ultra is larger, and here I can see how simple it is seeing that the phone is not going to have the same size, because the box is very small. You realize the fake box is very small here on the right. Is that if you look at the sticker it will be the same but the original, which I have on the left, will say that it is made in Korea.

Instead, the false will say that it is made like that, that they put that well into their heads that they are different For example, the original says with the bytes in zoom and instead brings some lines here, the fake you realize that it just says Samsung Galaxy s, 20 Ultra 5g. You can totally see the difference in colors and not only that in the living one. The truth is that it did not have any seal, bean again, it did not have any plastic,. It had only these ones in a row here, these two that you have, but the fake one does have that plastic, so be careful with that and another thing to open them in one: go and move one of the things from the original.

It comes as look as it is not until the sun or it falls, the sun opens or the internet but no no it does not rise, but in a certain way you have to slide it like samsung traditionally had it, and here we are going to see that in the boxes if you are going to bring the same to the fake but the color is totally different, so we are going to see the accessories so that you realize what they bring, because I still have the fake open in this way as were traditionally sans Here the falçó is going to bring what is a protector for the phone. That is something good that they put there, but this is what I like, ladies, that I like that now this one is going to look similar because the other one did not look like anything in the accessories.

Ios look here, at least they are already black because this is traditional. Although here you can see accessories because the original brings fast charging- and brings this well-it is the traditional charging brought by Samsung phones. The others were white, and here to fool you look how good it does not bring any money. Wow, how interesting, let's open here, a serious ok charger and it is my type I know the same as here understand and then nothing more than that the fake is going to bring it in plastic, and here the original is wrapped in cardboard and well here you can see the difference and look at headphones the headphones fit here. They are going to be great here for the brand, I like it just a lot, and here they are going to be good here in this.

They don't bring us a brand but look at the difference. Ok, look at the difference that e resembles even the apple ones. They even resemble apple ones, but look at the originals here and he marks nothing. We move on to the device, but if you realize that I have nothing here in the boxes. This one has been a cup ; I think this one has been the size of 20 a plus ; no, not the ultra ; but if they realize that it has the same camera, everything and it makes me part of it, it wants. It wants to make you understand about kegel ultra, because look at the front, gentlemen. That it has the number 20 and it says, galaxy s, 20 ultra 5g. The phone has been ultra, so perfectly that we are going to leave it there and also remember the stickers back here.

When you also look at them, it is obviously false because the original does not even attract all that much. One of the things I can tell you is that the fakes have the same materials, 20 ultra. No, it does not have the same, because on the back is fake that plastic or here here you can hear this. This is made of glass in the original. It is made of glass, it is totally pure plastic here but the corners are the edges, even though the size is different, the edges look different if they are going to be stainless steel, look at each gentleman here.

No longer brings the one that I told you about the mini already here they can be given account the difference of the first fake attracts what is the mini jack? That's why he makes these videos parks so you can realize the two fakes the Chinese market has released and I don't know how they can deceive you here. You can see what the perfect copy is, everything is fine even the antennas. Remember that the fake one is smaller and it will be difficult for you to notice it, because at least I have here and you can see the difference, but when you don't have it, look at the color, the color is different, but since you don't have the true and bad colors, it's difficult to make it difficult, but hey he started the outrage.

It says that it is inkorea and it brings these letters from the original for the false one. It does not bring it good and you can notice that the buttons are going to be the same mo. It was something totally different from the first fake. Also, the men, be very careful, because you can be fooled. Even if you don't tell me what samsung galaxy s, 20 ultra is going to say the fake one, those who look there, it learns that took me so long. They realized that he said that 20 Ultra, that is, they are promoting. He learned already the original in the video that I made the false one faster. Ok, it brings the fingerprint, remember that this is a lie that is, I registered my finger, my left finger and I can open it with any of them. Masters it here to open it with n of the Ra.

Also look here : ok, with any finger I think that I can unlock it with the nose. Everyone can block it for you ok, so you can see the same, nothing more than the original look at the dynamics that the original has compared to the fake look at the fake. Here it has no dynamic, it is totally boring the colors here. Don't look any clearer, we're going to learn it we are going to open so you can see what there is if any difference, that you can see here that what the light is is very high in the false one. How can I identify a fake phone I have always told people to go to the applications.

That is, if you have it nearby on the street or in a store and open it, go to the applications that I am going to show you right now, if you are buying it online, which I do not recommend, but if you have it there, or ask the seller for a picture or video from the seller. Tell him brother I opened these applications can teach you the essential applications to identify a fake phone, especially this one that is Stop that, But what applications can you open since you see that they look alike, they are the same great I can tell that the first time it was going to be the phone that I have to remove dark mode because false has no dark mode so that you can see. Yes, we are going to open the phone now, and realize that there is not much difference.

The truth is that there is not much you can not notice well here, and now this application is another thing I was going to tell you what to look at here the edges of. Hier you can see the edges that they are thicker. But what impresses me is that this is the first fake phone that I see that the Chinese market has, and this is not a lie if they have put the camera under the screen, which is something that only samsung and Huawei had done and here, it is already below the screen, and you can see here that it is already under the screen and if it's functional remember that it was not functional I am sorry that they. Come here, gentlemen, for the first time, and if you realize that the edges of the fake are very thick, that is they are improving.

They are not so thick, but look at the original here. How clean you can see the edges, on the other hand. They are already reducing the margins of the borders so be careful because you can easily be fooled. Ok in the messages we are going to notice, big differences and well here or be able to type here comes out in yellow, a light. Blue color comes out, and another way to identify a fake phone is through the keyboard. If you realize that the keyboard is an android that already the old man, you know a very old andrew and look here on the keyboard that I have on the new android here that is very well defined.

It looks clean, on the other hand, also look what it is traditional then we don't even have cell phones or if you have and molina I thought it attracts me, but look but here we can tell the difference. I was scared because in the camera they could already clone the software that was before that in the old one. What you can see in the art now is also there but if they know the software is the same but it only has two options: the false one. It starts to record in one go and looks at how difficult it is here. Ok, although already and this mind is starting to record I, do not even know why, but instead it starts to record me in one go, here I have to take a photo at 5 Forum, a normal video and it gives me more options. They have the option to be Panorama for the pro mode.

Instead, here I do not have the mode, but the truth is that it is very bad, but if we put the end here, you can notice that the camera- that is here if it is below screen, is something incredible that is, the Chinese market can now clone one. So that seemed unbelievable to me, and that was great gentlemen. Here you can see how the video looks here on the left side, look how awful or how horrendous it looks on the fake, and for you you can see the difference here, I'm going to run to the back so you can see the stabilization and if you look wow the stabilization of the fake is extremely terrible.

Sir, it is terrible this mess of stabilisation uy, look there not! It's that you can 't believe it's terrible front camera terrible, also too terrible I do not recommend them or whoever wants to buy this phone, the fake and believe and walk. You will realize the poor quality that you are getting into, so I do not recommend that you get too close, that is, the quality of the fake phone is horrible, [Music] and well. If you look at the notification center, here, if you come to here, I have exactly the same thing, Sir. It's incredible: where I go: look up to six very well with fluency, where I go, since it's very easy that they can deceive you. If they don't put you up in line, keep up.

If one of them places you up they're going to trick you into thinking, you're cool, to have we're going to see tools, you are going to find out the fake ones are not updated, they don't have an update, but look here the screen of tools, good at the origin or I, have more options and for some of them are not at all, because look here, sir, the difference of cameras in the fake one. Other thing that I did not tell you was that the specifications of the fake phone are all the same: one gigabyte of RAM memory, 1 and 16 of internal memory. All fake phones bring the same effective specifications, a 8 memory by ram and 16 internal memory.

You can see it there and it is not going to open the original because it's a little more complicated but yes, since we saw those applications so that you realize that it's exactly the same but I don't recommend buying the fake ones people who want the fake phone I feel like it is just for shielding read your friends, but they are phones. It came a month ago. It doesn't turn on or charge anymore so don't charge the phone again. So look here, even if you want plastic crystals, easy money What the Chinese market does or does not do is change the carc asa. The same sheath, OK cables, look the same exposed cable, that's bad gentlemen A cable on a cell phone is bad. It's terrible to have cables on, it's bad because of the interference.

Have it attached, and the real phone you guys want this trash on the phone, don't buy it, gentlemen. Take money from you and no, gentlemen, I'm here to help you so that you don't give money to people who are doing things: illegally, promoting, buying fake phones, well, gentlemen. Thank you for watching this video and remember one thing that no matter how false and very similar all these cell phones are and because it can easily deceive something that I can tell. It will be Christ's love and it is waiting for you to come to receive him, okay, gentlemen, thank you..

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