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Hey: what's up it's bee the installer here with the 2021 Samsung frame different, mount different style, different one connect box. Let's check it out, [Music] [Applause], so the accessories for the samsung frame are as follows. First, we have the no gap wall mount which is much lighter and smaller I've heard is a bit more difficult to install. Install video, the Samsung frame and some of the other high-end tvs have the one connect box which has all the ports in this and therefore you only have to run the one wire up to the tv. So we'll put this on the side and we'll connect the one wire to this and I'll plug it in.

They don't just pop in looks like they got a little mechanism to cinch them in and they kind of pop in place, and then here on the left we have the one wire, the remote which is smaller this year, and then we have the power cord and I'll. It's very sleek and it now has this USB charger on the bottom and it can be charged with light in the room so pretty much guaranteed. It's never going to run out of power and if it does connect it to the usb to your phone charger quickly, the buttons with the Samsung remote are pretty straightforward. I wish it had a back light to it, but besides that it's awesome, so the one connect box was supposed to be different on some of the newer 2021 tvs, but this looks very similar to the 2020 model.

So it looks like for the Samsung frame that one connect box is still very similar. The one hdmi three is arc or e-arc enabled, meaning that you can connect your sound bar to this, although it makes it a little difficult when this box is somewhere else than to run back to your audio system and the hdmi 4 is your game port that has 4k at 120 and this is where the one wire connects to this box. It does have an additional USB on this side and I believe you can connect an external hard drive to this. So the 2021 unit has more memory, so real, quick, the Samsung frame wall mount has me a little confused because they used to have a mount in the middle that was kind of like a picture frame.

They do have a 200 by 200 millimeter vesa pattern in the middle that you can use on a standard mount. But if you use a standard mount, you're going to lose the frame, look because it doesn't have that flat. You would then have to have a recessed area for this mount to fit in. You also have a new one wire connection that goes up instead of to the side and that one wire does need to be inside some sort of conduit, and I'm going to show you that in this installation, so let's check out the wall mount even though it doesn't say any gap anymore. It just says wall mount, so that's kind of interesting.

Let's see how flat this actually looks, [Music], so one thing has kind of stayed the same, which are these screws from Samsung that can strip if you use too much force so you'll need to create a pilot hole in the wall to put these screws in, but this wall mount is much different so you have two pieces, labeled e and f, and then you have two corresponding pieces that are magnetic but they have these little hooks that are gonna hook on so we're gonna put That go on the wall, then we have the left and right brackets, which are a and b and those go on the tv and previous models. They would have a template you could put on the wall and kind of understand where it is going to go well this year.

It's a bit more difficult to understand and you'll have to look at your size tv to figure out how far apart they are and they are in millimeters and inches on this side. So it's a bit confusing but stick with me, I'm going to put these brackets on the tv first and then I'll show you how the wall mount goes on the tv and on the wall and then we'll get. There's some sort of sticker that goes on these two spots on the tv I'm gonna put them on um, not really sure we need them, but we'll go ahead and do it anyways. There is a bolt there is a flat washer and then there is this bracket and this bracket and all this fits together and when you put it on there it fits in these top two areas right there and snaps in place. So I'm gonna do that real quick and follow along.

While you attach it and then you kind of have to finagle this bolt with the fat side sticking down and the flat side sticking out towards your bolt, put it in this hole right here and then attach it to the back of the tv. But you got to get your screwdriver in there and hold this bracket with your hand and make it a little easier [Music] and we'll do the same thing on this side. [Music], then you pull these arms out and we'll wait for the next move.

This square piece needs to be level so that it fits between the two notches there, so it can be loose, although I don't find it very ideal for everything to be loose so then what's going to happen on the wall is that these brackets are going to sit like this up against the tv? So now we have to properly space these brackets so that they can fit inside there. Let's get up on the wall and do that so we're going to have to do a little math.

I'm going to go over the math quickly on the wall but you'll have to use the guide below to figure out where the bottom of your tv is and that's the distance here at d is where you're going to have the top row of holes and if you know where that top row of holes is compared to the bottom and on the wall, then the tv should So let me go ahead and do that on the wall bit confusing, but you're going to have to do the math if you're installing this yourself 54 and a quarter so 27 and an eighth everyone needs to choose their own height for the samsung frame.

You know somewhat eye level if you walk around as art, but on a wall, especially over a fireplace, it has to be in the right spot for you to view the tv to make it look normal on the fireplace normally, I say four to six inches off a mantle, but in this case it's going to be nine to match these beams here. That's gonna run to the side and the one connect box is gonna sit next to their dresser here. I actually put a little bit of this conduit in the wall that helps keep that cord safe and wall, because you shouldn't have it in wall by itself because it is not in-wall rated check with your local code on that sort of thing. A lot of people would be fine having this cord exposed because it's very thin and it's unlikely that you would notice that wire if it's outside the wall.

So if you got the frame and now you are scared to put the wire inside the wall, don't worry it's super thin. [Music] Baby, I'm gonna explain it real quick because it is still pretty confusing, but from the bottom of our tv up to this measurement d d is where the top row of holes will sit. So that's really all you need. You don't really need the a distance to the side and you don't really need the c distance to the top because if you know the bottom and know your left and right, then you have your two marks for that mount to sit on. So let's get that mount on the wall, so now we'll check for studs and or use toggle bolts to get these two brackets up and level, and then we'll hang the tv.

But on this side we don't so if you have wood, studs and drywall in your home I'd probably just recommend hitting a stud if you can and if not definitely use these toggle bolts I'll put a link in the description, but these are one of my best tools for installing tvs. If you went out and bought a pack of 10 of these, you would be able to use three or four of these on each side and what they do is they go through the wall through the drywall and pop open on the other side and then you suck this zip tie tight against it and it holds onto that drywall a lot stronger than just some sort of anchor that you drill into the drywall and it just kind of uses. Its pressure to hold this against the back of the drywall is much more secure.

I mount gigantic tvs with these toggle bolts so I highly recommend them this stud might hit here so we'll make a mark there at the bottom and I'll probably put another toggle bolt to the right because the stud is way over here and it won't hit the same on this side, we'll mark the holes mark these two holes over here and again we're going to hit a stud there and probably toggle bolt at least the top if not both on the left. So let me go ahead and do that so I'm going to use a combination of the wood screws that come with the samsung mount that do need. I think it's a 1 8 inch hole, but you can actually take a bit and hold it up.

It should be the same size without the threads and for the toggle bolts to actually take a half inch hole so I'll do that for all the toggle bolts. With the toggle bolts, [Music] [Music], then we actually have to put the toggle bolts in first before we put the bracket up. So in order to know where to make that hole, I will actually measure the tv and if I put the tape measure upside down it makes it easier to measure then from left to right that one connect wire is in the center of this tv. So it's 49 inches wide and I could put that hole anywhere from 22 to 25 inches wide and then know where to put it top to bottom.

I have about a 28 inch tall tv that connects here and that wire goes down so I could make it from seven to ten inches tall uh and I'm going to use that box so seven to ten inches from the bottom of the tv and then centered on the tv. So I'll go ahead and put those measurements up there and we'll cut that box. So what I'll do is I'll just offset it to the left because I'm going to run the wires that way down to the side. So I'll just put my box on the left side of the stud which is actually pretty cool because then I can also screw that conduit into the side of the stud inside the wall.

You want behind the tv because even though that wire connects right here, it can go up and into the hole or down and into the hole as long as it is behind the tv and as long as you don't kink that wire, thus breaking it so for the hole that I'm going to make for the one wire to run through on each I'll put a link in the description but basically you can find them at any home depot or any hardware store. And then I'm going to put one on the side of the fireplace and I'll show you how I make that run, and then you can plug that into the one connect box and then plug that into the wall.

There is actually a stud that goes across and up so that you can put that conduit pretty much anywhere behind the tv so I'm just going to shift it up into the left and therefore that wire will go down and then back up into the hole. If I go below that stud I'm a little concerned that it might be too close to the bottom of the actual tv. I'll do the same thing down here for this box and then I'll have a blade plate that I'll cut a quarter inch hole in it for the wire to come out [Music]. So there's the stud I'm going to bring it out in front so that we have good access to it and I'll make it the same height as these ones. We have the hole made so we are going to run the one wire in the wall.

If you do that, I advise you to make sure you have some sort of conduit to keep it safe in the wall. Running this type of wire in the wall is not up to electrical code and could put you at risk for fires. You could also leave this exposed outside the wall and it wouldn't be as noticeable as you probably would think, especially if it is just straight up and down in this case around a fireplace. So I'm gonna put the conduit in the wall.

Typically, you'd want to send your fish tape up the wall this way and take the smaller end of this wire down because it's so small and then you can connect it to your one connect box where it's going to sit and then you'd have the larger end up here to connect into your tv, but because I'm over a fireplace, I have to run my fish tape down the wall and I'm going to pull the bigger end up and I'm just going to connect it inside this and I I can pull the rest of it out further and then I could actually take a screw and screw this conduit right here to the side of the stud and then that conduit wouldn't move and all this will keep this one wire protected inside the wall.

Then I'm going to tape it right here so it can't move and then I'm going to fish down and I'm going to pull this up the wall right to this point. So it may look a little goofy, but I'm going to tape this to the side [Music] and now I can just pull both of them up at the same time by running the fish tape inside this as well. A little scuffed had to reach in there to get this sucker out now we're going to run this conduit back up the wall, so we're going to go ahead and tape this to the outside tape. So I'm going to go ahead, run it through now and then we'll get it back in there and it doesn't have to be perfect. [Music] put the wire through the hole and put this cover plate on and it will finish up this end [Music].

When you connect this up, sometimes the tv turns on right away, so we're going to go ahead and plug it in and then check the tv out and see how it looks, and it has this little tie here this little sort of velcro tie to make it look more neat and then we're just going to put this one on the side because as you can see, their dresser goes right here and so we'll get that in there I'll move it out when we put it back just so we don This box can sit there no problem, so let's go ahead and move everything in place and let's show you the tv [music] we got up. It was a little bit harder to install than the 2020 version last year, but it's up we got it going on. The video definitely smash the like button when you get the opportunity, make sure to comment below what you guys.

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