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And now, when you have an S 20 ultra or an S-20 plus and want to cut your balls and look at the promised samsung galaxy s 20 a cheaper and that promises to be much faster. Yes, we are going to check it comparing it with all these behemoths below. We can buy it already with this one that we presented yesterday, which is actually in direct competition with this Martin bug. So you 'll be forced to vote and choose which one to see all of them from two thousand euros: a flip phone from Samsung for the one that, if you wanted to vote for your favorite, it is active,. So it is next to it, putting all the notifications and then you notice ethical digits.

We leave the link for you to participate in the description and also to vote there will first show what I have here, as this is the new s 20 fan edition. We have the som and I gave myself this pro, since we have the one plus 8, but not the normal version, the pro that we also had the one plus 8 the sem phone 7 around here, and in any case you can go see that one to understand a little more, the quality price ratios, and we go into the description and sentence to a very important moment, a 20 made for the fans for the pocket of the fans like this, and we are going to put it on the move Ests so, and this comes empty only the pinchito martón comes. Now i could give a cover of mine what a good space to put one.

So much cold is quite clear, not where the fingerprint reader is, and if it is very well marked, it is first and foremost obvious that it has no edges at all. Is that I, like this module better that it is not there that you listen to your opinion, I like it more I respect it but here, it brings a microphone to be able to orient the video when we are recording. While this one does not have it and it has the plastic that is cool enough to be careful, because it is something very striking always so when the edition comes with wireless charging with glass, it is not plastic in this case but it does not lose either the wireless charging or the reversible wireless charging. Also, martin is a hair, bigger and fatter.

There are many marks of what it does or I'm going to remove this plastic too and better. It seems much fatter to me not to mention the camera module well, I told Cá modular as an opinion style module and compared to the pro of guam plus. This one is also thicker than the one that feels of a much higher quality. This is the agro of phone that the one plus have an impressive finish. I tell you why we put this out because I saw and in physical stores, where they are more expensive. So that is why it is also in this comparison and if I forget something, anna comes to correct me that I forgot, yeah, tomato will come of being and the phone will appear when I turn it on, but Martin. You forgot this to show the phone he brings around here.

We have absolutely nothing- and here we have the Sim tray- that we remember that the memory is expandable in this case and another of the things that changes with respect to cto al s, 20 normal- is that it comes with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Let's see it's also not slow, but for me it's more than good and now the moment of truth begins to run screen. All screens here on the table are amoled, except for the dne xiaomi, which is lcd. It is not 2 k like the one in very high ranges of Samsung, but it is full HD plus so you have clear one. Normally we all use it in full HD but to see the quality in principle. The screen that looks best is perhaps not that of the Samsung, but that of the One Plus in color quality.

In the fan edition, what is striking is that the market is because there are important frames here compared to the other bugs with the High-End ones. We already see that this has quite a few more brands, but if we put it next to tsja or to me that its direct competition, we see that they are quite similar frames, perhaps in the lower part it has less samsung, but maybe in the upper part they have fewer yao, ming frames, yes. There is, and one of the best news of things that she does not lose anything. Wait first, i will see what comes as standard if it already comes high fluidity at 120 and looks very well, it's immediate It feels good.

It responds quickly, well, here all the ones we have at least 90 hertz, which is the one plus, and 144, which is the ya o me, so good that I'm not lost when it comes to the screen, the quality of pa ntalla now in fluency that has 144. Now as they move slowly, [Music] comes here the wave internet, the speed - Test it is flattening. If we see what happens for the moment of download, they will also have rus burroughs with fire. They all approved this way, because this fan edition comes with snapdragon 865. Let us remember that it is not the latest version of Snapdragon, which is the 865 plus, but unlike its expensive, super brother, comes without success and this time it is good news for that side.

Bad news, because it is not the latest version, the snapdragon, the difference 3 nap dragon and exynos bá. It is more speed, better autonomy and less heat ; therefore, it should be faster than the other bugs. In 321, the volume is fine, it is strong, it is not crazy, it closes quite low or a bit below them. They come with success - this almost 45 and it is also heating 44 and a half - and these two calm down. You have already seen that they lowered the brightness of the screen a lot, and that is due to the fact that the brightness of the screen drops and therefore they heat less. While it continues to advance the temperatures a little, the one now has the most screens.

It is the one plus that heats the most, while later on is the 20 plus, and now martnez, when you have that 20 ultra still that 20 plus- and you want to cut your balls and all great here, it is shown that the snapdragon of which we always insist that it is better out. It is not visible at 562 thousand points 514,000 and in the worst case, the most expensive of all. Ultra 485 also say that the numbers can vary from one test to another, but well. It is a clear indication, while the one plus that we must recognize that it was always on the screen on the top to beat the xiaomi of yesterday, which is the one that in this case had the highest score on this occasion.

It was perhaps hotter yesterday as we were testing it and everything came from previous tests, and that was visible in the final result and not only in the result of the test of Antón Martn, but I also want people to look at the results of the graphs. However, look at the ultra : it was the one that has given the lowest score in gpu. The fan edition is the one that has the highest score in the graph. I want to do another test to repeat it to see that those who heat up are much higher, come on We will see what happens is how we demand these bugs and be careful, because these two are suffering this. They go between cuts and the one because it is the only one that maintains the screen with the rest.

While now the fan edition looks as it is one of the warmest there is and the new screen went out. We got a poster that did not tell us that the temperature was too high in the one plus and that it was going to lower the brightness of the normal screen because the screen was turned off and everyone else had already turned it off. This spread is a bit hot, it would be better to turn the screen off. Doing these duplicate tests is very important because in long game sessions, what we want is that it performs always hard and equally. And here we see that those that performed the best were to me the Fan edition and the Sao, which were what s the least lowered the score. It endured so much that it was 500 and something, and these have also lowered the pistons.

This is at 500 and a little and it has dropped below 500 and that is still the last performance, but from long by more than 100 thousand points compared to and on the inside. We see it outside, but the temperature reached 43 degrees in the fan edition, the lowest of all, while 45 here 45 here, 46 taken in the Sao in Uam. That is what has marked yao is that also me was the one that heated the most in the inner part, but it was not too noticeable either and if the previous tests were of fire. Let's say the zoom is not bad either and the great angular is super mega wide result, sir, and we have good news very good news, miss na because in the main camera there is almost no difference in relation to the normal s 20, which is what we say.

We should buy the cameras because they are very similar sensor systems. Vielleicht you could say that I get a better quality in the photography of the s 20 with normal camera, but then a little bit better in wide angle, but absolutely little and in the zoom. It gave me the feeling that it has better quality, yes when we increase it in the main photography. They are, obviously, more berries but with respect to the rest of the cameras I. Consider that s20 camera is better than yao ming is also very similar to that of the one plus. All this should also be compared to much more time, much more effort and the video, which was what drew me in.

The most has some points in its favor, such as the focus, the colors seemed more normal to me, d lc 20,, the pot rises a lot, I don't really know, it's really at the right level to tell you, buy it. Calmly, also the photos are both the selphy and the main camera and the rest are not bad at all. Fundamentally the night is back, zoom and also the fis are very correct. In this case, we had no problem, and it was time for night or not for force. What happens is that as we said in the video we made the other day, not about smartphones to play the best video games, every video game has its favorite phone in this case to play the way of being here in epic quality at 90 frames per second. We can do it with a one plus but it is not yet optimized for the new one that 20 efe.

So here I can only play at 30 frames per second and that is not a four. It deserves something healthier and we go to the reliable old woman that never fails us. We are talking about caldas blood and each discharge is very high but we are going to put the maximum on it and give it all more. The truth is that only today with what we already saw the performance of the processor and others what he never have not also the way he died, the first time and without mercy. They didn't even leave me boy at no. The proportion is great, seeing the whole screen from front without borders xxi, nothing, and what I like is that the little hole has nothing or nothing around it. It is not just the camera cap that's inserted on screen.

The friend from the Deaf Friends died again, but he died from a stomach ulcer, I grabbed carlos and no shot came, nothing good. It is to demand for the phone, but it took an egg singing martn, more things. We can say about this phone which ip68 has, that is maximum resistance to dust and water. It also has wireless charging and also has nff pim-pam-pum complete soccer player. Nothing is missing from a reversible in typical graphics. If this charges like this wireless power, be people from when I have more than 30% battery and I have 13 senses, but they say that it works like this, that you don't win I really think that this 20 is better today than that for example recommendation of tlc, 20 plus or lc 20 ultra.

There is something that now they will be pulling their hair out, martin, just because of the snapdragon of the cameras and others. They are quite good and the only thing that changes in a certain sense is the sensations. It is more than anything similar perhaps to the lower ranges in terms of the body even worse than the low range because wake 51 is made of glass on the back. While there is another lower model that is not 5g, that is worth 659 with the exynos and that to see can be fine for many people. Demand it to the fullest I would recommend that I drop the price a little bit that the Samsungs already know that they drop in price quite quickly so I am going to make a very interesting purchase.

They collapse even with I, think there are launch offers for this model which is 100 euros less and there it is really beginning to be an offer that you say, look at who likes Samsung and that we do not use a really powerful one with everything and without missing anything important here. If you have a samsung galaxy s, 20 plus, or 20 ultra, I want to see in the comments what the locals think martn s see you next [Music ]..

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