Testing 20 Games On The Samsung Galaxy A32 2022 - Galaxy User Guide

That I carry the performance test of the Samsung at 32 test, the new ones, much more importantly, well rather more popular as it has been Call of Duty test. It went quite well you, despite the fact that it has a processor, I'll go along well, it's a little more cataloged as it goes, it won At least in some places I've seen it, but I don't know if it is already cataloged a bit more mid-range than first cataloged, more low-end, but not if it is normal mid-range and it has two characteristics, this excellent cell phone to try it with 20 games.

Here it has a 100% charge and when you want to focus on Wi-Fi, we have 100% charge all day and for the important temperature this test, but we are going to take them only in case 26 degrees, 27, the normal temperature and, let's see here, I am going to show you first the rest of the dining, since it is the version of 128 years'storage, it has occupied 60 of 128 and it also has 4 gigabytes of RAM. What do you go I go very little, but if the programs would take me a [ __, ], Ethernet 1 minute each game and after trying every five games I am going to show you the percentage of battery and the temperature.

The brightness would have it about 80% that you can see it for me, but a little higher there is less than 80% and I will be a little surprised about your location, so well, what to expect inside [Music] this fart [Music], oh Bastard, it makes me dizzy today my head: I don't have to look at you good, because [Music] calligraphic [Music] go to battle. [Applause] [Applause] yuju, one minute: let us go for the mighty Minecraft graphics virtual, sound, better quality to play; yuju wow, fine black Huawei es fart! What a fart dude turns this mom into a link [Applause], but let the minute come yes! True, because on the fall aways I had pure Minecraft opened [ _, _ ], deserted United, a city or in a city, bad Puiu, and you were ruined daddy.

Yo genius I installed this helping I don't know! Well, then I entered it but it continues the five games 98% remaining after 10 minutes of using it and a battery and a heating of 34 35 degrees. Let's go with Angry Birds [Applause] [Music]! Let's go back to the next world war, hero, [music], graphic settings, 90 frames and high. How did I kill you I just went hungry again to follow the minute anyway [ music ] and the graphics settings and at 90 frames per second to fight another minute to run last last methane: you are going to kill him, don't suck, you didn't kill him Dude. Whenever you want to kill your mother, Carla [Applause], [Music] fox, open up I'll, take them charge, charge gray, I'll, take them I'll, take them [Applause], they'll kill you.

After 20 minutes of use and one temperature of 36 degrees, we leave you the rest 96%, a little well everybody, and let's go with the next Mortal Kombat, [Applause], [Applause] [Music], how bloody or what is that? What is that [Applause] I will see if I don't lie down in the old man, because of all this, if it's bloody well, he 'll hear you name name: Chao, bye, song, baby, we're high graphics and 60 frames per second hotel in China, a cooperative and to kill [Music] smells good morning. 5 minutes, let's go with Mario Kart quick start. Don't look at it, Look at it as being sad to Junior, Toretto [music]! You close it, look at it and then go or not [Music] Ice Cream like this at the moment and now let's go with Clash Royale Clash Royale.

The video played me Juvena game and it completely broke my aisle. No freckles and José Soros beats him today, [music] he's back. 11 give him one we will be tui ready, graphic adjustments, tall muscles, we're going for you, bicicool, [music], ta n a little bit. It lasts this shame to me: Satan scouts, let's take 'em [Music], ok, Hugo split your ail. How do you keep quiet that you are 94% loved after 30 minutes being used? This 6% only goes down a half hour or is 35 degrees the mother temperature, nothing hot. We will close the other forgotten games deal and will talk to Pipo here. No clicks Fart guy I bring smell. You wait [ music ] for a minute for a [ son of a [ _ ] brawl.

Well we get to the minute now: Let's go with Dorner right : [Music], graphic quality ; graphics to the maximum [Music] [Music] Frott, forrest, gump, furious mother don't run ready the ass. It is the biggest category of motor 1000, like Mario Kart [music ]. It was a step program, I had it and Lolo and Lolo call him son of Toretto, of course, that Lolo throws even over the [ __ ] la. In general, there are very few who do about the light that they require from the cell phone, but in general, I loved the net in the games, both in this test with performance test, I tell you, well see the performance test where you can go problems, Benimar the heating thing, the battery, the day-to-day applications all excellent. Therefore, I recommend it.

I loved the cell phone, but you don't have to wait for the review. I hope you liked the video, it has been of great help, and we'll see you because I have already [ __ ]..

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