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All right, so we got these Samsung Galaxy, a7, t15, GT, Mobile Edition, so I'm pretty excited about this. I wasn't gonna get it because it's a little pricey but then t-mobile had a deal where you could get it for half price than they had the deal where you can add line for free, so I was like okay, let me do it so the box is fairly small. Yes. Shipping on this thing I want to say that was hearing. Maybe 30 hours right, like yourself out of stock I still ordered it through T force on Twitter and then it just showed up to my house almost no time later, I didn't work there. It is just Samsung - box, your little flap, just the paperwork, the thingy I guess that you're to send the same ejector - tool that I will promptly lose I'm sure this looks dirty.

There's a dirty phone send me, there's why I came so quickly. It is the odd question if this thing was used to me SIM card, which I use normally - I wouldn t. If this is an extra line, I will have a skin test event in the box. The new trend, I mean that C was around for a while, but looks a lot of the phones were still to see and they're seeing the scene like a CMT Music Factory was building up for that reference. It's pretty neat camera bump looks big and pictures was pretty small in person - I mean it stifles out a little bit, but it size wise. This is point six and we have also just received this LG and there's honor so it looks bigger, but I think they are the same size phone. It's at Samsung's gonna be wider.

So on the device itself, you do have a headphone jack here, USB C and let's buy your microphone, looks like only one speaker unless that of your pieces speakers and up top is your micro SD card slot right here, SIM card slot. Let's go ahead and look at this so yeah you can get a Micro SD card and a SIM at the same time, so bring in the SIM card and we can now stand your t-mobile tone. Let me help you get set up more easily by guiding you through the steps. A little more square part of me was wondering if I could replace my note 10 with this and just give what the boy will keep his old phone, but he seems to think he gets this phone but the note tends to be quite extraordinary, so I don't think I'm ready to part with it yet I'm not gonna copy.

We were set up after with SwiftKey, so I'm not used to using the Samsung keyboard back, I like it I use it a long time, then I finally moved over to SwiftKey. I think this is a mid-range, I mean it's all about $600 foam!! And you know the warning mouse and this is on the screen. I guess yeah there it is I don't know if this is just an optical or if it is an ultrasonic like the higher-end ones. Hopefully a future me will research that and put some sort of note in the editing of this video, but sometimes future means lazy, something a lot of finger print setups over the years for these phones- and this animation is certainly different than the Note 10 news- and it seems a little slow, but there may not be everything exactly in order.

If you want to install this, is pretty standard, t-mobile setup here and ask you what you wanna install? We don't want this mcafee to know the keys, just the name: ID I'll leave it comming on a side with the Samsung account. Well, I was just trying for yds password. There's a little cool animation when it comes up small that looks pretty cool here. So that's gonna come across in the video, but only great $69 is still a decent chunk of change. Let's see it ain't a free drive. It appeared that storage was not anything other than dumb stuff Microsoft apps had preinstalled there. My son, Jesus Lee, will not use any he's good, get used to the arrows being different. That's fine Bixby, a piece of my files.

I like Samsung members, more or less useless, smart things, also more or less useless unless you're fully into that ecosystem. T-Mobile Built-in Apps : please get permission before, so that's fun, Samsung, global glows, OK, go global goals is some kind of charity thing? Are you end up like will delete that out there as well Samsung notes is a fantastic note, app that I use all the time. Youtube - music, that's its routine - see that's pre-installed, that's what he uses. So it's t-mobile plays a piece of Samsung pay. It's a if Samsung fantasy I mean don't give me money, so it doesn't matter, but it's pretty impressive. This actually has full on Samsung pay with MST on to research seat.

Right I mean some people whine about those samsung apps but who gives alright? Disease had never had notes before so Samsung has this thing: we can have the duo absent one, but he doesn't use Facebook or shouldn't be sleazy. She’s Smart Split since, when you bring in stuff I don't know what App Selector is. We're getting some updates here once these updates finish. We'll take a look at the settings and storage and all the NFC is here. It's a big deal with hey Bixby routines -- that's pretty good! Routines is like that, but Samsung is a fad and it works. This is very important if you get a new Samsung phone. This is the Bixby buttons that you map on. But you hit go to the side key settings. You can change it to a power off menu and well turn off the double press.

I think it's a really great browser so far we noticed no foot and the phone appears to be moving quite quickly. All right, so let us go ahead and check the settings so that shows on the first security patch of May. It shows the faint May first security patch, but we'll see if there are any updates available, so July 8th is the record right. So it has been updated to the first security patch on May, obviously July, so it could be great. My samsung note 10 Plus, and my LG V 16 I'm, recording this I believe we are all on the June security patch yes. So it's 1 June on my first Saturday, my note, 10 plus which is my daily driver, so that has an always-on display. Nice I'm coming soon on that but let's go and check out some more stuff.

Let's do storage on Samsung phones, that's gonna be under device care so that you can see how there is so 60 X 0 I am 128 gigs of storage, 24 gigs that we use currently and let me go ahead and activate a couple. Go ahead and saw eat bench and we'll test that out so yeah. If you have seen the channel I recently set up LG v, LG style of six and in turn, I had to mess a lot with this t-mobile lover plus now granted. This phone is fresh out of the box, but it is pretty fast and has a different processor, like not a standard processor. Nobody sure didn't see how this thing scores on this I am it's a weird Qualcomm different number than you normally see now, just for shits and giggles I run the geek bench on the note, plus and we'll compare and on the LG stylo 6.

This one should have pretty high scores, and this one is a mystery, an enigma if you will so I don't know if it means anything from the test speed, but you can tell I mean that I already started this one off, but this one is already at 27% and this thing is at 4% so doesn't seem to be chomping through it and I said my son has been using it. I may give my discord to someone or sell on eBay? Who knows what either note 10 is almost catching up, I mean I'm almost catching up, but it is clearly making some ground and the stylo is not well. Let's check out the referee team over at it. Can you see the difference in screen size, the river we? So this is a really good phone, but the screen we know after he used the stylo for a couple of days.

So this is a pretty good phone but if he's been using that stylo for a couple days I think he is gonna get used to the bigger screen - personally I can't stand a small screen - so I can't imagine going back to something as small as this - before that is the Samsung, big Samsung - 71 Like an 820 think fairly good week and it has ran like alright. So really it isn't that bad I ran on all these points meaning just that a higher number is better 703, 621 and again 6 or 650 as it is. Do I remember the inscription? I'm talking to my head. Obviously, but you know this poem was over a thousand dollars when I got it and now grant see almost a year old now.

I could probably only insult eBay for this one but and I'm not debating over these films worth thousand dollars, because they are, obviously or not, but people are gonna pay it like I'm gonna, pay them by the day, no twenty when it comes out guaranteed and it'll probably be well over a thousand dollars, but if you can get this much for half the price of what this was pretty stellar and these two bags are still running right. Think, and this was 250, so you can add both these phones up and still not get what it would normally cost. If I bought for me like I had no phone and I'm starting today with a phone, I would eat, I mean I was right about this. There is a thinking that doesn't make a deal with so slow.

The Samsung System is a large screen, which I like, and you know it is pretty good. Also, you can tell how bad Donald is running and these are all t-mobiles. If you're like I am going to buy a T-mobile phone, I don't want to spend top-level money. Personally, this is probably the better phone to the revelry, still inclining towards the stylo, because while this you know, Salo also has a stylus, it's the name style. There's a lot of stuff here again, if you have never had the samsung phone before, this would be a great introduction to the game. I think this because it seems almost to have all the features of the note in display. You know that you can set it for dark mode which is cool. If you watch this channel, I have a bunch of phones on here and before I.

It's hot garbage on LG on Samsung is pretty much perfect and ask motives okay, which was what this river, especially Motorola phone and Google, was alright as well, but by far no one is as good as Samsung, auto-brightness I. We don't know why, but it just happens behind this blue light filter. Samsung also had this long time ago close to. There are all the older phones, but Samsung always a heavy game. Some people hate Samsung, like the world famous second Tony doesn't like Samsung products, but he's a dumb Frank, that's a problem, so can change. I mean this almost looks in my note as straight up in font, size and style when I crank that up : yes I guess we're letting these go through.

I can do this, so of course the stylus on here doesn't work at all, so you can see that I mean it pretty much. The same setting here check that one screams, ooh yep, so yeah I, like a large phone and I. Like my text Laurens right, I have perfect 20/20 vision at laser surgery to fix my eyes, but still like the screen blown up. The resolution I think that is actually 1080p is actually really good for 1080p, but this one- it is not so much: that's a little. You can't change the resolution where it is on the note which you can display to them. You obviously have full screen apps that will be things to get them to fit, so most of them will be set to auto I believe, but we'll mess with that.

When that comes up a screen, timeout I might change that to one minute Every small home screen layout, pretty similar right palm tree, maps, 4x4, five badges so finished finally, to send to the family in this blocker is still starting this one later. Things need different versions of home screen. That's interesting, home screen needs enopp edge lighting navigation bar. You can make your phone hi everyone, but me that's all I, like it I can show charging information, that's good, so yeah Samsung has a bunch of stuff here. That's pretty great all right, let's see wallpaper all right so dynamic, lockscreen Oh or you can do that. Also that's good, so that link is so dynamic, locks screen is pretty good, although it is aimed at global goals.

I guess so now, when I go to the wallpaper yes so and then every time it will be something different little different, real, that's a good looking picture, yeah boy I'll be there for a picture every time right. And then, of course you know you don't want, you can even miss the Samsung stuff I'm pretty sure you can install like Samsung numbers he has, never I use that you can uninstall it I'm thinking that salt bixie, but you miss all the most things. You can t vacuum and then we'll check out that later pants features, so that e's more than one Samsung phone. As for the screen, the recorder, screenshots and screen recorders, the account looks pretty good.

Now you can just record the screen but it should be all up here so if I use up four videos every day, but like let's say you want to show someone your family, how to do something on the phone. Today there is a number of things to do: dolby, atmos, sounds music I. If you have I to use I, have the Samsung AKG headphones that King when I believe my note, eight or nine I forget, but I love these headphones. It tests your ears and then it sorts of tweaks the sound for you. So for my money and I've had a lot of phones, samsung always sound better to me as far as music goes, why not talk to tell us that there's a lot of music as far as the speakers on thing I don't know if we'll see this.

You don't want that with the Darkmoon widget settings, so you can turn that off and will not have that background. A couple of days later, I got an honor-bucks case, symmetry the Otterbox case fits it very snugly. This is why it is a clear case: I worked it directly from t-mobile. It's just funny and designed for Samsung, so T-Mobile never activated that sim or my extra line Apollo service. Care of you now is July 11, so I just went ahead and put the sim that was previously in the LG stylo in here, and we ran some speed tests out of different video testing speeds in my house, I'm in Little Kentucky. There are five I have to you for here, but I’m not sure right now so I have a separate video where I run a bunch of speed tests.

I'll likely drive around town long later and capture that as part of the separate speed test video, though I am making, but as far as unboxing and looking at I'm pretty happy with this phone I've gone ahead and switched the sim. My son, sim upward he's gonna start using this full time and probably I said that we'll get rid of both the LG stylo and the t-mobile revelry. Well, I have some feedback we'll make a review video at some point this also?.

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