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Ah Beauty, here is the thing today: Show our Samsung a52f cell phone I should choose it on Instagram that I wanted a cell phone, but I had not warned you to go to the sun. Let's go to the video and run mine good era. And now it is the charger that came from inside the box in order to make the key to Calm down. We still have to take it out because it is at the back that is to open that door of the X And, remembering that either put two chips or put a memory card and the chip is Insid. Ok, put my cell phone to charge twenty percent. Ok, one Twenty percent debate not to charge quickly. Ok, there could be about 20 beats but up to 15, it's fine right now, his battery says I'm here it lasts two days.

It was a lot on the side and to record also with various things full of police. OK, yes, I put a cap inha in it, I really liked life putting it in, because I am going to show you something and what kind so that anyone who wants to buy this side of you needs to know it's looking at the camera from here. So what to take very careful if you buy a cell phone, put a cover on it because it can scratch this vaccine that treated this camera If. You wrote a cloth like this. Simply so you don't scratch the same camera because to nothing small, um... Color Yeah I was selling that really this flower is not that strong here she's been like a little face for a long time. And the baby is also able to capture the face right, as I had never seen a color of it.

It has to have this protection from now on when it has this finish on the outside, on the sides because it has dust and permeates Pet, that is. If you don't have a problem, if you get it wet, because it's waterproof I think if I'm not mistaken with 1.5 for 30 minutes it's fine so I can go to it. So the customer wants to take a picture It can be up to a meter and that’s why it is important that it has a stereo sound. I'll do 17 later with it remembering that you won 't be able to do all of the tests here, but I'm going to make a specific video like this and the games so stay tuned and on Instagram I'll highlight this side of you because I ll take several photos and I ll leave it on my Instagram.

Follow me there and I leave it in highlight some things for you there, his diaper here the USB type-c to a charging of it right charger input here the sun, where this tone came out, and here is a dream of remembering now let's go for battery also the tip of the castle. His screen is sad, a lot of inches. He is a full HD, full HD, Super AMOLED screen and with a refresh rate of 90 Rex So Dude is very any serious game that I have nothing to complain very good right, frajolo dude I ate nothing. It doesn't fit as well as Hell You're short on a motorcycle so you left a lot of the screen here. Do you want to buy a cell phone digital character,? battery bro, you can count the battery with me. No relatives I use it a lot, just charge it once a day.

But if you user, the one who likes money for us this box the photo and made it here, bro You can be sure that it will last a day and a half two days and now I'm going to talk about the camera. The video leaves 6 top right because, usually when it's a full HD screen and this one from the woman, even she is very good, like she doesn't shine and the day- and here let me try to put it here, for you can see how it sucks here works. Another is camera because it's taking some pictures for you for today already said that I didn't even in the video for you good was the following.

This camera here also without thank you sadness, kind of grass to be 4K with children at the per second so like this I liked it a lot could have 60 front right it is only if it's done and I'm recording on the front camera beauty I'm, recording here on the front camera- and someone else tells me if the audio is good, that the quality is good. Ok, and you don't tell me that - and it's OK and that's good- it's now I'm recording here in 4K, with the rear camera beauty I'm recording here with the rear camera And. That is it and you would make the audio ok or what about in the other video I made a couple of hours ago when the previous one was recorded in His work. Ok on the front camera of the people with 4K.

The rib here is also there Oh, no beauty, focus it just here in my hand, you see it I liked it a lot. So I found what you think YouTube takes a little bit the quality of the videos. If it wasn't so good, it's because of the YouTube year these cameras are very top, so I'm going to make another animal or one that I stopped. Now let's go that part of the game was what I thought was a good lack, quiet, free, fire, no ultra utl ur consumes. It's a boat party, quiet wheel, half edge. It's a very good Snapdragon, so take care to play now. If anyone gave him a scooter, he was laughing because Neti Pot is not used behind the cell phone, so right you're a little limited there.

If you like it, I will download a lot of other games here because for now I have prepared these two young night what you want. If you want, I can also make a video playing it for you to see so you can enter the other. One of you understands why it is no use to say that you will see it so I won't record it because I didn't see that it was going to be too long, but I can now tell you that everything runs on Ultra Tall Free Fire runs fortnite also that I put it on the boat. It's on medium I haven't yet tested it on bass but probably go for another quiet down, so put it there in the settings that will run so I hope you enjoyed this video, don't forget to leave a like below So. :.

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