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My people from youtube here:. Well, we are going to change a screen. In fact, I wanted to take the time here, because I had recorded a video of this screen a few days ago or in the previous video. However, here the video was a generic screen that this ft or ips, whatever you want to call it in the most generic that there is, look at the color, tonality of these two screens, Obviously if you want to know the difference between a law and an ips so that you can also notice how both will look, watch the previous video that was the screen for quintals, and in this case will notice the difference between an oled screen or not. You need only apply the heat and at this point remove the cover with these plastics.

It does not come close to us with heat and some of these plastics with a little wetting. What I normally am after a bit to the area, but here I have a phone that I am making and I remembered that it would be good to show you the two types of screen and so that you can see that in the end the image quality is why I always recommend this and not the other, is a bit more expensive and that we do have to take into account. I don't know why I suppose that d must be that he has to be turned off for commercial purposes because there is a small price difference and maybe it is not convenient for sellers to distribute this screen because if it costs a little to get it then, look here -. He tells him that it is there as a sign of rats pasting.

They are not going to have complications, another thing, not less important, always mark the flexes. The position that the reflex has, in fact, those lines that I am used to doing on the phones, is for this symptom, photo and without anything. It is simply a quick way to be able to mark in the order that they go lovelace. If these stripes in the time of this interest are not coincident. It will be short and no learner, at least in the part of the load. They will put us telephone, every time they want this field.

Then they are going to generate a cut, and I recommend that they do not put it upside down with the strip loading because I have seen these, and it is just nothing more than taking into account that they have a position here, well the hot screen, hot, a little with a gun with an iron with whatever they have I have an iron. I had actually read a day ago a comment that the screens I had removed on another piece of equipment was not the original screen. So, sir, I tell you that everything depends on the experience of each person and with the tool that suits you best, as I got used to working with pistols. You can notice that the vast majority of my videos do it with the gun when I work on the screen.

This is for speed reasons, because I have many screens installed, so with the iron I would be waiting 15 to 10 minutes for the phone to heat up and for speed reasons. Note that to remove the screen, it is simply from the heat. In any case, if you had to do well here we go to make a demonstration on the screens in almost physical notice. In fact, on the generic screen the edges are straight, then you can also see the difference in some components which are in the flex. So do not keep in mind all that comes to notice that there is a change in place. The original has only capacitors in that corner and the generic one. Here I am, however, doing one as I said: I do a simulation to see that both the screen and all that sit perfectly while doing another job as I mentioned.

It is only a matter of practice because he is not going to compare a person who installs 20 screens a week to a person who hits the screen with a heel. I've seen cases where they put a screen and you leave the paper and I'm going to begin looking at the height where I place the hits I am doing as a kind of simulation with how the original screen brought this in the middle. Because I'm going to do the same, look I'm going to tell you the secret so that you don't have errors when installing screen. Call it any screen is make a copy as similar as you can. No if you have experience with other models and you know that the manufacturer did not put a paste and x or because you can add it, but do not place where the manufacturer did not place.

I'm taking this case because when you have a sign with this screen you have to be very careful because the problem with this screen is that it is very delicate in the corners it can withstand pressure. There are signs because you can put a clamp and nothing is going to happen, but where you are a trace of glue you have to be very careful clean up. The four corners must ensure that there has not been a piece of glass stuck there or that there has not been a little bit of sticky glue old glue - nothing that has to be perfect because that is where the screen is sometimes because you leave a piece of glass there and reach one of the corners with a light touch that you give when placing the cap that opens the screen.

This type of screen did just as a simulation at the time you glued the glue or applied the glue. Firstly, if you do not have glue then try to place it to see 7,000, that is to say if you do not have this types of hits transparent then I gave hp 7000 where the screen is going to be placed. The screen is, with the intention that the screen does not remain hollow there, that is, the drawback 7,000, is going to be the function a little longer, but it will be. Its function is to say that the screen in the center does not remain hollow many times when the screen remains hollow in the center.

It understands that when the client starts to press the screen, that is, imagine what he is going to write or do an application, the screen tends to sink a little because there is no glue there and that was left empty. For that reason I also advise you to put a little, but in the center so that when it sticks it dries out because it has as a base there and no and do not give the client that feeling that the screen sinks and all this rises in a hospi that I am giving him, because it has already happened to me and I have been running it over time.

Fortunately it does when a screen enters me, For any error which occurred This is a guarantee issue, because I have the advantage that I have been able to remove the screens without damaging them, but it was good, Notice that I am going to place some shots here because I want to do that good because I do not want the footprint which is moving from there and I am going to deal with nothing else with the lid when it comes time to glue. If you look when I went to glue the screen, I used 7000 paste and here I have 7000 paste.

I use the 37 thousand well, and that helps me so that there is no trace of white glue on the edges, that is, so that there is a better job and I am doing tests here and, as I have told you about this screen, although it is not the original, the hole screen is the closest thing to an original amoled type. When they sell the screen, is quality, te, ft or ips Because when this screen is properly seated you can place some tweezers I recommend that if you are not a person who is, let's say 100 to place a clip like this has to be a hundred percent sure that you did not leave anything that could break the screen. These paste well in its function as long as they are well adjusted.

If you leave the shots, it can take about 12 hours and you can remove the shots now calmly and nothing is going to happen and the screen would be totally glued when they go between the screens and the ps. Do not recommend using these tweezers to nothing if I can use something like the shots, nothing else and leave it there perfect, because that screen tends to make the crystals very sensitive. If you put a clip on it, it will create points. Lamp points are going to be like small black or yellow spots on white background. Excuse me for taking a long time to explain it, but hey, it's a video you watch and nothing else, just listen to what I am telling.

You is nothing more than advice here: I will go even though I already had the video, to show why and I try as much as possible to ensure that the King Talent Screen is of this quality. What we say is the intermediate because it is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest because it is first easier to work. Let's say that when it comes to the image it gives the client a little more quality even though it is not the original but this one looks very good, but then it's all a matter of how much of a budget the client handles here. The idea of all this that you can notic that many times I am here to sell pi install the screen to another thing, not less important.

If at any time you want to install a screen like this one, not if you can buy it with the brake that the only thing you have to realize is if it is compatible with the model already mentioned in the video, then buy the one with the brake and avoid a screen. That is going to have a point and all that's the only thing they are going to assemble is going to place their plate. They are going to place their soufflé cameras, your battery and that's it and they have a screen glued on a company that glued the screen to the front and everyone avoids this stuff. If you want to do these endless jobs, with the risks when it comes to the warranty issue screen of, are also very good front, because you don't touch the screen at all, say we don't like them, 8 paste there.

Whenever you remove a ticket or something like that while performing a test, then you can also remove the sticker. If you have any details of the screen, but otherwise, you won't have any problems here, the phone is perfectly working. Look how the team turned out, but it is all we do to a team when we make changes to one of these screens and that is why I recommend this screen greeting to all the people who have subscribed to the channel and see you another time..

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