Samsung Z Fold 3 5G Unboxing: The Most Cruel Cellphone in Mobile Legend revenue full MAP. - Galaxy User Guide

The beauty of the world, Hi Hello, oh Hai, Fatimah, Hello, WhatsApp speaking I. Welcome back to my channel neae and presentation image file, break two, it's money, Samsung, wind, that is close to klasih kea, good, intro, If it is small or expensive, the sky phone is delicious, the Subsonic Daily Journal is Dewi Highland Woi, it is really long. Half a box of digits is doubled the number of PINs. With alfinatin and stainless before it is complete. Ageng mangir is a brother on the road iPhone Hi Ma'am. Please add more camera numbers. Tablo's camera settings are the stems. It is seven points, six inches yopin, remember sigit is stupid.

G - Training help to be taken: God, Oh, Yes, Friends, Stick or Concrete Edition, Fingerprint Nia Template Nathan Finger Print Tapos numbers, Bollywood, openathens, Bowling, Yan, radon Edit or Hi next smile power, orpim Mike in your speaker time, but this November the count is ten books by we can write, God willing, Memory, Love Song Memories seem that maybe you can stay silent,. That's why the memory or five six heroes arrives, the dance flour is only, yes, Aspire I heart Yen tablets, album, [Music], uh or not. This morning, I went home, I called Indonesia, but it is gone now. Ting Tong Fang I have only one now. Let s click now Tapos, maybe put the ship there, Maybe the voice will stick out, the stomach, copy one, two three How to on the tablet: I want to know.

Now eating - Lubuk Lenovo's is high accounting, maybe it is lame,. Remember to do the service Khan Sp anyol Android system head unit, this one, five, six dogs Rp., especially the complete expansion of travel, the arrival of the camera with its single camera. Sanggau is no vulgar, technical user because, apart from the Greysia Fals camera, this time could never be worse than that. 101 Okay, we are Mrs. Tapos Hai met Morning, Novi later, tell Riza that they are stupid.

On iPhone X, I thought we were still mixing up the front camera and we were still mixing up the hangout Hi Dear Brother, trusted by the Mysmes Alliance, Dita Dita, Dita, grobig to the writer of Sekaten [Music ], the sins of lost Mejo Nirvana [Music ] are generally used to drink naughty pulses from songler Tapos until Android is delicious. Android Jelly, Bean, Android, Jellyben, Voice I, don't trust until the slide starts typing [Music] in the banana soap opera Okay, let's eat, yellow light kwe. Besides tears, this is shock and the settings remember the saving floors of college. If you remember to flirt again, expensive dance I have a lot of women with Well.

After a long cell phone one, two three jbro the sauce e Tinoco one minute popular Indonesian, big version, 30 Hi, his own wife. Let her stay, yes, Samsung, smile, product. The phone here is a smart screen Lapo Singgi, OK. At least will be like that, Thailand will be shot, yes, Vaginol, Za Haenow, legalizing trade can still be cirayut. The worst is the final texture. Father stick plane now loving you from For the sake of damping, the plastic Mi box. Walking lacked of internet I came here for Islamic performance and wanted YouTube The Legend, [Music], atm-mp, Sharen and [Music] are high desa.hal Dino Dino That's why I went to the pro solution: folder blem, Dino, bro.

Finally, I quick called Yusuf, after all Nesya called the appearance of the klinofeed member, Fina's agents, one of them called Hai, but also Latisha formed the full version of the bird. Sasuke Yandi Sofyan is known to have finished Pa Waisya's txtn, kowe Moh - it's good that everything is as good as the next Pure Indonesian. The portions are Farmers cloves, David, Jones, [Music] Hey, those who are afraid of the long team tutorial you medley, call and breathe Sticky Spike people who came here just, I hope this time. Pengel, Brightness, Mermaid, Pharmacy, stolen Netto, Yellow Complex notwithstanding, in fact most talking. The philosophical agenda is flying foreign Samsung, now at Galaxy SII level, page 3, or creating iPhone So.

The judges use iPhone, let's seed us, let's go Myspace, while Top Miss V, I will increase our Myspace ladies,. If it turns out that Indonesia is keto right now Samsung Hi, Musa, Yes, I gather, I'm, terrorised, Hi and Kiki figures, Hey coil, Athena, Hi, Permendiknas Abis. Hi sad, Nanismo, the suspect is endless. Lo Black, we are so sad for you. Hey, moh Hi. Is there insha hai kitna Hi, so it is Dalena hai play-doh, Hi, Miza, Hi, fast annual Hi Punam afternoon from a lost town story then sauna. The theory is in Athens: hai Lina Tanah Hi, the Playstore ATM coil huh Yan, Laila, we are back yo Oh, no stories, shounen Police.

Maybe you ask : yes I have been to Indonesia to anu hi, Oh Hey,, under the Overstory Hey, or it is a sunny day, I fill up Yes, I feel at home at the airport, because in fact wow wow. This is how it will hurt the environment, well, mismo bisopi, Aming, Hi, we are agile, we are still here. Hey spice, it's called Mysmes Story. Ah the details of Gowa's treasure. Hai and the occurrence of Tinto, the seal. The clever dingo Jungle hit the audience with the help of rain business. The best to 'notwithstanding, Laila Tenyo Tapos village, looks really the same in the end Hey the accident. We are black, Dato it's good to change the Lotto Number class can be in the bag hi. We are Muna, Hai, Muhjang, Winong Uh,. We're black He trusted Lemahabang Dayak.

Ah, no Duwe, Never thought about the power of the teacher or not Bro, If it was Samsung Galaxy, Note, In, Galaxy, Putri, Faigk or Biznet season, the glue is sustenance, for example regretting the memory. First smile for nagasaon4d click, Langsa scroll, ting, Genuk is a mobile Legends. What is it in Indonesia 43 green tea is involved with cell phones Eto Eto is still active cyanotic, tricks, Tapos, villages fingerprints, Just edited Why Kyle wants Gina, Samsung, Galaxy, SII, Polri, invij, shangyin Esa to fight is yo Kenek, of course, Cambridge oil, hereafter I'm, saisir, I'm, Mbah, Google, hihihi fans, I think Monggi Fashion Mobile Legends, delete it, thought. The jury was surprised by the appeal of the week : Iyo n, Bye, fat, mobile Legends, Ting [Music]..

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