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Good [Music], we are ready for the devices totally live, good everyone back here we are already just started with the presentation. Today we are going to see what these friends from samsung today teach us greetings to all who come to ernesto gonzález to Israel. Let's see it, apparently we have more than one team here, I'll do the translation of all this matter. Good Morning he says: hello hello, carlos oscar pantoja, francisco gonzález, hello, to everyone, two months, and I'll upload more or what's up no wow. This is 52 and 72 vector is not renewal of the new devices from the 2021 series. What do you think you tell me Achilles so that we can see clearly where there are improvement to the cameras? Tones woke up are actually quite early, but we all want to see these 52 4 megapixels.

We have telephoto cameras, improvement to 64 megapixels, macro sensors and a larger depth of field. If you move it or something that you lxy, it keeps the scene fixed and is there for the photos. You tell me if the volume is ok and not all that and I had to leave my class thanks friend I've already been it and I say rodrguez on 70 and 72. I am reading the chat on duty, no greetings to don agustn, me rodrguez and I continued until 20 minutes and exams, and now this one well for 72 is the attitude that is the attitude of friends.

You you have parents sooner or later words that I like but let's see there, we will see a bit of the tests of the cameras with sprite goodbye with a new night mode [Music] so they take photos of the nights and details, although they do pixel mining, to unite the part of the pixels and also compress a greater amount of light. When you are there, we have a new super esther mode and in the cameras so that it doesn't move. These features are already premium equipment you have one take is also a characteristic directly from the es series and the no series ported, and it can also be done with these new ones, and there is the 3x optical psuv of the 72, that is there was no equipment from this range that had its home.

It is the first to have it, that is if I prefer a thousand times the zoom of a 32 megapixel micro macro lens eles in the front camera 30 alejandro salud is from peru fernández this one. So you can use like these R filters for the main professional mode and well we already have these lenses for all content creators very important that now I am the same. You recommend me to do this a little more, but these are a very good option. What works for this last 3.0 3.1 is the one that brings the S series 2 to the S 21 tutorial on my phone 13 minutes and you can complete the change. So you don't lose anything, no photos, no videos, no messages, no... nothing! We tested the interface with the others already, use a Samsung Batista device.

It is a tremendous, constant innovation and power of adaptation Welcome, Charles to jaime who refers him as many new classes so that based on hernández p of course, thanks o are improving. Many improvements in the cameras of 56,000 72, with everything with the tablet, with the headphones, the pros with your website. Well, while here I tell you what kind of display then we can go to the screen because it should be a boring conference thanks. He says if it is that the time is complicated but thanks to those who entered soccer right now to leave their comment index for that I am healthy. You have to have a mode like movies so that you can compete directly with your friends that you had right there. Yes, he is father in case that you lose him a taxi with the application.

no in transportation, thanks luis lara at work, says alejandro rossi, cristian romero, from colombia, miguel angel velasco of the price of chile, a josé cifuentes like many, because after a year in storage [Music], because you can save absolutely everything to the 32 megapixel camera it's super good, not because of the front 32 thousand pixels Ibisec, alexis, serious Taipei when for mexico that's what we see hector pesetas greetings from puebla, greetings from neighbors. It supposed which class for virtual classes 159 carla! He's 32 s 20 efe is much more powerful hello hello home. I will feel like 1,071 when it comes to Latin America. It already seems that the super fast vivo is integrated.

The truth is that the module looks very good, because for this very reason, it is integrated in the body as in the case and this one as it has the best setting of the 32 megapixel infinity display screen. Let's see what we want it to go: faster, decent, xerez, 60. Let's see life and tone there, it is, and it says they already gave detailed displays. We know already 6.5 6, 6 points and 6 inches of violet or lilac. Without doubt Jordi has children as well noticing. What do you think very gently, but you can choose the one you don't want, for black for white. I keep seeing the options of the most modern blackberry, more ignacio, hernández and only white jonathan, and already like all pastels and 90 g.

It is not balanced if they are 90 g, those that on the screen come with up to 800 children of brightness long battery. The pot is a very important point because the equipment can be super good, but if you it lasts a sigh, but here it seems we have improved the new as you hurry better actions and nobody wants to stop half of the phone the battle of the day. Do nothing look for the car connectors to light up to two days of battery I'm interested? It is this super cool smart battery. If you forget to connect it during the night the phone will notice, and you already have a low battery. It goes into super energy saving mode and then you can wake up, so to speak, with almost the same battery as you went to sleep with, because the phone also sleeps, that is.

It is new with 25 watts of fast charging and can expand the internal memory up to the top thing. We have stereo speakers what we wanted so much I came back to this, that is, for gamers to forget. Let’s see this end, it’s cool because you can block everything or it is interrupted and it is compatible with this so that you can play directly without having the xbox cloud console so that I showed it to you mercers. But if it works so well in a galaxy, it will have stereo sound. So we just said that internal better 118 in gigabytes of RAM infiniti screen or display could be real and we are going to see that the water is ready in essence.

No part has not yet happened because we are seeing this and well right now they are going to appreciate a bit of security also because it is all the, no, nothing else, it's like my phone that works well and everything, too, What code do you keep it and all content in the phone for instance that they lose it or something happens? All information will be kept safe, a good Samsung now if it says nato and if better mobile quality prices in a few months, it says if you have enrique sony present. If it is look, they are already filtered there in the chat events for today, it is there it is. It is friends that we achieved it in equipment of this range of certifications, that is,. You can leave later to record your acts outside the stories.

[Music] perfect how well it says: gabled ip67 already saw for both 52 and 72 [Music] ip67 in these equipments and the integral expandable stereo sound that more and establish optics. Consumer electronics, 3 says that the fetish in that mission, [Music] three generations of the operating system when you buy and your equipment. They, the prices are very interesting and it was very fast, but hey. It is 828 in the morning thanks to all of you who woke up without worrying anymore. Greetings to all your soul does not know us a thousand for 72, more or we, at least, are going to see the launch day of officers. We are going to stop the spam a little and today we finished for about half an hour, waiter very fast, 50 and 72.

What do you think i'm going to choose for you the quick summary of spices so that there is no doubt about the 52 today, I'm telling you well 4 here you should see very well. They have to make a quick summary on youtube, so they can learn more about it but in general I come here, but in general that was the presentation of 52 and the 72 123 you arrived for both devices. If you continue with ram memory in processor, it is the snapdragon the 720 axis, 730 I am going to give you a complete summary fast charge: battery of 4500 milliamps, 25 watts, Ip67 13 x phone today that super amoled on the screen sensor. Secondly, it is incorporated in the same appointment, headphone jack that others doubt they are good.

Thank you very much that the processor has 50 and right now I'm going to record a video for you and I'm also going to leave out all of the information in my stories because right now I'm crazy crazy recording and the video we put on a challenge. He prepares them in summary and sees you here in the notifications in a few days so that you can apply. A thousand thanks, quick greeting to astrid soto and staying here in the chat to bryant is anti santiestéban.

How much love hospitalization, 28 gigabytes excelsior, who apple out there in the chat, uncle food knicks and the most Greek and to him hernández brain Rodolfo, Kevin Carmona? All who entered the stream here, juan ruiz josé andrés loquendo and cheers are already leaving greetings: matas valenzuela marcos, jnior, josé gamer, roberto de mutuales, luis atayde, martn, santiago garca now go david, aguilera, useful salvador, cinthya hernán Alberto foal and alexander villanueva cheers alexandra sorry, Miguel Jara santiago, thanks to see you all in a little while thank you a thousand to all those who are out there. Ingrid Rey also greetings Danilo enrquez, david uribe, alejandro and jose cifuentes..

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