Samsung Tab A7 and Book Cover Keyboard unpacked and set up! - Galaxy User Guide

I have the Samsung galaxy tab a7 here today which I would like to unpack and configure with you and what I still have with me is the Samsung book cover keyboard that belongs to the device and yes, what are the data of the device device? Has a display resolution of 2,000 x 1200 pixels, three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gb of hard drive is a metal housing Display Size is a 10.4 inch - sat nav device, approx. We start every packaging with 4 177 grams and USB cd 2.0 so everything else will be done right away when you pull the fish out and then you go - but I made it again, the very first thing that we start with is, as always. Since I now have two devices: switzerland and in that case two things, I decide today for once to use sap siebel as pack and put the cover keyboard.

Let's start with topic 7 : I think that most of you are also interested in. It is the gray version standard packaging, which samsung recently offered a tablet, and that s used. So I said, let's start when we parked put it on the side. And yes, it was already ready, was snap and snap and left clear up to the side as if that could get into the eye. So we have of course a parachute, so that we slowly had a nice cover off I. It is not the [music] version, yes, it's lte version. That's come now because 4 inches isn't always on the side always young. That's part of what I forgot to tell my friend: it's 15, what fast-charge - Power Packs are the batteries: 7040, milliamps and yes, gb or size.

157 4 x 200, 47.6, x 7 mm weight are 4, 177 grams I have already mentioned to you what else we have here, because there is paperwork, Multicard, the needle to exchange the memory card or to put a memory card here and I think that. The number of the Quick Start Guide is exactly not really intoxicating as the memory can say and so more interested and now we put it on the side. Its usage marks are 17.8 Watt power pack to charge the device can be charged with 15 Watts faster, but only 1 78 watt Power Pack is available. Of course that is not the case ht now Nice. It is here we have the usb cable I if it can come out was so standard here.

So if it goes up the last stock long but then well but spc away : yes, that's at least now that it's available, it is no longer possible to have some fun. Now, on its side only 78 watts, is not that great, but let's put something and yes, because put it back here or down here, and who does it like that, then let's get it. In the meantime everything is nicely packed on the subject of environmental protection because the plastic foils have z-lined in the meantime and yes, what that impression is the impression is certainly extremely thin.

Screen Country leads apple First look, because the money, however, if you have it from above, if you have it in landscape, mount either mode, we have the power button, here they laud it, they give a microphone Next go to the right side, there we have the usb connection and because that would have called now I have two speakers here, the headphone connection in the bottom right corner of the corner, a 3.5 mm jack, and below. We have a slot for the memory card, nothing else and on the left we have two more speakers. If I have it in landscape format, I can watch movies, consume videos, pictures, etc. I d also made it a pleasure to do it in 2001 x 1200 pixels. It's also sufficient with full HD, because that means I have it too, without binya.

Most generally with the tablet or now with the mobile phone, which usually I'm a bit further and there in terms of resolution and fits nicely. I said, let's just turn it on and hope that the battery is a little pre-charged so that we can setup it all up. Yes in time, how did it get done or how high does it fall all, as said's the device for consuming there, but also has an 8 megapixel camera or 5 megapixels. The camera can capture full hd full hd with 60 frames, we'll come with that too. The whole thing isn't there that you're staying here because you're here, germany keep going country? I'm not having that now if I speak german In Germany choose as a region that I will need my device after installing it first ren want that's new.

As I said, three gigabytes of RAM is 230 gigabytes of internal memory, which is a bit little I must also say: I shouldn't have seen any debts, 64 gigabytes about 20 gb, 19 5 according to Samsung be free after the restart which, as I said, is just a little bit, but therefore have a chance. So holder has demanded three or more money for memory. So then it goes on nbissl license agreement. There is nothing at all diagnostic data and information link that I can accept. I hope that he will be accepted and everything will work. I just have a password for a moment so that I can connect my wifi and install updates. Yes absolutely, I have connected very nice, and it goes on looking for updates. I'm curious if there are updates currently installed right away.

They already have a very good reputation today, but pay when it comes to updates on cell phones. Ms, partly only extended the update guarantee again to four years from the android area, not even google itself to court I am very curious how it will continue with all the samsung devices if they stick to. It would be very good three years of updates to the system that we have, but let's see what is in store for us, so I don't really want to copy apps and data right now. I would like to see what is still free of 32 gb I can still use one of those so not announced now, very briefly, my account quickly, my brother ac count and then I will be right. Back yes, and here I am again and I said we will do it now, because he announced the Google assistance of me.

We can continue there, but I think he will know me by now Yes, I don't want to send a lot of usage reports because I managed it unanimously, sometimes just keep going, yes. What else can I say, as I said, is the five megapixel front camera, auto focus, the entire display, 10.4 inch processor, Accor with two or 1.8 gigahertz and yes, We take your Google as standard search, and so we do what works here with all the chat time is face recognition or I can either use the pin or password. I just use now to recognize patterns. Next, te had to confirm because a tablet is prepared, that's nice! Sap, relatively dark display has been criticized by some people.

It's not an overly bright display, so the outside area is essential or suitable conditionally, but let's see what the tests show and then we shall see. Now the wonderful said that man was glory, but so upwards and we'll see what memory is free. 19 3 gigawatts are still free when we set up the device freshly, so that it is kept within its limits. If you look at it directly, it's nice and colorful, but as I said, it's so that if I give it a little time, I have to say that it has gone quickly. The device itself is okay in terms of weight and strength, but as I said yes, the display is a bit dark. Now falls also on a standard setting and here, but otherwise it's an unsafe nice area, I have to say yes, okay, all else I would have said is it will be in a review.

And yes, there and I hurt more strength now and it doesn’t matter how well it fits in there in the scrum cover and yeah right now a normal tablet would lie on the side. Here we have nicely wrapped the book cover. Back then I managed to pack it and let’s see how good the quality is because I have also said that if it is not at least firmly stuck. The chamber is almost as much as the tablet could catch. Now you can remove the keyboard and only have to put up the cover. In different positions it can be held magnetically. What was very unstable make an impression I would have said, and then you can attach it again to the keyboard and here you have to decide where you can switch. When you press the keys, the keyboard feels very good, but the keys are a bit small I.

Consider it a bit big for my big paws, so I have small buttons here in the numbers, then they will probably be loaded with updates now, because we're at mine, that's exactly what the updates countries are loaded for, that's why it was reported. Now, I spoke to the valley or actual and now install the update, sometimes already around. Another clear sea rise can be seen. So we make the device because in it a hero is also held in the cover. You can show it, but see you that it is not so windy now, so it's possible, something like that happens when we just try to connect the whole thing a moment into the moment, let's connect the available keyboards. Yes, we found the band at the wismar days, we'll see if it now finds the keyboard again and then I hope the keyboard will be recognized.

Imagine if I'm sitting right now in Düsseldorf and if so, I would like to be found. We were together all year and sometimes it should automatically come off even if I thought that the whole thing was going to happen. Otherwise, I can have my karma here like that or it can be nice here as a protection cover, use the whole thing as a standard, and when I say OK, I want to connect it to the keyboard. Just connect it here and if you do it right, it will work for a moment. Now let's just put it here and press and spacebar and dan n in sport that also, or that will also be found. Of course we still have to find something where you can then also find in baltic states. The stand was a bit more here so that they also agree what you see later and then let's try the whole thing, just nothing

Sawed here, of course, and here we- the homepage- works perfectly- no crawling, no, nothing that's the way it should be, and yes, that is how you wish it all worked quite well, so pointed to the keys feel quite good on the have a very good pressure point. You can't complain what you can also test it right now, but the quality of the speakers here is the video and a thank you don't agree n year. Loud sounds quite good. It is not to be disgraced but what bothers me a little bit about the cover is simply that the tablet is not really stable, but somewhat backwards. What helps is not to intoxicate okay, but it is good for 60 euro.

It is still a pity because it is just an original from Samsung, not fine ; I hope you liked the video ; if so, please give me a thumbs up other station with which I can do better or how I should test with the device, and I would be happy about subscribers..

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