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There are many differences, let's see it in dimensions, they are almost a trace and in terms of weight hardly any changes can be seen when grasping them. We have gorilla glass 6 in the sub-20 ultra and gorilla glass victus in the s-21 ultra, which also comes with a frame bottom, a little tighter to the limit of the upper frame without being seen. The piece that acts as a speaker and earpiece for calls is camouflaged and under it is the camera for selfie in both with 40 megapixel sensor, angular 80 degrees and opening efe 2.2. In fact, facial recognition is very fast in both, enhancing the brightness of the screen.

If there is little light where we are to help in the unlocking process, where improvement is in the efectivity and response speed of the fingerprint sensor of the s-21, the truth is that it feels better in day-to-day use. For now it has not failed me and I already said it in the contact and I reiterate it now, samsung has surpassed in the design and level of finishes galaxy s of 2021 is a world apart. The surface looks more elegant in better finish and definition, and it also counts a lot that in comparison the s 20 ultra has a glass that is dirty right away that we find in the module of cameras because in both a flash, a main camera with a 108 megapixel sensor and a 12 megapixel dual pixel camera.

With an angle of one hundred aware, the s 20 ultra has a telephoto camera with a 48 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom. Now that technically the s-21 ultra is better because to begin with a laser focus system and a macro function associated with a wide angle camera and then incorporates two telephoto cameras with dual sensor: pixel of 10 megapixels, one to apply an optical zoom of 3 increases and another to obtain an optical zoom of 10 increases at the end of the video. You will have the sample photos and videos to compare by the way in both, you will be able to use the rear flash as a light of notifications changing the subject in the s-21, we find an important lack.

There is no slot for a microsd card, so you must choose between the variants with 128, 256 and 512 gigabytes well. The previous generation supports a micro SD card of up to 1. Are the lock and unlock button and the sound volume control? Both have a dynamic screen, 120 hertz amoled, with qhd plus resolution and hdr 10 plus compatible, but 6.8 inches in the s-21 ultra and 6.9 inches in the s 20 ultra. Yes, we talk about sharpness, they are equal and in terms of colors there seems to be a slight variation in tone, although it is not very relevant to me, both panels I consider that they are visually outstanding.

In any case, the key is that the s-21 is able to take advantage of adaptive refresh with values n, 10 and 120 hertz, which will directly affect the energy consumption of the scree brightness, since they are on pa with the ls 20 ultra. It already has Android 11 an one with 3.0 wifi, 6 in bluetooth, 5.0 n c and it is ready for 5g networks with internal memory of 128, 256 and 512 gigabytes available. They both have a good pair of speakers that stand out for being powerful, whether or not they have activated Dolby sound technology, however, listening carefully, I have appreciated a change. They will also be excellent speakers and the idea is to watch audiovisual content or spend hours playing with puyi in both audio likes.

You have a software setting to activate or not dolby atmós in games, as well as several sound modes and an equalizer so that you can profile the frequency balance to your liking, and we can not forget something relevant. Both have the age in case you have high resolution content and headphones or a speaker that are up to the task. I will start by giving details about the adjustments in the form that allows for the moment epic quality, graphics and a frame rate of 20 30 and 60 fps, and there goes an important observation during the preparation of my first impressions of the s-21 ultra. There was a graphics option, icos in medium quality and image frequency of 90 fps.

Who knows what happened playing puch if neither of them trembles and they provide great fluidity at the graphic level - is the maximum available in hdr and the rate of frames in ultra in terms of hardware? Yes, efficient things have improved with the s-21 ultra, although I only have the reference of how the exynos 2100 processor is doing with the malige 78 gpu.

According to what I have been able to observe playing a long game of puig in some regions, it has the snapdragon 888 processor and the adreno 660 gpu, on the other hand, in both it incorporates a 5000 milliamp capacity battery, they will hold the same, because the truth is that not to a great extent because with e he s-21 ultra we have an adaptable screen refresh between 10 and 120 hertz, depending on the function we are using Then in one and the other you can use the guano desktop interface and for a monitor to give them a pc status.

It gives the s-21 ultra an advantage, functional level because of the fact that it is compatible with that pen, although from what I know it will not be as advanced at a functional level compared to a galaxy note, you can buy a cover to be able to carry the stylus for you safely when the camera app is launched. You will see that it is the same, although with some changes, for example, because the s-21 has two telephoto cameras and there is an additional button with the s-21 at the moment for bokeh with people in portrait mode that it is still called dynamic, with the s 20 and for video bokeh you can see. There is no lack of typical camera modes such as night, but with manual settings fast and slow motion and panoramic.

Well, there is the video recording sample with the front camera of the galaxy this twenty ultra, so that you can. It is for later, with the result obtained with the s-21 ultra camera right now, I have the great maximum festival. For me, the macro function associated with the wide angle camera gives it a lot of value and then there is of course the fact of cont ar with two lens cameras, one with a 3x optical zoom. That is perfect for short and medium distance approaches and then there is the lens camera with a 10x optical zoom. When I am in nature and one point that is not so positive in the case of the s-21 ultra is that we will not be able to expand the storage capacity with a microsd card..

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