Samsung Q60B QLED 2022 Unboxing, Setup and 4K 60fps Demos. - Galaxy User Guide

Also I'll put a link below you can fit a universal pedestal sand so a central base to any of these models with wide feet so it will fit your furniture top of the box. First of all, we have the instruction book and remote pack two feet there, quick setup guide and that's about it. Quick setup guide, pedestal feet instruction book and remote pack. So that's the tv from the front feels nice and slim again from the side and the back with some energy rating labels there as well as remote control instruction, [Applause] standard, remote, smart, remote, uk figure, eight mains leads with the right angled inputs, treble a batteries for the standard remote clips there to keep the cables tidy down the back of the feet.

It is the more premium smart remote on the model of this year with the solar cell. Multi view cursor, arrows, left right up down and enter back button press play, pause, you've got rewind fast forward and so on on the cursors back step by step home button volume rocks up and down so like that, an infamous channels rock up and down and in for guide quick access or quick fire netflix samsung tv plus prime video and disney plus this year flip it over. We have that solar cell on the back, so leave it face down.

So we've got power on and off at the top source button channel numbers teletext, not in the UK, pre-channel to the previous channel volume up and down channels up and down mute button, channel list, quick access, netflix prime samsung tv plus and disney plus cursor arrows up down, left right and return there as well. Let's go back step by step exit all the way out the colored buttons, what they refer to, depending on apps and media playback shortcut to the settings info for the info bar audio description and subtitles. There stop pause forward and rewind for apps and media playback as well as flip it over push down there and slide away a battery into the back.

It has a list of the inputs that are on the back there list of contents and a fly landing two years to layer on a large flat surface bigger than the screen and here it is referencing. We have that little flip switch on the bottom of those pedestal feet and it gives us the difference in the two configurations. So if we go two and two, it's about 25 mil almost an inch higher just to give that gap for the soundbar. So you lay it on your surface and insert those feet on the other side, connecting your power and so on. Switching it on some key dimensions there for the 43 50 inch and 55 inch models for the weight factors and so on then a bit about the visa mounting on the back and obviously using the appropriate length screws you can see.

So if I put it there there's going to be a larger gap under the tv, we can put a sound bar there, then without the sound bar obstructing the screen. No sound bar flip the switch back and it will keep the tv low to the stand or whatever it is on so you have a nice small gap there to keep it looking minimalistic. They are also symmetrical so put them on either side shouldn't make a difference. Also got those little bits of rubber on the bottom so it won't mark your table. Now I have the tv laid out on a large flat surface as per instruction.

It is actually marked left and right where the pedestal feet go, but the feet aren't marked because they are symmetrical anyway, simply put it into that slot and push it up like so for the other side, and that is pretty much it while we have it down there, looking at it at the back, we can see figure eight mains input in there, so we can pop the cable in and give it a wiggle. If you want all the cables to go down that side, tuck it into that groove just to keep it nice and neat and take him out behind that one. Okay, on to the connections you can see, we've also got terrestrial aerial input. There we have digital optical audio out and also hdmi free on the back there peel that sticker off see our card slot reader attaches there.

Hdmi 1, hdmi 2 is enhanced audio return channel, so free hdmis in total, lan or wide internet usb 1 for hard drive. The most important for a lot of people is the feet: 75 and a half centimeters, maybe at its widest point, which is about 29 and three quarter inches wide. You can then have a central base to fit all the furniture widthwise across the top 112 centimeters or 44 inches from whatever it stood on to the bottom of the tv about four centimeters flick this switch. It can stand six and a half centimeters to accommodate your soundbar or just over one and a half inches so that could be two and a half inches with the other configuration on the feet to the top of the tv just over 68 centimeters or 26, and three quarter inches from the bottom of the tv to that.

If you have your wi-fi and samsung account details, it will copy them from your phone quickly set the tv up, I'm going remote control, step by step united kingdom pop, your pin in start auto setup. Software now pauses the video and comes back when it is done. Okay back in the room software update is complete, may still be installing it, but it's downloaded it. So I'm going to skip the login, but log into your Samsung account for your apps. If you want to go for more just go, all locations on my service provider tune my channels in as well in the background, while it was doing that so quick summary there wide internet network and all my summary of channels. Okay, because I went to all locations now, I have to pick my free view provider which is for me yorkshire.

So I'll skip that for now as well and amazon, prime link it using your mobile phone to link your account to the tv quick summary of what's on the home screen there and you can quickly add a few apps, I'm just going to save, as is [Music] [Music] cool. Oh actually, I'm not going straight to live tv, so quick thing about brightness, optimization here now asking me my tuning for the region select for my aerial. That's actually not a bad one to leave on at home because it will automatically adjust the backlight depending on ambient light in the room, but for the demo I'm also going to turn off motion lighting, I'm definitely turning off.

That could actually be a good one with the cost of living crisis here in the UK, so if it is not detecting movement or usage from the remote and so on, it will turn off after so long of inactivity and also auto power off. That's another inactivity, timer, so no commands from the remote will switch off after four hours, but if you have teenagers, probably good to leave that on all right, so I'm going to turn the sound up and shut my mouth. That's just live tv in the background on a freeview hd feed. Let's now take a look at some of the other stories in the headlines for you today. The governor of the province of Luhansk in Ukraine has described the situation in Donbass as exceptionally bad with no halt in russian shelling.

The cities of severe donyesk and lishifanks are under intense bombardment as russian forces try to encircle them. People up to the age of 50 can now enlist in the Russian army. The law passed by the moscow parliament is linked to efforts to recruit more troops as russian casualties in Ukraine continue to mount under current legislation. pfizer announced that it will no longer make a profit from selling its patented medicines to the world's poorest countries. After being criticized for making a profit from its coronavirus, vaccines, pfizer's chief executive albert guerilla said 45 countries would benefit covering a total of more than a billion people. Fisa's scheme was an important step towards sustainable health in developing countries.

Supermodel Kate Moss has given evidence in the defamation case between actors johnny depp and Amber. She told the court via video link from England that she had never been pushed down the stairs by the actor, a rumor to which ms had referred. So while we're on some poor live feeds, I'm going to check out the retail demo so back to the menu settings. All settings that is general and privacy system manager holding pakistan's flag is also on his way towards us, but they remained undeterred. This afternoon was again fired with tear gas, but they managed to break through despite the bad music. Is that a vigil held in northern india at the punjabi city of Munguso honoring the victims in texas? So much for watching we'll also have to put those eco settings back as I had them.

Durham was the sunniest place and the warmest spots were hallways in Lincolnshire with 20. Meanwhile, right now in worcestershire tells us the available batteries there for the smart, remote at the bottom moving into northern ireland and starting to bring outbreaks of rain, it's mild for the most part, I'll just turn that down a second. Try another demo we'll try a bit of football on there, as I usually do, become the two teams matched united against, inter in the international champions cup [Applause] united, face into milan to pogba, sure they're encouraging it to shoot and he will have a goal, does it back. Rashford, [Applause], England finished in third place atlanta in syria. So much talk comes out of Old Trafford about the quality of this young man.

[Applause] Quick movie trailer here, I will say, credit to paramount pictures. It's their youtube channel and it's their content just want to try it for a bit of movie footage as a demo. What kind of mission is this [Applause] everyone here is the best there is who the hell are they gonna get to teach us captain pete maverick mitchell. I can't imagine with all due respect that I'm not a teacher. I just want to manage expectations what the hell good morning, aviators. I'm not going to make the same mistake someone is not coming back from this. Turning back now come on [Music], pretty cool, so quick next gen game trailer as well, credit to paramount pictures for that.

Looking at that there, along that left bar up to the top we have the ambient mode so we can have weather and info is a screen saver when the tv is on standby search at the top as well, media or we have the menu so menu. You can go to settings connected devices and multi view. Also built in apple screen mirroring or you can mirror from your android devices rakuten now tv youtube all for alexa, samsung health, basic internet browser put your bluetooth keyboard in and whatever a mouse. You can see our recent thing, which was the um live tv, quick summary of what's on now, maybe on other channels and smart and so on, play that new and trend in so we have different sources there, bbc disney and whatever.

I'd probably put a sandbar on that unless it is nice and clear enough if I'm just using it for the news and so on, but the sound is flat. We're not going to get any bass in the speakers there, with the tv being so thin, they're going to be tiny at home. If you want a sort of dramatic sound and a bit of punch, it is an edge lit tv so you will get a bit of backlight bleed here and there shining through bright content looks awesome, though dark stuff you may see a bit of light shining through..

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