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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh, meet again with me: Shinta Dewi by the bezel shop channel, Now who has been waiting for the price list for the Samsung Galaxy in June? I'll give you a leak for this Samsung Galaxy in 2022. I'm excited to wait, just watch it until it's finished in Indonesia, hopefully [Music] Well, It doesn't take long, we will update the first one. I have an An03 Core, now it is 3kor RAM, 2 internal 32, at a million 249000 now. This is also a Samsung cellphone, one of the most popular in the seller market. Here is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3S that disappeared, now it is back. The first is in RAM 3 internal 32 priced at 1499. The second is at Rampat internal 64 priced at 1799 and the third is RAM 4 internal 128 priced at 1999000 rupiah.

There are also two variants with RAM 4 internal 128 priced at the price is 2200000 99000 and RAM 6 internal 128 is priced at 2400000 IDR 99,000 near the Samsung Galaxy, a 13 Hi with beautiful colors. This new design is also a very good seller for young people. There are two variants today: RAM 4 128 is priced at 2450000 and the ram is mint bright, 128 is priced at 2666888 Hi. This beautiful RNA is also very good for taking videos and pictures because it is equipped with eyebrows. Everything must be stable, not wobbly and blurry. It is priced at 3990000, internal RAM6, 128, limited stock Hurry up Hi, go on hi, hi hi. Now for the Samsung Galaxy, a 23 internal 128 ram6 there is a cash back promo worth 200,000. The rupiah starts at 3492840 Rp.

Now, apart from this 200,000 cash back, this A23 has already received a pwp worth 300,000. So that's a lot for cash back and the promos are shocking. Price million 499,000 with 128 internal RAM 8. For this Samsung Galaxy A3 he is still complete, yes. There is a softcase and headset I have a 128 internal Samsung Galaxy A3 208n priced at 3552062 The RAM variant is no longer in stock, so we provide 8128 RAM further Yes. It's also very limited in stock huh? 128 internal RAM 8 is priced at 3990000 Rp. For those of you who are looking for a Samsung cellphone with a camera feature. Come on, OK, then we will bring more updates by Kadena, hi, OK., typical love Okay,. We will continue to update the Samsung list with me. The variant has 4 internal ram, 64 GB.

There is the m22 series: Wow, that's really cool Acer m220 for rm22. This is the variant 6 internal ram, 128 GB This is priced at 2794012 Opu kennex. The RAM is 8 internal 128 GB priced at 4658521, serial 52, softserial 52. There are also NFC and other keys for this variant. The 128 GB internal ram is priced at 4611002, friend, okay, m&s, the other has 8 internal RAM 256 GB, yes. Why is it because the colors are really cool and this is what I am holding? Sofia has a special regulation for her daily Rampal - six internal 128 Gigabyte CPUs were initially priced at 4601000 Rp. 9,000, a teacher became 4429499 28 gigabytes, it is also dropping, initially at 4 million 999,000. The 256gb internal RAM variant is priced at the initial price of 5480101 nment, so cut 99000, friend.

So for the a33fex variant, everything is cash Sofia's back and not only cash back for this variant, a 3D graphics. Here you can also get a PWP promo worth 300,000 rupiah. This is the variant RAM 8 which has 256gb internal memory. There are two variants: first of all, the RAM is 8 internal 128 GB, again initial cash back 5 000000 999,000. Now, cash back to 5700000 99000w becomes a shop and the other is the 256 GB internal 8 RAM variant that was originally priced at 6400000, 29000 Now it's down to 6299575. This also got the pwp promo worth 500,000 Rupiah Oh, it's getting bigger, the third is now 300 Okay, okay, next Hey animals, and only this is really cool. Yesterday I checked it for game tests and others. This is a series a53 page how about guys [Applause] Okay next is a73fw.

Fajri has also arrived in the variant, namely RAM 8 internally 256 GB UUD, priced at 7776563 k373 vcd. There is also promo five worth 500,000 Rp. This Giga is priced at 2400000 69000 Oh yeah. Because the others are very cool, yes, it's very wide, here the screen is 8ins, so it's really good for playing games or studying, there's an A8 tab with S pen. So this is already included with the S pen for all friends who like pictures or maybe designs can be realized on this Tab A8 with S pen Okay. For this variant it has 3 internal rams. Okay, here it has 3 ram, internal 32 Giga is priced at 4429499. So it's really good for watching dramas, for watching, let alone playing football or what to make pictures for YouTube. Can you do everything on the A7 LED Flash tab? Bye, OK, I'm rotten, Putri.

Now I will discuss the flagship Samsung, OK, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S 20v. The Samsung Galaxy S 20v is the Snapdragon 8 variant. 05 Yes, or there are also two variants, namely 128 GB of internal 8 gigabytes RAM, which is priced at 6 million 900 IDR, 95,000 Well, and in the second folder there is a variant with 256 GB of internal 8, Giga RAM, which is priced at 1999000 Rupiah Tarra on the Samsung Galaxy S2 One V6, Samsung Galaxy S2 1mp is also the same as there are two variants, namely RAM, 8 gigabytes The second is there are people, although the internal giga is 256bit or not, which is priced at 9999999 SBY 21, + B is actually three variants of the regular s21 s210 the same as s21 Ultra.

We only have s21, plus ready, yes, the 8 Giga RAM variant is 256 GB internal, which is priced at the price of 4 of us, 999,000 rupiah. Let's go to the latest playship series. The screen size is 6.1 inches. There are two variants, namely the 128 GB internal 8, gigabyte RAM variant, which is priced at 11500000 Rupiah and the 8 GB internal RAM variant is 256 GB, which is priced at 12345678 Cut Now I hold the Samsung Galaxy S2 2 + the same for the S12 as well as two variants, namely 128 GB internal 8, Giga RAM, which Rolly watched at 14500000 Rp.9. 000 for 8 Giga, RAM, 256GB internal, it's priced at 15 million software rupiah, OK. Let's go straight to the F-22 Ultra series, we'll go straight to the S22 Ultra series, which is the highest series.exe.

8 Giga internal 128 GB, which is priced at 17000000 999,000 Rupiah. There is also a Robbal Sigaint 256gb, which is priced at 18000000 999,000 Rupiah, not for the internal variant whose amount is in 12GB RAM for five 12 3, which is priced at 20998367 Kepsyen. Burgundy, and also there is the color green, your friend okay, above erice.

Here is the Z series or the jph series, namely the Samsung Galaxy J flip trevy G, ny There are also two variants of this Samsung Galaxy J flipdrive, namely RAM 8 gigabytes, internal 128 GB, which is priced at 14122018 and for people, 8, Giga, internal 256, up to priced at 15 million, 999,000 Rupiah, next to Samsung Galaxy j4, repage Wow, the latest Samsung fold and it's the This is the second winner for the 256 GB internal G 12 3 variant, which is priced at 20192020. As for the internal 2 Giga RAM 5 12 3, which is priced at 26 million 999,000 rupiah. The first is the Samsung Galaxy Fit. This Samsung Galaxy Fit is priced at 1, 399.000 rupiahs. Thanks, it is water resistant at a depth of 50 meters for 10, minutes.

Okay, for you, too For those who like to listen to music through a headset, it's complicated, it's like there's a cable. So if you take it dry it is more complicated, yes, our life Hahaha. Okay, in this Samsung there is such a thing as a bluetooth headset. This is really suitable for accompanying your daily activities because this is a process. There is really no headset, so you plug it into bluetooth and put it in your ear for the price. This can be 7,49,000 rupiah, black and silver, OK. Let's continue, there is a Samsung Galaxy, Wars 4-wine for the size of 40 mm. Now this is also Super AMOLED with only 5 gigabytes of RAM. Swimming can be invited to take a bath, can be invited to content with rain water hahaha, okay, deh For, the price It's 2919355, black color.

Yes, the next key is a powerbank Wow original from Samsung. Yes, of course this Nafa Urbach has a capacity of 10000mh at a price of 240. Rp9,000 Samsung really understands the need We, who are circulating tablet. Phones, continue to have an ecosystem, plus a power bank, also original from Samsung Okay. Let's go next, let's say: hi, okay, it's really good, Samsung provides a travel adapter, it's also a name for me. It's like 33 53 now, I also do not have a built-in adapter, but at the time the table provided it for the travel adapter. There was a 15watt one for this. This 15watt travel adapter already has a cable, yes. The inside of this 45watt travel adapter is really big, okay. This is the same with the cable, this site for the price.

Let's go back to this 65w travel adapter, it's the biggest, right? You want to charge Andi 15watt, 25watt 65 What's that next to the support there about the price update for June 2022, yes, there are a lot of the latest types from Samsung, starting from the price of 1 million to the price of 20 million. The tablet also has w and there was also a powerbank and travel adapter.

For those of you who want to order, you can directly go to Hai BD cell Jalan, Lord Omar, 214 Majalengka, or you can directly go to Samsung excellent partner, bezel Jalan Kyai [ __ ], Abdul, Halim, no 226 Majalengka, and for those who are out of town, you can also go to Sophie's and Bukalapak's Pedia stores and thank you very much for all of you friends who have watched this video and don' All of you don't miss the latest info from all of us Okay with me. Ahmad Ena I'm Shinta, D, ewi dance, Devi, Silvia Putri, see you in the next video wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, bye, [Music]..

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