Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Unboxing, Setup and First Look - Galaxy User Guide

Hi everyone here for Zollotech, and this is the Samsung Note 20 ultra 5g. It takes a look at some of its specs and other things as well as some of the accessories that go along with it. Later in the video, we'll be taking a closer look at the cover s view. I don't know if it is matte or glossy finish. It looks shiny, but let's take a closer look at what's in the box and then go over the phone so that inside the box there's a little flyer in the top. Let's see what we got here, so we have a sim card removal tool and no case or anything like that. Of course, in the United States we get seldom cases inside the box, so we have a quick reference guide.

It says, get the most out of your phone and then the terms and conditions so we'll leave this aside and take a closer look at what else comes in the box. So we have this little brochure under the phone's box that pulls back. They slowed the speed down, but it's 25 watts and should charge in about an hour. You would normally have an adapter or some tools so it looks like they've left some extra tips for the pen as they give it all year and then no headphones or anything inside here and we just have a usb cable. So that's about charging and transferring data, I suppose, and they've no longer included the adapter and left out some of the accessories. So we'll put this box aside now, let's look at the phone itself, I'll remove the cover on the back and it looks pretty good.

This was hoping to have more of a matte finish, but overall it looks pretty good. It has a stainless steel frame as well as cornings brand new Gorilla Glass Vicotus. There should be a pre-installed screen protector or some people see it. I don't feel a screen protector on here. Maybe there is a screen protector there, but I don't think there is a pre-installed one like others are seeing. But this one doesn't mean stainless steel, gorilla, glass, Victis and 208 grams is then. We have a volume rocker and then below that we have a power sleep, wake button. I can look at that a little bit later but we have usbc speaker and then we have the s pen as well. Therefore, the pen matches the color of the phone.

It's a white pen if you have the mystic white color and then on the other side there is nothing on the left side of the phone and on the top we have a SIM card tray in our microphone. So let's pop out the SIM card tray, and it should be good in some countries for two SIM cards or expandable storage. This is a 128 gigabyte variant, but you have a Sim card tray with expandable storage up to 1 Terabyte of storage. That's really nice they've added that so there is no headphone jack or anything like that before we go through the specs. This note 20 ultra is very large and has a huge camera bump on the back but I think it looks pretty good. It's certainly wider than an s10 plus or closer in size, probably to an s20 ultra and then here is also a pixel 4 xl.

If you've had one of these phones or seen that and then maybe you are considering switching from an iphone to say the Note 20 for another size comparison, can you see side by side. So this note 20 ultra is huge and it's an incredibly large phone but it doesn't feel heavier than the iphone or anything else. It is pretty fine now in the hand, except these sharp edges. Now let's go over some of the specs and then we will turn on and take a closer look at it. Now internally we have a qualcomm snapdragon, 865, plus 12 gigabytes of RAM; as I have mentioned earlier we have also got an adreno 650 GPU.

It now has 5g millimeter, wave sub 6 as well, so it should have you covered if you have access to the network where I live, it's very limited when it comes to millimeter wave, but we do have six, and then it has wi-fi direct and of course you could use it as a hotspot or whatever you want, and that's where samsung really shines in a phone now when it comes to the display. It supports HDR, 10 Plus and has a 120 hertz display and can go up to an incredibly bright, 1500 nits of peak brightness. So we no longer have a 40 megapixel camera like the s20 ultra, and this is also capable of 4k 60p video. In the back of the phone we have our camera bump which, I think looks pretty good compared to most other phones, they've really owned.

This look and I like the rings around the camera, but as far as specs are concerned we have a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera, with an f2.2, aperture and 13 millimeter ultra wide lens and then in the middle. We have the 108 megapixel wide angle camera. That's got an f 1.8 aperture with a 26 millimeter equivalent lens and then we have a 12 megapixel periscope telephoto zoom lens with an f 3.0 aperture. We also have all these cameras and they have done away with the focus system they had on the s20 ultra in favor of a laser system that apparently works much better. I'm curious now to see what it has, along with that it can record 8k video at 24 frames per second and then you can also take 33 megapixel stills.

It now has super low light photos and can now record super slow motion at 720p at 960 frames per second. Also it should be really interesting to see what we have as far as camera capabilities of this now: The phone is ip68 certified for 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes and then has a 4500 milliamp hour battery, with, as I mentioned before, 25 watt fast charging and 15 watt wireless charging, and it will give you 100 watts of charge in about an hour now, so hold the power button here, turn it on, and I've really been looking forward to this phone.

One thing I noticed: It is not speaking by default to me, which is kind of interesting, and you can send diagnostic information or information linking I will uncheck those for now hit Next I'll select a Wi-Fi network. One thing I observed is that we have a couple options here under advanced, it actually has mac address type and has a randomized mac address, so it's harder to track. We'll hit connect; it's checking for updates; we'll wait for that. It asks me if I want to copy apps and data, and I actually want to copy the pixel for excel since it has all the information on it that I normally use with Android phones, so we'll go ahead and hit next.

It says updating smart switch, so I have to wait for that and it says: what's your old device we'll agree and how do you want to connect your device, we'll connect it with a cable and we'll plug in the cable that was included with it so we will unlock the pixel plug it in and then we'll plug it into the Samsung phone? I don't want to bring images or anything else, but we will transfer and everything from the last year or so we will bring your google account verify. It's me hit confirm and it is also copying my account. The phone is still transferring my data, so I can keep the cable connected, but I'm past the google sign-in and everything. It uses Samsung knox I'll set a pin.

Go ahead and hit the button and it's gotten much better with the s20 ultra and the note 10 even was better than the s10. I had a lot of issues with the fingerprint sensor on previous versions, but with the newer versions it seems to work fine. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is super convenient and secure. I'm glad that they've updated it and made it a lot better. Now that it has my fingerprint, I'll sign in with my samsung account so now I'm signed in with the samsung account. It's almost done, we'll hit finish and now we are to the home screen. So I'll set the phone aside now and take a closer look at the note - it looks pretty good.

The phone is quite warm just by setting up, but that's pretty normal when you're doing a lot of intense tasks and let's take a look at the actual Android version it has pre-installed. Now it is still installing some updates and things like that as well. As you can see here at the top, it has Android 10 and a Ui version 2.5. I'm going to check for an update as well since we are only on the patch july 1st 2020 and the patch for pixel devices is already out. Es does a update and I'll install this and then continue in a moment. So that's something that we hadn't seen before from samsung - only Pixel phones from google. So it's really nice that we have that with a super expensive phone, let us test the fingerprint sensor and it's pretty quick.

As long as you get the right spot that takes a little bit of time to learn... that is muscle memory... So it's kind of right in this area. We've also got Google software installed and then also Facebook, but one thing I noticed is that we can uninstall Facebook? As far as the display is really nice, it does wrap around the edges. You may have some silly inputs there, but this display is 120 hertz, so it is super fast at all times, but you can only use 120 hertz or it has full resolution. I can go standard and then have higher resolutions or have adaptive for 120 hertz so it smooths and then slows down.

So if we scroll down, you'll see the resolutions here, but if I want to switch to wqhd plus 3088 by 1440, I have to turn off motion smoothing so that you will see a high refresh rate which isn't supported in wqhd plus. Also this is something you should keep in mind: I'd rather have the higher frame rate or the higher refresh rate on the screen and have the nice smooth experience on android. This year s pen gets updated to have a nine millisecond refresh rate, and we will create a new note. Try it again here and we'll hit again, convert and you'll see it did not get the first one right but I got the second one right, so it should be pretty good in general at converting that now, you can straighten this.

Of course you have those gestures and things, so for example, if you go into your camera you'll have gestures, and so, if you want to switch between the modes press and hold the button on the pen and then move and we'll see if we can go to video and then move our pen again and if this worked last year we'll go we'll move it back, it's the first time we opened it so we'll move it back. You can use this to take photos and everything else, which is really nice now other than the gestures within the camera. If we go into our settings here you will see we have scene, optimizer and all those and then rear video size up to 8k, like I said before and let's take a look at the forward camera as it is 4k as well and let's change it because it goes up to 4k 60. So I'm showing you this video at 4k60.

So let's bump this up to that we'll go back and see what the video sounds like. So now I am recording it with the galaxy note: 20 ultra 5g and hopefully it looks pretty good and sounds pretty good compared to my studio mic. Now you also get the option to change the audio from the front to the back, so you can set where the microphones are that it is using you can plug an mic in the usbc port. So it's got a really comprehensive camera, and if you want a separate video on that, let me know in the comments below. The s20 ultra camera was great but if you want a more in-depth look at the camera in the note 20 ultra then let me know in the comments below. As far as speakers are concerned let's listen to them so we will go to my s20 ultra unboxing and we'll turn it up.

It's a 40-megapixel camera that should really be impressive, so the screen looks great. The speakers don't sound amazing at high volume so listen again when it comes to the rear cameras. We have a 108 megapixel optical image, stabilized camera, so they are loud but they don't really sound that good they kind of sound like a lower-quality speaker, it's okay and it is nice and stereo, but it's not as high quality as I would have hoped for for the price. Of course, I can do a different video but let's take a look at some of the accessories, so these are the Galaxy Beans or Galaxy Buds live. Let's go ahead and open it here we go close that super sharp. So let's open this up here, so that it's a little bit smaller than I would have thought.

So let's loose this here and open it up and so you've got the galaxy buds live here, so they should fit nicely in your ear, I'll try them out separately but let's test them here and then let's see what we have inside the box, so there is a couple different tip sizes in here, so they kind of fell out, but it looks like these will go around the end of the bean. It is also sort of interesting, and then it should automatically charge off your phone. So let's put one of these now in my ear because they feel pretty comfortable but they are open to the air so I'll try them out a little later on.

If you want to have the note be like a notepad, so it's got a large instruction booklet here we take this out and then let's see what it is like when we put it in the case and if we close the case it immediately turns on the side, gives the time and the date and a couple different icons here. It says: covered a few notification details around the back. It makes the camera ring flat. That is nice, but I'm not sure I like this material sort of like a nylon material that protects the phone, but on the top it does let it expose a bit but on the bottom there's a lip and then on this side you have rubber buttons covering the power and volume buttons. You can wrap it around the back and then cover it with this screen as soon as possible to keep it safe.

It's great is it kind of interesting and kind of a neat kind of case. If you have anything else you want to see, leave it in the comments below I think it's a great phone and of course I need to take more samples with the camera and see what it's like, see what battery life we're getting, but if you'd like to have this wallpaper, it's stock Samsung wallpaper I'll link it in the description like I normally do and if you have not subscribed already give it a like Thanks!.

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