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The two devices do have the largest smartphone batteries officially sold in Brazil. Is something really absurd, but then that doubt certainly arose which is more worth buying, Gesiel, m62 or m51? So I decided to make this comparison here to tell you are roda the vignette. There are differences that I need to tell you and show in practice that if I did a photo camera comparison, it is a very important point to be considered so I compared photos and video to get a sense of who does better and I won't. Tell you now I'll leave it for a little while to show you the side-by-side photos, because I want to ask you who are watching this video that is not yet subscribed to the channel to do the following.

Ok, if your finger is there in the subscribe button activate the bell to receive notifications about new videos, everyone kidding I liked it, Ok, if f film, all the way to the end and put it in the comments Which of the two. I'll show you what's right inside the box, m51 and n 62 bora in the blood sheet. There is a basic difference between them that that's it, the m51, Samsung still has the courage, right, the honesty of: it's a headphone, even a nice headphone with volume control.

Answer a call and such an earphone comes in, right, I like it when these little things come inside the box already here on the m62, nothing from pitibiriba, just the charger, and it ended up remembering that both supports fast charging of up to 25 watts of power, which is good in my opinion. 25 is a good size for both chargers, but it could be more powerful in these, given that both devices have 7 billion batteries,. A monstrous battery deserved a charger of at least 33, who knows, 45, but then we know that all this affects the price and then it would be much more expensive. Another thing is over with that business of the skin of the film inside the box, Samsung now doesn't want to send it anymore.

It's nothing like I told you that you don't even have headphones on the m62 anymore, right? I'll even show you the chip slot here. I know that a lot of people are curious to see if it takes two chips like this. One is pretty cool because because it takes the m62, it takes two chips on this side and a memory card on the other side here, you need to expand the memory like it already comes with 128 GB of internal storage. You have to be very careful not to put it on the wrong side. You probably won't need to expand that memory.

Ok, but if you want, you have the option Yes, since the m51 also has a triple slot, so you can use two chips and memory card at the same time, but it's too long, right, change only available Lus lote, but both take two chips and memory card at the same time. Now let me show you something very cool in these two devices, but that I will criticize a little old man stay there. They are considered to be large, it's a 6.7 inch screen, which you can say is really big. It is quite heavy, but in terms of screen here we are well served. We think the screen is super AMOLED, right, colors and very high brightness It's a nice screen more than I'm going to criticize the point of not being at least 90 aft.

It already deserved a screen of at least 90 straight to give that feeling of greater fluidity - and here we don't have it. Ok, both have the refresh rate test of these two screens, but they are very good. Ok, I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the screen in the construction aspect already. That's [, __, ] You clean the thing is the fragility of these rears here in scratching. Come here, go home bro in a little while here it appears that you used sandpaper to sand nail back here, it's just the dust from the tail Because. Here you stand talking about this canvas of what my friend I want to know about.

Yes, I'll show you, but first I'll let you know what I'm letting you know here in case you are interested and want to buy either of these two here in a top, reliable store, I'll leave the link in the description so you can click there to check the price. If you have Ok, if it fits in your pocket, you can buy without any fear. Let's talk about the power of these two smartphones, guys. I'll show you the issue of RAM memory of the internal storage. Both have 128 GB of internal storage, but the RAM memory of both change in the m51. We have 6gb of RAM memory that, as I have already explained to you, if you are subscribed to the channel, you know right now. Ram memory is not for you to store the photo.

When you exit and close the application and lead this memory, Ok understood that the more RAM memory, + applications and games, you can now keep them open at the same time so that we spill 51 8Gb of Ram on the m62, then there are the two extra gigs making. The game launcher will open the game at the same time, m51 here years, 61 years, 62, Here's a two three and then I, clicked I'll show you something here also interferes too much. Let's say I won't go until the opening. Here is not just to show you what it supports this door very high at most here. So here you can already see that you will be able to have a much higher performance on the m62, but this raises an issue that is the heating because this m62 processor is famous for heating up Samsung processors.

Consequently, it will have a drop in FPS performance precisely because of that, it does not mean that the same thing will happen. All the time will depend a lot on. The bear is the specific use of each and the game very Giselda, DJ of impact I don't know what these games you like about employees I don't know about plants it's obvious that this will get too hot, then I use it. A lot to record video to take pictures. Camera usually also heats up the device quite a lot. Devices that have this problem, as was the case of the Galaxy s20 F, Remember the s20 f and with a Samsung processor that one really got to the point of being unbearable to use here from what I saw.

It's not quite the case, it's about to heat up, one can get hot a little, but it won't stay there unbearable and making the device unusable. Now let's talk about the camera. Is it really that there is a lot of difference because they are basically the same cameras for God's sake. Samsung boy saved a lot here because it's all dirty here at slow or until it gives a little cleaning here to show you it's still ready. They both have the same camera people, the main rear, 64 Megapixels. The wide angle, automobile I, pressed here to open You, saw that the image opened a lot more Hi Rose Megapixels There.

If you want to do it not night, don't come back for God's sake, where is the map Marco here portrait boy portrait mode, both of you can use portrait mode and the front camera has 32 megapixels on both devices and remembering Let me come back here, oh, if you connect, daughters, both record in 4K, both on the front and the other two rear ones. So after you finish the video go check it out and now it's time to put the photos side by side to see who did better in this test. Starting with the front camera in a not so good situation, right with the ceiling lighting and look at the result that we have one thing that is very noticeable - it's the tone - right? This one I was much more yellow than here in the m51 in terms of colors I confess to you, the 51, but in general I.

Don't see that much difference to say that one is much better than the other, not already in the same situation, with the main rear camera of both devices looks at what we have in my view, at least in these images. As you can see, it can even be considered here almost that a technical tie already exists in the wide-angle camera in this. In this more open camera with the two devices the situation is reversed, the heavy one that we have much more noise in the m62 image. Note that the sharpness is a little better, right, getting up to your gums in almost legible. Here the Fire TV Stick, being that here look at the m51, we can't read it now, let's go outside and check it out.

It fights the sunlight even a little against there, the sun a slightly complicated situation, but the proposal was precisely this to check who performed better in this situation here and as you can see, the m51 was a little more colorful, right, but nothing like a slight addition here, but increasing the saturation a little on the device itself. You get a result as good as this, so you can even say here that it was basically Impact in the same situation with a main camera, The main camera of 64 Megapixels, look at what we have here Let's focus on the Flores.

We notice that yes, the sharpness of the m51 on the main camera is a little superior to that of the m62, and this situation here is also very favorable, very good, even for both devices that it's in favor of the sun, right, I activated the portrait mode to see if it wasn't going to make some aberration, but not in both of us. Maybe a clipping of the m51 fabric here, more hard, as you can see here in the hair, right, it's more diffuse, but at the same time, it was a little more wrong here, in this region, but both were really good. The images only changed the tonality issue here: I have a more ruddy color than here.

I am more Palio, as you can see, and to finish, we are going to pull here the macro camera of both devices, the result of those in Canin that the same as you can see those actually use the same cameras as the same sensors. So most of the time we will have a much more, very similar result between one and the other and Hey guys. Let's go here for the video recording test to see who is the best, starting with the front camera in 4K, because then both devices support recording in 4K on the front. There is a difference between them that I didn't like very much, which is the following: I will even turn against the sun here, so you can see how it looks like solzo there.

The difference that I found annoying in the case of the m51 is the fact that we could not change cameras during the recording I can't change it now, for example, without stopping the recording, no I can switch to the rear camera since on the m62 I can, yes, there's a little button that I press and it rotates to the rear camera and I can also switch to both main and wide-angle so dot there for the m62 in that regard Okay. Let's do the following: Let's change it here to equal rear to see how it looks if it looks very different, the quality Look at this guys now with the main rear camera. If there was a lot of difference, pay attention to the stabilization in the audio capture that sometimes they change a little, right.

The microphone sometimes doesn't stay so directed, so the capture can interfere, also depending on the camera you're using, I'm holding both devices in my hand, right here, with my arm stretched out, right now against the sun, doing those tests that I did I like to make an account or just to see how it is now in favor of the sun, and it's very strong there, really strong, but they go to draw attention there. Ok, Ah and another thing: I'm going to stop now and switch to a wide-angle camera, a more open break for you to see how the difference looks, ready in the same little place. But so is the quality really good, who is better in terms of recording video put it in the comments. I want to know the opinion of you also saw it and I'm walking here just to test the stabilization right.

The image remembering that being in 4K also all its cameras, support, 4K, both front and back main rear. When wide angle closed, that's it to end up detonating here against the sun, look at that it becomes difficult, it becomes difficult, and then you'll say it wasn't easy to decide which one was the best option for you now. The only issue that will directly influence my opinion is the price because they are two great smartphones that have really much better, very good quality but satisfy most people. When you buy it, you will hardly complain about the price, right now you downloaded it here. [, __, ] Boy, you are crazy, I didn't even realize. There is the question of the price with the m62 : it was released more recently.

So you have to keep this question in mind when you decide which of the two to buy. That I noticed between them, for example, Samsung Pay works on the m 5062 is complete, is the one you add your credit card and make the INSS payments no longer m51 I don't know why, since it also has NFC Samsung hasn't added Samsung This is the Samsung Pay Mini where you pay the QR Code right, These louses, but it doesn't pay for approximation. Maybe it will arrive with some update right, but that's basically the biggest differences. Are those that I hope you enjoyed the video I 'll stop here a big hug bye..

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