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This time we have experience with using the Galaxy Note 20, and that is if I've been using it as a personal device. That is why I want to discuss more in detail about the experience of use, since the equipment in functions is quite similar to the galaxy note, 20 ultra in passing, will tell you some of the differences, but basically I want to tell you how it went with it. First off let's talk about the price because it is a very expensive device in the official Samsung store. However, I did not buy it in the official Samsung store. Here a little more risk begins, although knowing well in which stores you have already bought and gives you more confidence, you could buy with a little more security.

I barely noticed when I started using it for personal use and it seems that those devices or maybe the ones you find on Amazon or in some other distributors where I saw it at the same price, 19 thousand 500. You can't use SAMSUNG pay, probably because they import it from another country or I. It's something that really worried me a lot, although later I see the amount of money I saved and it kind of goes a little too far because it is really a lot of money, 27,000 to 19,500, which cost me is a big difference, If you have a notebook we would like you to also give us your experience of where you bought it, so that everything works for you or it in this case lacks some functions.

There, we began to talk about the separate design, which was very important because it is a plastic piece of equipment, so the feel is different from that of Galaxy Note 20 ultra. However, personally, it doesn't bother me a bit, especially seeing the finish that samsung managed to get around here. It is a semi-gloss, semi matte finish I don't know what to call it, but I liked it a lot in general. It looks too much like the finish it achieved with the ultra model and then at first at sight it looks very good it feels different from glass, but nothing strange. Stent effectively, I already dropped it twice and fortunately it hasn't broken because it fell off its back I don't know if falling from the front will hurt, but by the way the galaxies usually come with a pre-installed lens.

If you purchased a Galaxy and it comes from the factory with a lens, I recommend you do not remove it. It is true that it looks like a simple plastic lens. It is not glass-like lens, but it is very good to withstand blows. I tell you that it breaks easily because I was using it with mica in the 10th century and it fell off a lot of times and lasted too long when that mica is there, continues this aspect of the design. One difference it has with the ultra mode is that its lines are more rounded and I like that much more : it is more comfortable to hold r, at least for me. I prefer the standard model and not the ultra part of the price.

The truth is that sometimes the issue of having the screen curved at the edges can be counterproductive, because when you write, suddenly it slips and those little details don't happen. Maybe this way or you are lying down and you hold it like a certain way and your finger accidentally touches these areas of the screen and it wakes up. I think samsung should work that way because in the curved models it does have precisely this technology to avoid unwanted touches, but in this it does not and they have tiny frames that can suddenly cause accidental touches. In this case it comes with a metal frame and also comes with a small texture on top and bottom that you can not find in Curiously. The Ultra model is located on the left side of the pen.

Don't like it much because I had gotten used to it on the right side, similar to what I told you about galaxy 20 ultra, but in any case it is water. wireless charging has nfc, it has samsung pay if you buy it from a dealer that integrates the fingerprint reader function inside the screen that works properly. I will always want to see it, I think it is the headphone jack and something that I will always miss is the infra red to control electronic devices since samsung stopped generation 4, including the Galaxy Note 4 it was one of my favorites, but in this case I haven't seen it for a long time, but I'll keep mentioning it now.

The screen is one of these elements which was also controversial, especially because the ultra model has a high refresh rate and has more resolution. First use a high refresh rate in ultra model. What will be definitely lower is the refresh rate which you can not find here. That is something very controversial, but honestly, a high refresh rate consumes a lot of battery and the truth is that in practical terms I miss it too much I have it for example on the tablet 7 plus, but because it is a tablet, it has a bigger battery.

You are not occupying it as constantly as a cell phone, so I have not missed the high refresh rate so much, but obviously if it is such an expensive equipment, we should ask for it. Yes or yes, then Samsung had to incorporate a higher refresh rate soda and let the user choose. If you want more battery lower the refresh rate and that simple, unless Samsung had launched this equipment for a much lower price, then we could not be so demanding in that sense, where it works very well, I have no major problem in sound. It is very good, especially in the backlighting management, which is something quite complicated for many smartphones, but hey, If we go to the back where we will find three cameras, we will notice something curious.

Let's say it complies but because it is such expensive equipment, if we can get demanding and ask more we have the main camera of 12 megapixels. Well, it turns out to do something very similar, because in the end, they are larger pixels. Thus, it is similar to the result produced by 48-inch cameras that combine 4 pixels in 1. The fact that you get the night mode for all the cameras is very good and since I have well mentioned the other lenses the Ultra Wide camera is also very good quality. Very wide and, as I said earlier, the fact that you can use night mode in this camera makes things easier for you.

Also the telephoto camera I'm a bit of a duty and it's that samsung has a high resolution sensor with a low optical zoom lens it's, two magnifications, optically and samsung says it's three magnifications hybrid optical zoom should not say hybrid optical zoom to remove the word optical because the optical zoom is two times in reality, but thanks to the fact that it has a 64-megapixel sensor there. If you also take advantage of the extra level of detail we have - and that is why it still allows us to reach up to 30 x digitally - it is not a very impressive zoom, but it manages to satisfy you. Video recording is something that has also been of very good quality in this device.

One of the good things about Samsung is the excellent transition it has already achieved between a lens and another which is something that no other android manufacturer has achieved. For the first time, Apple put that on and looks like a single camera, despite the fact that they are three at the time of the transition, so the change is not so ugly samsung. It is a very good recording but the detail is that when you go up to 60 frames per second, even if you continue in full HD it no longer lets you switch between the main lens and the telephoto lens. It is something quite strange that I do not like that samsung should allow that transition between all lenses in all possible resolutions, and it is that it manages to record up to 8 k, but it is useless that you can record at night.

It almost takes your functions away from you, so that the recording does not convince me much in that sense, but in all other aspects the speed of focus is quite good and absolutely everything we normally analyze. The truth is it works well and even with its super stable mode and all. So, in conclusion, the photographic section and in general the whole camera system I liked is not the most wonderful thing you will find, but I think it is good for the price at which I bought it at least for the price Samsung offers I think it definitely needs to improve several aspects, but when it goes down it will have much more, It makes sense in terms of software.

The truth is that it is exactly the same that offers you the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, so it is full of capabilities, and now with the issue of its alliances with Microsoft, the interaction between the cell phone and the computer has improved. Although several functions are still planned for release until November, we cannot synchronize notes with OneNote, for example.

What I have tried is to open the cell phone applications from the computer, but curiously when they presented it, It does not have a very big novelty, although it is probably still working on developing this function, but that is something I don't like them, and announcing features that aren't ready yet It is not very nice, it's better to wait when you have it right, but now it hints, but a section I want to highlight a lot is simply the action of launching floating windows. I use the notebook 4 for long enough now, and with this device I am also very happy with the experience of writing. It is true that it has a little bit more latency than the ultra model, but the truth is that it does not feel as much especially because it is a small screen on tablets.

Much more mobile, I do not feel that I need to pay, this extra to have a reduction in latency at the moment. Write that is my point of view and samsung has not gone slowly improving after the disaster that was removing the snow test. This was the original application samsung brought for their equipment with that pen and they samsung's opportunely removed me from that change. The truth is it has been bothering me a lot, I couldn't find the tools, the options little by little, it has been improving, and now the only thing that I need is the function of recognition of formulas.

I no longer use it, but I used it at university a lot and the fact that it is not seen in these new generations that are supposed to be more modern, it also bothers a little bit, It seemed very useful to me: was a library of ready-made illustrations that helped? For example, you simply looked for a table and some little drawings came out as if you had done them by hand. It's that table because if you are not much of an artist, this library of illustrations isn't available a lot and I'm still waiting for e Samsung Returns. In terms of performance, it is curious, because we normally ask and ask for more powerful processors, and at least my type of user is not one of playing too much. I have not installed any games. It's nothing strange, but I told you there are several types of users.

It's a 990 hit, which I personally don't consider to be a very good option for playing, but for what I use it. 's been good enough where a user of my type finds a bigger difference between a snapdragon and an ex, and we are not compared in the performance of the battery. But curiously, in this case, I have virtually had to test it at home so I have not felt that the battery does not last me because I place it at any time on the wireless charging base that I have it on the desk or I, put it to charge I'm, not suffering from me being away from home and not finding a charger or something like that. But once again, if we see the price and see what competitors are doing, Samsung is falling far behind with its charging power, which seems to be around 22.5 watts in this case.

If I am not wrong about which it seems to me that has about 25 watts or less if it charges fast but it is not the most premium sensation that one would like when one acquires such an expensive device. What I personally do is reversible wireless charging, since you can connect to charge cell phones and take advantage of it to charge another one. That is something that occupied it even more when life was normal and I was on a trip and maybe I connected it with my watch on top, that was enough,. The truth is that they have performed very well. As I have told you, the fact that you can open multiple applications at the same time in a window makes the computer perform very well.

I have not felt that frustration that sometimes occurs when returning to an application and that it is constantly restarting and I would probably not be satisfied if it were a type of user who is more into heavy games and playing constantly because when I notice the temperature rises, a little more than I would like, it heats up a little more than I would like, especially when you have the camera open for a long time. I think it is due to the exynos processor that we hope that samsung will improve or already amend it and remove it, because the complaint that we definitely have to express is that in the US market they sell this device with an even lower price, but a processor that in all aspects is better.

We certainly do not like it, but I think it is a good alternative, underestimated by many due to the cuts it has, which we have already mentioned, but I think we were to blame for selling it at a price so high at the price I bought it. ) but samsung paid does not work for me. Also pay attention now if you are not interested in Samsung and want to buy this equipment for a lower price, you could try it it is also available on amazon and in other stores, for the same price that I told you that has been basically my experience with this equipment. If you have any questions, I will be looking at comments as he uses it for personal use, and that gives me a little more detail.

Obviously, I can not have all the equipment that we are constantly reviewing for personal use here on the channel, because time would be insufficient. But that is why I like to share topics about the experience of using equipment that has my card in it so well..

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