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After the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 4 debut it's getting better. It’s time to shift the focus to the next big thing from Samsung, their new folding phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. We have a fair share of an idea of what to expect from these two handsets, which include a built-in S Pen like the Galaxy Notes of the past and of course the S22 Ultra, and also a flagship camera system. Today we have yet another rumor about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that mentions that Samsung is working on a stronger solution for the display to better sustain the use of the S Pen stylus. According to a new report from South Korea, Samsung is working on a new generation of ultra-thin glass for the Z Fold 4.

The new material will have improved hardness and quality compared to the glass on the Z, Fold 3 and apparently the improvements are so great that Samsung is considering marketing this as “Super Ultra - Thinglass” or super Ultra - thin glass, rather than UTG. The display on the Z Fold 3 already feels like glass and I've used the phone since the launch and there is not a single scratch on the inner display. Even though Z Fold 3 S Pen is compatible, but that there is no slot to put it inside the phone, I barely use the functionality. So the Z Fold 4 has this slot meaning that more people are going to use it quite often and that absolutely warrants a stronger and more durable display.

The screen size, both inner and outer, are mostly going to remain the same, which means we are not going to have that wider outer display again. The cover screen on the Z Flip 4 will however see a boost in size. Don't know exactly the screen dimensions but rumors say it is 2 inches over this time. The Z Flip 4 will again have no under-display camera, which is really good news. However, the rumors also say that Samsung is going to make some improvements to the technology, so that not only is it less visible, but the quality of selfies aren't trash. Also the report will guys both Z fold, 4 and Flip 4 bigger batteries, but fail to mention how much. Now the Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 place Samsung's foldables into the map, making them more mainstream and practical.

Samsung actually sold more than 10 million of these combined. Now Samsung expects a crazy demand for the Z Flip 4 and expects it to outperform its predecessor by a huge margin. The display analyst points out that the display panels for the Z Flip 4 are already in production. They are all set to start shipping in April. It will be interesting to see what new hardware and features Samsung is working on with the Z Flip 4. That is expected to stimulate such interest. With all this being said, consider subscribing for the latest updates on these new foldables and as always, I'll see you tomorrow...peace out..

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