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The Samsung galaxy z4 is getting some huge upgrades across the board and I'll share the details right after this [Music]. Today we have amazing news that the ZFo4 has all the updates we've been waiting for before we get started. Watch the video though, if you're a samsung fan. In the comments, let me know what country you are from to view this video from if you haven't already, then subscribe now, so you don't miss anything in the future. So for the first story of the day we have lots of rumors about Samsung switching to a mediatek chipset for their new flagship phones. Now rumors which seem to be all over the internet but there's no evidence and while it appears it already seemed very unlikely according to yogesh and chanvi on twitter, it's not happening now.

They say it does not happen right now or on the future flagships and the galaxy's default 4 will be powered by the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 plus it's being manufactured by tsmc and reports suggest that on top of improvements in performance and efficiency they've also fixed the thermal issues that cause overheating and the throttling we get on the current eight gen one. Next up we have news that samsung is going to continue to use a fingerprint scanner mounted on the power button on the side for the Galaxy D fold. It just doesn't make sense to have a fingerprint scanner on each display. It's going to reduce the space internally as well as increasing the handset cost. The upgrades that we are covering in a second price reduction is going to be very important.

According to Doyon Kim on twitter, the z-fold 4 is going to come with a 108 megapixel primary camera and this is no doubt samsung's hm3. A common complaint about the galaxy fold is that the camera system shouldn't be worse than the s22 series, considering it costs a lot more and it seems with the z-fold 4 samsung finally have listened, as well as an upgraded camera system. They're also redesigning the hinge of z-fold 4 which they are going to make it thinner and also stronger. The hinge is changing to a single hinge instead of the wings that we currently have at each edge and this cuts down on moving parts, which means less chance of failure.

Now it takes up also less space overall and it saw that part of the reason behind this move is to make room for the new s pen that is reportedly going to be housed in the body of the z-fold 4. Now we also get a more durable version of Ultra - Thin - Glass, which is to be marketed as a Super - Utg. This is the optimum protective layer in front of the display and it stops the flexible lid from being damaged and it generally increases in thickness each year now. The new super-utg is said to be strong enough to support a normal s, which could mean cross compatibility between the s range and the z fold.

Not only that, but it is also expected that this new super thin glass should prevent creasing even more and that is something that many people put off purchasing a foldable display with an inward fold — it will crease over time. Camera systems have always been a complaint, so if they do bring this premium camera system to the fold, consumers are now happy - phone cost is always a concern. When we hear about lots of upgrades coming but hope we won't see, a huge increase in samsung have done a good job ensuring that the handset costn't get too high. Now for those of you excited for the samsung galaxy z4 we'll now go through the full specs design and expected prices to help.

It's very similar to the predecessor, we are expecting improvements in brightness, color accuracy and durability of the screen. It has a resolution of 2208 x 1768 and this gives us 374 pixels per inch for the external cover display. We get a 6.2", 120-hertz, dynamic, amphibious display and it's again the same size and the same refresh rate as the predecessor, but we expect improvements in brightness and color accuracy and we expect it to be a full screen display with a punch, hole, selfie camera. It comes with a resolution of 832 by 2268. It's going to be protected by gorilla glass victors last year, the ultra thin glass the display one more durable. Now this means improved durability and protection for z-fold 4.

We're hoping that it can prevent or improve the creasing of the centerfold. It's likely to be three or five times optical zoom, and it's coming with 12 gigabytes of the new ddr5x ram that has much faster transfer speeds than the normal ddr5 and we'll also be getting a choice of 256 or 512 storage, and this will be Ufs 3.1. It will ship with one Ui4 based on Android 12, but the color choices are also unknown at the moment and there's a couple of leaks to say that the price will be reduced again for the Z-fold four, but nothing solid. Yet now I personally don't see this happening so I estimate that from around eighteen hundred dollars we can see the z-fold four.

Of course, at the moment it's still early days, so information can change as different prototypes are discovered, but as we approach the august break-up, more and more leaks will come in and I'll be sharing as they come into effect. As always, I'd like to know your thoughts in the comments, so who out, there is excited for the Samsung Galaxy default 4..

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