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Samsung just went beast mode. We are back with the latest and the greatest news. We've got some breaking news regarding Samsung's hottest and most expensive devices of the year. Of course we are talking about the Z Four and the Galaxy Z Flip. It Four Samsung goes wild when it comes to the mass production of the Galaxy Z series this year. According to Ross Young, Samsung is producing twice as many folk phones compared to last year, which is simply amazing. This mass production is a sign that Samsung is aiming big things in 2022 when it comes to the Galaxy Z series sales. And of course there's a win for the customers because you could see a price cut. One thing that we always wanted to see on the Galaxy.

Fold was a larger outer screen and now it looks like Samsung is finally making the right decision. In response to Michael Fisher on Twitter, Ross Young mentioned that both the Z Four cover and the main display could get wider. According to Isoe the bezels are getting even more slimmer. Imagine that the bezelless main display with the under display camera will look so good now for the design. Samsung also listened to fans by making the Z Four smaller and lighter to hold. This is literally what I was discussing with Sam Mobile in my podcast. You can actually watch the whole episode. I will leave the link in the description with all this good news. We have also seen some slightly concerning news on the scene.

The Z Four battery leaks and it is about the same size as last year, Zfold Three. As we all know, the battery life on Zfold Three is not that impressive. Also a lot of people raise this question. We see the same performance for the fault as well; Samsung actually does some internal things on hardware level. That actually makes a big difference when it comes to the battery.. The first thing is the new super energy efficient Snapper. One Plus chip is now set to bring a better battery life compared to the eight Gen One. Hardware thing is the actual foldable main display which is said to be more power efficient compared to the previous generation.

Honestly, I would have loved to see a larger battery size but if Samsung actually nails the optimization, then the Ford Four is pretty solid. Speaking of energy-efficient, foldable display, according to Ross Young, Samsung could use its Eco Two foldable display on the flip four, which could reduce the power consumption by 25% and also raise the brightness by 33%. I really hope that this new Snape and Agent One Plus chip will be along with the power efficient foldable panel. I'm really happy to hear that the Z four is thinner and lighter than before. I'll keep you guys updated with the latest news so subscribe and check out the podcast I made with Samobile. That being said, ad I'll catch it later on for you guys..

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