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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is coming with a feature that we have all been waiting for and I'll be sharing the details right after this. so today we've got epic news about the Samsung galaxy z fold 4 along with a feature we've all been waiting to see before we get started. But like the video, if you're a fan of samsung. If you haven't already and you don't miss anything in the future, let me know in the comments who out there is waiting for the z fold 4, so the newest series has already been released, which means all eyes are now on their next flagship, the galaxy z fold 4. While we had previously rumors of a much better under - display camera, new reports actually disagree.

Apparently samsung are going to go back to a punch or selfie camera on the main inner display and that's hardly going to be a surprise. It produced poor quality images, and I don't think I have seen a single review where somebody said in such a high-end device it was a good idea. A poor quality selfie camera is just a little letdown and a mistake that I think samsung must have learned from something else that will change on the z fold. Yet, the new technology is apparently going to be called super utg. It is designed to add a lot more strength to the device as well as give it more crease prevention. Now, nothing is expected to change significantly in terms of overall design.

Like many other manufacturers, the focus is on refinement ; we are expecting a slight change to the camera module at the rear and it's going to be just raised lenses instead of a raised module and again it's similar to what we saw on the s series concept now. Waqar Khan, the artist also released a new render. That shows us what we can expect in this striking cinematic trailer from Z Fold 4. This is pretty much exactly what we can expect to see from the upcoming Fold 4, and the only thing that I would say is incorrect is the selfie camera in the display. As we have mentioned, the selfie camera is likely to return to a punch hole instead of the subpanel camera, but the rest of it should be reasonably accurate, including the Pen inside the body.

This is, of course, just a concept rendered created by Waqar Khan, but it is loosely based on all the leaked rumors that we've seen so far. Now I have a link in the description below, so take it out and subscribe to his channels. If you want to see all the latest renders when it comes to the z fold, 4 although it is going to be an exciting release, foldables are steadily increasing in market share year after year and samsung is leading the way into their innovation. For those of you interested in the z fold, 4 even though we're going to run through the full specs design and the expected pricing to help decide if this is the phone for you for my regular viewers.

Well, it's very similar to the predecessor in which we expect improvements in brightness, color accuracy and durability of the screen. It is coming with a resolution of 2208 by 1768 and this gives us 374 pixels per inch for the external cuff display. We get a 6.2 inch, 120 hertz dynamic display and it's the same size and refresh rate as the predecessor, but we expect improvements in brightness and color accuracy and it's expected to be a full screen display with a punch, hole, selfie camera. It's going to be protected last year by gorilla glass victors, the ultra thin glass covering the display more durable. They now have access to ultra thin glass of 60 micrometers.

Now, when it comes to selfie cameras, we are expecting a punch or selfie camera on the main internal display and while its predecessor had an in-display selfie camera it produced poor quality images and too many users were disappointed. On the rear, we get reportedly the first flagship camera system on the z-fold 4 and it should be similar to the s22 ultra. It comes with 12 gigabytes of the new DDR5x ram that has much faster transfer speeds than the normal DDR5 and we'll also get a choice of 256 or 512. It's also gonna ship with one Ui4 based on android 12 but the color choices are also unknown at the moment and there have been a couple of leaks that say the price of z fold 4 will again be reduced but nothing solid.

Yet now personally I don't see this happening, so I estimate that we can see the z fold 4 starting from around eighteen hundred dollars. It looks like a great foldable phone from samsung with the fold 4. They appear to be working on more refinements rather than a complete redesign, and it is a sensible move. Of course, it's still early days at the moment so the information can change as different prototypes are discovered, but as we approach August, more and more leaks will be coming in and I will share them as they happen. I would like to know, but as always, your thoughts in the comments so Who out is excited for the Galaxy Z fold 4 and who is waiting to buy one, but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up..

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