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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 finally gets the upgrades that we have all been waiting for and I will be sharing everything immediately after that! We have more confirmation of some big upgrade to the z fold 4, including two for which we have all been waiting before we get started. Though, if you're a fan of samsung, let me know what your most wanted z fold 4 upgrade is and if you haven't already then let me subscribe you don't miss anything in the future. For the first story of the day we have news of a new and improved chipset to feature in the Galaxy z folding system. While it is a great chipset, it performed a little worse than we anticipated and there were plenty of overheating issues.

There were new sources that qualcomm is going to convert it to Tsmc to make the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 plus, and this is going to use their 4nm node. It's expected that on top of minor improvements to the chip, it will have less overheating problems and this means there will be less throttling of the chipset and much better performance. So, if it's correct, then it is very likely to be used in galaxy z fold 4. Now we had many rooms in the galaxy z fold in the past, 4 being the first not only to support a normal s pen, but it s also going to house it inside the body. We now have a tweet by the galaxy on twitter and, according to him, the z fold, 4 will be Samsung's first foldable to feature a single hinge design.

The current fold now has hinges at every end. This means that it should not only help with weight reduction, but also create more space inside and probably a part of the solution to get the z-pen inside the fold, 4 housing, and if we're lucky, it could even help with a larger battery capacity. If that wasn't good enough news for you, we also have a new report from the galaxy club, and they tell us that we'll also get camera improvements in the z fold 4. The report states that the galaxy z fold 4 will use the same telephoto camera that we find in the s22 series. The report also states that it could be using the same 10 megapixel selfie camera we find in the S22 and S22 Plus.

If not Samsung's 108-megapixel wide angle camera, we at least want some photography upgrades now. Samsung has always said that they aim to increase market share on foldable phones and improve usability as well as portability and they should do precisely that with these upgrades. These upgrades will make it lighter and more compact and, according to previous rumors, the ultra thin glass is being improved even further. Not only can it support a standard s pen on a flexible display, but it should also be a lot more durable and hopefully improve the fold marks that we see now in the center of the display concept. Waqar Khan has created this concept, trailer. That shows us pretty much what we can expect now from the Galaxy Z fold 4.

The in-display camera on the predecessor was ambitious, but in reality it didn't take good photos and it was received very poorly. Changing this to the selfie camera from the galaxy s, 22 series and not worrying about the in-display technology is probably one of the best improvements samsung can make. Overall, although the Galaxy z fold looks incredible and again they are improving it and making it a much more practical device, rather than completely redesigning it. Though now we're going to run the full specs design and the expected price to help you decide if the wait is worth the wait for my regular viewers.

So, with the Galaxy z fold, 4 we're getting a 7.6 inch, 120 hertz, dynamic, enhanced display for the main inner display, while it's very similar to the predecessor, we're anticipating improvements in brightness, color, accuracy and durability of the screen is coming with a resolution of 2208 by 1768, and this gives us 374 pixels per inch for the external cover display. We get a 6.2 inch, 120 shears, dynamic, amoled display and it's the same size and re-instagram rate as the predecessor, but we expect improvements in brightness and color accuracy and it's expected to be a full screen screen with a punch, hole, selfie camera.

It comes with a resolution of 832 by 2268, it will be protected last year by gorilla glass victors, the ultra thin glass protecting display one more durable. Now when it comes to selfie cameras, we're expecting a punch or selfie camera on the main internal display and while its predecessor had an in-display selfie camera, it produced poor quality images and too many users were disappointed. At the rear, though we will get the first flagship camera system on the z-fold 4, and it should be similar to the s22 ultra. It's likely to be three or five times: optical zoom, it comes with 12 gigabytes of the new ddr5x ram that has much faster transfer speeds than the normal ddr5 and we'll also get a choice of 256 or 512 storage and this will be ufs 3.1.

It will ship with one Ui4 based on Android 12, but the color choices are also unknown at this moment and there's been a few leaks to say that the price will be reduced again for Z-fold Four but nothing solid. The z fold 4 starts from around eighteen hundred dollars. It looks, overall, like a great foldable phone from Samsung with the z-fold four. Of course it's still early days at the moment, so information can change as different prototypes are discovered but as the summer approaches more and more leaks are coming in and I will share them as they come in. But I'd like to know your thoughts in the comments, as always, so who's excited for the Samsung galaxy z, fold 4?.

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