Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 -- THANK YOU! - Galaxy User Guide

What's up, guys! It's time to start the exciting leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Z4? Samsung has carefully decided not to use their best camera on a galaxy fold for three generations, but it looks like that could change finally. According to the latest leak, it appears the z4 will get the same main camera as the s22 ultra the isocell hm3. Probably this camera is the best that Samsung currently offers that has incredible performance in almost all scenarios. With the 108 megapixel resolution we'll definitely see the new enhanced clarity mode on the z-fold 4 for ultra-fast photos and not to forget the most accurate portrait mode performance that I have seen from any sensor plus great video result.

The main camera is not the only upgrade which we will actually see a new 10 megapixel 3x optical zoom sensor of the galaxy 22 series, which covers a very good range of zoom. This is a great upgrade over the 2x zoom lens we saw last year on the galaxy z4. Now, as for the galaxy z, flip 4 will likely get the same camera setup from the s22 and s32 plus based on its thousand dollar price. Samsung will definitely reserve that for the fold and of course the Galaxy s3 ultra samsung is trying their best to make the fold for the star of the show as compared to the flip four.

As for other improvements, we have already talked about the super ultra thin glass coming for the z-flip 4 and the galaxy z4, possibly making them the world's most durable foldable phones. We probably won't see a wider outer screen display, like the other foldables, which is again a bit of a bummer, we'll have to wait for this info to come out now. What we know is that we will get the best performance from the snapdragon 8gen oneplus, which is pretty much confirmed for the z flip four and fold.

This new hdm1 plus is built by tsmc, not samsung, pretty much fixing the overheating issues of the original agent one, and of course giving it a higher clock, speed for the gpu and cpu, except to say that the ford, 4 and flip 4 will be more powerful than the Galaxy s22 series. Let me know your thoughts on ford 4 in the comment section below, and rest in peace. Samsung's Galaxy S9 series announced that the software support for the 2018 flagship has been officially pulled. We actually don't know how long Apple will sport, the tennis series in the iphone, but the Galaxy S9 is now at the end of the road. I think if Samsung somehow brings even cheaper prices for the Ford four to last year, I think it will be a pretty good deal with that said.

I'll see you guys later peace out..

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