Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 FINALLY! - Galaxy User Guide

Samsung Galaxy Z4 will come with much faster and contains updated internals that make this phone the best foldable phone this year, but one competitor of the Galaxy e4 will be very tough and you know all about that. But now the processor of the Samsung Galaxy Z4 is confirmed before moving on. If you like the content, make sure to give them a like subscribe to, channel and comment below Samsung Galaxy, 4, 4 or Google Pixel Notepad. Which one would you prefer this year? As you know, the Samsung galaxy z4 4 comes with snapdragon agent and processor one plus, but it is not confirmed since couple of other news are roaming around the samsung is planning to launch a new technology.

In the second half of the year - and that was probably Exynos processor - but according to ice universe - it is confirmed that samsung galaxy z, volt, 4 and flip 4 come with tsmc snapdragon agent, 1 plus processor - which potentially is a great news for the foldable users - and with that processor samsung galaxy z4 4 will be 10 percent faster than the previous generation standard agent - one used in the sams According to leak, samsung is going to fix this with snapdragon agent one plus so it can cope with heating and possible throttling and while achieving we say it can last a long time compared to previous generation z43, because both phones have the same battery.

Samsung will optimize this phone enough to give out more than five to six hours of screen on time and to last for at least a day. Samsung is planning to ship 13 million units of affordable phones this year, which is a large number. The price for approximately 100 makes this phone more attractive to foldable users, while at 17.99 samsung is also making changes with colors, where now we see two new colors of Beijing grey instead of green and silver. Meanwhile samsung is also changing a bit of screen if you expect a big difference, since some people think it will be smaller just like apple and clearly it is not going to happen for now.

Samsung Galaxy Z4 also has a big competitor that we see in the end of this year, Google Pixel notepad, which would be much smaller and have other things people wanted from the galaxy z4 4. So with that being said, if you came to the channel, drop a like and comment down below samsung galaxy z4 or Google Pixel notepad, which would you prefer this year? I'll see you next time till peace out..

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