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Welcome to Es kmk friend today we will look at the latest designs for the Z4 and just the changes to the previous model so the z3 are really very, very interesting, so stay tuned after the introduction. If this is your first time here on my channel, then it doesn't forget to click on the Subscribe button. You would really support my work here on YouTube and you won't miss any more videos on the topics of technology and data. So friends, as always, I have prepared the video and it's now a video of the good old tech talk tv here. The video is called samsung galaxy z for a first look and we will also see how the z4 will look, because there are country files for these. Like we don't talk that much, we jump straight into the video.

It would also be completely absurd if not because the biggest low point or the biggest weakness of the c30 is the camera which is not that great and Samsung has definitely to come up with the Z4 and install the very nice 100 8 megapixel camera in this smartphone, if not even a 200 megapixel camera that will yes coming with the 23 ultra, there are also lies. So I also made a video if you wanted to see the zones in the Info Box. On any case, next year there should also be a 200 megapixel camera. Maybe she will come to board the z4 this year, because I don't think it would be logical because from a business technical standpoint we will have to have fun with the 100 800 pixel camera, but at least it is better than the 12 megapixel camera that we have.

So here we have schwyz to the whole thing and that writes 1 deeper McFly. So here is the way we first look at Samsungs, Galaxy Z, 4, 360 degree, Video of Calendar and so on, and we will see that in a moment and we can actually assume that 99 percent of these edge files for 100 years also makes comments like this. Similarly these data are very relying on themselves, trustworthy sources and you can already see that we no longer have the camera bump around here in the back. The photo is right here: I can show it very quickly, so I stop here in the camera. You can see this here and the clubs no longer that it just like the change from s21 ultra to es 22.

At the start of the year the Galaxies Series will then come that they set the trends and the z4 at the beginning of the year or that they do not pick up these trends and further understand what I mean and this one trend now that this camera has the trade already seen at it. 22 03 brings the 21 some old news, and with the Z4 we also won't have this band, but';, you can also see that the camera has. You can see again that I am standing in line because the system and you're fully entitled that's that it's 10 p.m. dare you to look here. You can actually do exactly so the bank from the s21 ultra is completely gone and we only have them lenses are so circular then so that that is exactly.

That's just the camera we are expecting in september like 108 megawatts camera and if it came three times the phone to ten megapixels ra and they are only 22 ultra, then there is also a tenfold. It is only digital zoom up to 100 times, so no longer is the zoom that is mechanically taken from the lens, but is now only digitally extrapolated and yes, we can certainly expect that on the set photo here. Because then you can simply put the z 53 head down, because there will be a lot of changes. Processor will be newer but to be honest, I also made a video comparing snapdragon eight generation 1 versus snapdragon 888 we have here in the set of three and the use of the generation we will most likely get in z4, but also in terms of processor technology.

There is not a big difference though the 888 ticks a little bit. Better, a bit better heat, dissipation and so on - and I also have a video about it done. If you want to see that the 100 8 megapixel camera has to come as helmut klein once requested, the z4 should be 7.1 millimeters thick and unfolded, and zv 3 4 have it sure here. So that means that we can assume that the z4 will be about 0.3 mm thicker than the 23. That is always the first reason why the suspect and d could also be that we get a larger battery, because you don't know if a larger battery will come in. I hope it could also be that a smaller one is currently in at Samsung, You never know, but I really hope that a larger battery will come in anyway. I will tell you what you're saying again and again.

The battery life here is really good with 4600 Milliamps managed in the c3 quite easily throughout the day and in the evening, you also have a little bit about the leakage fast with the fast charging system of 25 Watts. You could say that bigger batteries are definitely not bad because of the money. So it is that the format like us there will no zv 3 here, it will be a little shorter by three millimeters and also wider by 3 mm, which means it has been optimized again and who has seen my unboxing for this video or a pack of talk. Videos about the z3 I also owe everything in the info box knows what made me this format as well as Samsung that it will be a little longer with the narrow width, very much like it for the reason, because it is easy to see r fit well in the hand.

It's a bit thicker than a normal smartphone. Yes but in terms of size, width and length is a really nice group. This is why the length is not so bad when it's closed. If it is a bit slanted if the format is a little - that is not bad! It is the user experience at the moment when you do that holding the device in one's hand is more important and that's what you have here simply, when you hold it in your hand it sits perfectly here, has now been optimized by another three millimeters that they made it three millimeters shorter and three meters wide. I think it is good, maybe it is even better than it was when bruson is a null step.

I find it very interesting because the bodies of playboy models, reuters, one from partners, foto dul drive can see the difference and you can also see what I then find with mine that the victim is a foldable smartphone and you can see that it is very short, but quite wide and the 23. It is long and therefore quite narrow in width and fits better in the palm of the hand than this one here that could already be seen here on the finger. Here comes the finger here completely still around but here you can already see that this one is just about to reach the edge, so that the little finger is even still clean with a burnt good. And that is why I like the format very much, especially for a picture for a normal smartphone.

It's just good w, because it is a photo picture for you, but also works, and you get this area twice. So that makes it up to him so put on the iphone 13 screen, whips and most people can access. That means it's the same width as the iphone back in June and that is more than acceptable. They say right here, these few millimeters, it is perfectly acceptable in my opinion, because of the format and that is how it is, it's good that Samsung did not play too much; then there were rumors that they might try something new or something but they just optimized it. A few millimeters and that's 64 mm for me the Zv 3 6 4 delivers a good 0, 5 millimeters thicker when opened, so I got a 6.4 and the Z4 should get the 7.1, yes, okay, that's very interesting.

I, also, don't think that you can now market half a meter so clearly I don't think so, because the z4 will also be completely closed and not really leave a small gap here, like with the c3. You can see that you can look through it and that won't happen if this gap happens here because then it will be completely flush, then it will be absolutely useless. I think probably not, but the set could be much lighter than the case iPhone 13 Pro max plus, and I think that's a weight. Every second person here in Germany already carried myphone in their pocket + case, and you know this weight. It doesn't bother it's a good compromise in terms of weight. It is not that light, not too heavy and the smartphone would be perfect for photo-e.

It would also be ideal for body weight and if we had a weight reduction, it would not be too easy for that. Ok, so here we see that the iphone 13 pro max weighs 260 grams. The z4 will also carry its weight around the turn, and I think that is a nice thing. For comparison with the es we have 22 Ultras, of course, an enormous difference, but as I mentioned, it is a photo of the smartphone and must not be too light because for me the 260 can be really very, very good. You have to complete the design and we will got a new hinge in the Z4 and as a result, the weight reduction city actually finds the eleven grams through the total hinges, and I hope that we get rid of the kink through the new hinges- then you can see that I have this up here in the camera, so you can see the kink.

This kink happens now because of course we open and close the device and also because the hinges below him solve this very well in his finance for example,. They built a hinge that when opening the smartphone from below the user presses back this kink up, and this is what happens for display flush again. That means that we might expect in the z4 a technology like this that this kink is simply minimized in which the new hinges make this kink in open state at the top. That would be ideal in my opinion and I also say at this point : must friends the kink certainly does not bother me. The kink is absolutely not a dealer, I or absolutely a criticism of not buying the smartphone or something like that.

The kink doesn't bother me because I'll do it shortly before now, when I turn on the phone and put it in front of me, and now I don't see the kink anyways because the display is knicks. You can see not like that, but normally one of the people sitting next to me, looking from an angle, sees the kink no matter whether the display is different or off, if it is off, it is extreme than when it's different, but he makes the kink, but one of the chairmen actually sees the kink as good as never and even if you see it, you get used to it. It's a tablet, a device and you still have this feeling that it is beautiful and does not bother me.

Of course, other experiences could have made me write that below in the comments would interest me, but we can also hope that samsung might push up this gap through the new hinges like Otto did. Then you find with otto that in my opinion it is 90 95 there, just that's pretty okay. Then there's the colors were actually put in place. Also four have follows: we both have black and gray, and here I can say I can video and in my letter. Right now, video friends buys always the black color, is it really the best because it's just less bulky, it's a big smartphone. It's thick, it's long, yes, but the color doesn't make it look so big that every woman knows black doesn't wear it.

Yes, if you are overweight, wear black, because you finally look a bit slimmer and that's why it's my me with these devices according to black is the best color for this device and also is a phantom black color. Then it is, of course, a matter of taste in my opinion, but I could never own that smartphone thinner buy. Ok, so we won't be faster because the upgrade in 10.4 gets but in the z4 it will increase by 2 3 to 25 watts already have 25 will be a fast charging system and it will stay that way. In my opinion, we have already promised something, so I don't have any videos about g. Does this flip 4 or z flip from samsung never appealed to me? That's why I don't know why such a normal smartphone of normal size is so close to me and yet again, often so a bit pointless in my opinion.

It's pretty large and then afterwards, but that if I get it to work, I just have a normal mother of smartphone. Darn if I don't see the point, but despite this I would like to test it and maybe gain my own experience with it. But that's partly because I don't get any devices provided I usually buy the devices myself or I get them from friends or relatives. What is still problematic is that you say that In't have a sponsor at this point. If there is somebody out there who would like to sponsor me and who would like to send me devices so I can test them, please do not write to me. He can be found below in the description or just on a channel under business inquiries there. At the bottom of the video description, the title is very simple.

I could make a lot more videos and that would only be the best situation for me there, but that's only in passing mentioned and maybe there are z, flip users here as viewers and you have good experience with it or worse. All these questions feel free to write below and tell me that you are very interested at this point, a very recent video from respect, if TV thanks already for that and yes, we can hold on friends, we will get a better camera. You can use the camera, as with the es 22 ultra expected how it looks and also from the technical data we will, in my opinion, get the camera from the es 22 ultra and the z4. Also very interesting. You have to say at the point that then we will get a new hinge. We can also hope that the new hinges will also remove the kink in the middle.

I hope the victim has shown it and Samsung can do it. The hinges are also responsible for this, among other things, but I don't think that samsung has replaced the hinges to save weight. If that is the case, the video is subscribed to the channel and share it with your friends that we support me and help me too, to be able to create more videos on youtube. See you next time, make friends, master everyday life..

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