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[Music] last year when I reviewed the Galaxy Z fold 2, I talked about its promises as the smartphone of the future three years. It is safe to say that this form factor is here to stay. I am michael josh, your gadget Matchmaker, helping you to find the right device to meet your needs. It all the way through or jump to the section you want using the chapter markers below or you can stay for this quick summary. My approach to reviews is to go as in depth as possible, but I understand that some of you don't have all the time in the world.

Apart from a newer processor, although the build materials are supposedly tougher, the cover is now 120 Hertz to match the inner screen, but the biggest updates are a new under-display camera support for the s, pen and water resistance from a software standpoint. The same large display we first got last year, the same hinge design, although one doesn't protrude as much and the same gap between the two I like that, its camera bump is not unnecessarily large anymore but that means I can't use the 80 leather case I bought last year, not that you should buy the three if you own the two. The good news is, however, that Samsung's new lineup of cases is expanded. You get more finishes: leather aramid and this more affordable silicone one that comes with a cover screen so both sides are protected.

During my review I had accidentally dropped my fold two while walking and unfortunately my cover display cracked. If only this generation came with a bumper for the cover screen, my fold would also be protected. You'll find that Samsung ditched the ugly glossy back on the blackfold 2. fold. 3 comes in black silver and green and regardless of which color you choose they all have a matte coated frosted coating for those into designer brands and have even more money to spend then consider the fold 3 in its special thumb, brown edition right. One of the cool new features of the fold 3 that has gotten mixed reviews - is the under-layout camera.

Not much display is there for it to look like the entire hole is covered and enough transparent pixels for the camera underneath to peek through and take a photo ai then fills in the missing pixels to complete an image. That said, whether you are reading videos or playing games, the experience is much more uninterrupted and I would say, at some point you would hardly know that there is something which is a far cry from the first two folds. Samsung's competitor huawei, for example, has decided to leave the interior selfie camera on his most recent Mate x2. Two, don't worry I'll show you samples in a few seconds when you take a selfie. You'll notice. The preview is a bit cloudy because of those 50 pixels that I have mentioned before.

You get a better picture with more detail, and that is also thanks to the higher resolution of fold two's inner selfie camera. To be honest, it doesn't bother me one bit and, as I mentioned in my hands-on video, if there's one best use case for this technology it is the full 3 also has a selfie camera on its cover display, the kind with a punch, hole and because of a feature called cover screen preview. You can also take selfies using the main camera so that with two other perfectly good people.

I would be remiss not to point out that other phones, such as the ZTE Xenon 30, also have an under display camera and is now also available, but I'd argue samsung has better software so the results are comparable on the fold three, but on the Xenon 30 you don't really have an alternative selfie camera so you're stuck with a mediocre selfie shooter. The real reason why samsung decided to keep the selfie camera is so that you can take video calls with this device. Zoom, for example, supports being able to take calls with a full 360 degree opening and, although not the best angle, you can still tilt the screen down a bit and take notes with the s pen later, while on a call also able to take more on that later.

The point I want to make here is because video calls are generally not very high resolution, the difference between the fold 2 and the fold 3 is not as noticeable as the selfie comparison I just made. So I've had a lot of questions about the video quality on the Galaxy default 2 inner camera versus the Z-fold 3. So this is an actual zoom call recording on the inside of the z folder too using the selfie camera. This is a recording using the front facing or the inner under display camera on the Galaxy Z fold 3, which you like better? Selfie samples aren't as good, but you have two other better cameras at your disposal.

So to answer my question up top, the trade-off [Music] was worth since the original fold was launched, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before we got SNE support and this year. What you.. thinks: is this foldable display not too delicate to use with a pen to solve this problem. So when you exert enough pressure, it will retract and not leak a good path into the display. It is an optional purchase of fifty dollars and comes with its own carrying case. The flip cover is loose and gets in the way of everything open or closed. It hangs there kind of just awkwardly and when you want to write something there really is no good way to put it down on a table compared to the s pen.

It also has 9 milliseconds of latency today, which is the gold standard, so you won't notice any lag while jotting down notes or sketching. I am sure we can all agree s. Pen support is a good thing, but what is the experience of actually writing on the fold. I like to write this way with the camera side. I also tend to swipe up, so I am not always writing on the upper half of the phone and away from the crease, not that you can't samsung notes is a great companion app and it syncs across devices, be it on your old Galaxy note or your Galaxy Tab. I find myself needing to take notes even more, it's also great for quickly having to sign a pdf document or if you're like Chai and can actually draw or illustrate it's definitely good.

Let's not forget the other display of the phone, while larger than the original side display on the galaxy z fold. For me I get away just fine with typing on it after a year of using the phone - it feels much more normal than it used to - but still a little too cramped but it does the job for the most part - and I will say that I do use it in this mode quite a bit more often than I thought would be possible. I would have loved it if it was just a tiny bit wider say as wide as my iphone 12 mini when longer typing is required. I find myself wishing for the bigger screen, but if opened it's still too much to have that smashed keyboard doesn't feel the same. That would make the cover screen the same size as a regular phone.

The z-fold 3 is now water resistant, the first time we actually see this on a folding device, but just like I said in my flip 3 review, this isn't a license for you to swim it. If you check the fine print water damage is still not covered in your warranty unless you subscribe to the new service of 12.99 per month covering accidental damage from handling such as drops or liquid spills. All things considered it's good to know that while the pavement sparkles like silver, a small rain drop will hardly hurt it.

If you've seen any of my videos, you've likely heard me about how android's largest flaw is the fragmentation? It's not that one operating system to rule them all, but it is understandable as android phones come in various shapes and sizes and now even foldable form factors. Of course, unless you're Facebook and own instagram well then that's just inexcusable so that to ensure that most apps with z-fold 3 play well, especially when it comes to split screen mode, samsung has had to take things into their own hands. When you go into advanced labs, now you can enable a multi-active window for all apps. This forces apps to use split screen whether or not they support it natively.

You can now pin the taskbar to the side of the screen like a dock - which is the tool required to get apps to open side by side flex mode panel allows you to use half of the screen when the phone is opened in a 90 degree angle, the other half displaying controls instead - perfect for watching widescreen films on disney plus and now you can customize aspect ratios too. All of these features are a good attempt at giving users the ability to really take advantage of that bigger display and really bring to life that multitasking dream.

A trio of 12 megapixel, ultra wide and telephoto cameras, coupled with a suite of camera features that debuted on the s21 series and better image processing thanks to an improved soc and new algorithms Let’s take a look at some samples across all shooting scenarios, whether it be the colorful reflection on the streets after the rain, a monument against a backdrop of sky and clouds or a colorful food truck on a sunny day, an indoor garden, an interior of a restaurant where light and shadows play a top shot of some delicious food, as you normally do before a meal.

This is one of my favorite subway exits because I love this tile mural and it leads to the Lego store and this ultra wide angle shot looks pretty similar across the board, but in this ultra wide shot taken inside a bookstore notice the s21 ultra is much better at HDR. You can see the buildings and the trees outside the window versus on the two folds where the sky is washed out ultra wide. I love that the full 3 offers three different types of lenses, but for a phone this expensive I wish their cameras were as good as the s21 ultra. Even without the 10x Periscope Camera [Music], the Galaxy Z fold 3 comes with a 400 Milliamps Battery which is a little smaller than last year, but no worries with SoC improvements.

The charging takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from 0 to 800, but the charger isn't bundled with [music]. Here is what pricing is like in other parts of the world [Music] here in the U.S. It can be purchased for as low as one thousand one hundred fifty dollars with SAMSUNG's trade-in program. It's also worth pointing out that by the end of 2022 samsung is phasing out its z premier service c-fold 3 purchases no longer come with a discounted one-time screen replacement and onsite concierge service. Yes, that includes an extended warranty cover for water damage and cracked screen repairs for 249.

First of all, ask yourself, do I have one thousand seven hundred dollars just lying around to spend? Samsung produces many other excellent phones like the S21 series and if you truly want a foldable phone I'm in love with my galaxy z, the Flip 3, which starts at a more attainable 999.99. One reading my favorite thing about the fold three is that it is the same size as my kindle oasis, which I still think is great for longer reading sessions because it is gentler on eyes.

I love being able to whip out my phone on the subway and read my book with the kindle app, books are synced so that it will be exactly where you left off If you love to read whether it be books, magazines or comics, the fold three is a great device for that and also for viewing menus when you are dining out by the way. Last weekend, we were able to find this incredible albanian restaurant called chicago in the Bronx and I highly recommend it. Tasted amazing and prices were very affordable for the reason: 2 navigation. If you have an older car that doesn't have a large display built into it then you most likely have a phone stand of some sort. 4 is great for displaying maps while driving upstate for a weekend hike - note 3 is a larger display for taking notes.

For this reason, I prefer jotting notes on a tablet than say the Galaxy Note smartphone fold 3 offers a good balance between portability and screen real estate. Just remember the pen costs extra and someone needs to design a better carrying case. You would most likely want to use a larger display on a regular tablet, as you would a regular tablet. Apps and split screen is helpful when working and need two documents at the same time, but you'll probably want a case with a built-in kickstand like Samsung s 80 leather case , it must be said : huawei x2 ships with a free case with a built-in kickstand and evaluating how much you pay for the fold. Now, if all these four reasons appeal to you and you can afford it, then by all means go out and buy the Galaxy z fold.

It comes with a gadget - match seal of approval, but if you are not going to regularly take advantage of the features enabled by its tablet-like form factor then it would be not a prudent way to spend your money now. I want to end this video on a positive note because Z-fold 3 deserves nothing less. I love how samsung has taken a leadership role in foldable space and that they continue to explore new technologies. Three years in this device is more high-tech than it originally set out to be. It is also more useful and with a price cut this year I'm sure pretty soon it will be a phone that more people can actually afford, and that was our Samsung galaxy z fold, 3 review.

Follow me on social media for all the good behind the scenes, fun stuff and, as always, your everyday habit until the next video I'm michael josh, thanks for dropping by [Music], you..

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