Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Months Later! - Galaxy User Guide

I want to talk with you about some of the new experiences I've had with Samsung's foldable phone over the past three months. Because I've already said that this is the most expensive phone price at the time of this video, the Galaxy Z fold 3, which comes here in this black color, in addition to a dark green and this silver color with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage, comes at 1800 but regardless of when you are watching this video, samsung will more likely than not offer some sort of discounted trade and incentive or some freebies, like a pair of galaxy buds. At the time of recording this video I leave a link in the description. If you want to check out Samsung's latest deals, but what makes the z fold 3 so exciting? 2.

like the size of the 7 inch ipad mini like interior foldable display and the one handable 6.2 inch candy bar outer display making these phones strikingly similar at first glance, but the things that samsung did change are what made this fold 3 so exciting, and not only a worthy upgrade from the two, but to potentially say goodbye to the conventional smartphone and never look back. The first and most important change in my opinion has been the addition of water resistance. It not only does it better protect such a costly device but it has also allowed me to always use this phone on a daily basis no matter what I am doing or where I am going, which honestly couldn't be done with my fold too.

Samsung has also slightly reduced the overall weight and size of the hinge on fold 3 which has greatly improved the user experience, and again has allowed me to comfortable prefer and use this phone on a daily basis. There are many other quality of life changes we'll touch on as I share my new experiences with you, but the most important takeaway should be that the full 3 offers one of if not the best overall experience for a heavy smartphone user. I am very happy to report this z-fold 3 held up pretty well from a durability perspective after three months of daily usage, which is averaging six hours a day. So I recommend leaving the included screen protector for peace of mind.

The inner display also comes with a pre-installed screen protector, and I recommend that as well as I found little to no difference. 2. use of the new s pen with the fold 3 is reasonably another concern for that flexible inner display, but I had no issues with frequent s, pen use even with the pre-installed screen protector removed, something I did have an initial issue with was the overall weight and added bulk of the fold after having used an s21 ultra for the majority of 2021, but three months into it. It is indeed heavier than any conventional smartphone I've used before, but like most of the other tech I've used and reviewed on this channel, you eventually get used to whatever you are using and holding on a daily basis.

Something that was also interesting to me was that when switching back to using some conventional phones on the larger side, like the iPhone 13 pro max for example, the weight did not feel all that much different at this point and when factored in that one gets a tablet in exchange for a little more weight, the trade-off is well worth it. However, as physical aspects aside, how has my actual daily use for the past three months been, fold 3 has been without a doubt one of the most enjoyable experiences. The best way to describe the daily user experience is that the fold is a really well-raised, jack of all trades.

The foldable tablet itself can definitely not compete against the likes of a Galaxy tab, a7 or a more comparable ipad mini, and the outer display itself is obviously inferior to pretty much every standard smartphone that exists in the world. But the fact that you are getting both of these things in a portable and easy to use form factor means that it has been replaced. The best overall experience on the outer display feels better and is preferred by me at this point and the inner display, although a bit impractical in some use cases like watching full screen youtube videos has endless possibilities and can be as simple or complex as you need it to be.

The software and multitasking abilities have been very enjoyable in my day-to-day use, with the ability to throw applications of any shape or size anywhere. With ease it is easy to flip your screen, change the positions of apps, save current configurations for single press opening at a later time or simply opening an app and immersing yourself in a movie or a game - this is the best mobile gaming device of all. It's this combination of good multitasking and great single task use, whether you want to do that on the outer or inner display. That again makes this a true Jack of all Trades device but all of this goes for nothing if the battery can't power all of these use cases.

Fortunately, I'm able to get through most days on a single charge usually going to about an average of six hours of screen on time, which consists of watching videos and doing some multitasking and gaming. On a recent trip, I took photos with both the full 3 and the iphone 13 pro max, and was surprised by the results in terms of the fold 3 holding its own for general camera use. I am loving the combination of versatile wide-angle standard and telephoto lenses in a very minimal camera module, which I appreciate. While I appreciate that it is out of the way and really is neither noticeable nor distracting, the camera quality suffers greatly.

Here's a quick video sample from that under display camera we're currently filming at 1080p 60 which sounds good on paper, but you can see that the real results are just not here. I have not felt the need to go back to a normal smartphone or a tablet for that matter. This is definitely something that can be found for less than one of these, but for those of you who literally rely on a smartphone for practically everything you do, fold the fold. 3 is a device that will not disappoint and the added durability and improved portability over fold. Thank you so much for viewing this video be sure to give it a thumbs-up and please consider subscribing to Shane Simon's Youtube Channel today.

So don't miss my next video on all the accessories I use alongside my fold, which truly takes the user experience to another level - leave a comment below..

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