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How are you guys and friends of youtube today very happy to present you this comparison that may well work for some others, not because they are going to tell me, Let's see ivan you are comparing the most powerful of Samsung at the present time of the east 22 ultra with a little brother smaller than the s 22 plus, but these two devices have some interesting features that surely some of you are going to take into account if you are thinking not of buying the most powerful, the most expensive but a little more comfortable At the end of the day I'm alone with the ultra, let's see the video well [music] [Applause] He is super b uque flagship of Samsung s. 22 ultra is here to my right, and this is the s 22, which is the half version.

Let's remember that there is a more basic one which is the galaxy s 22 alone, which is the little brother and brings a different configuration, which does not provide the same processor in this case and I say these two offer the same processor. It gives an appearance of a much more robust phone bigger, so to speak for those of us who, like big phones, more cumbersome, this is the s 22 ultra. We see a s, 22 seats, a little more consistent and compact in its forms, which may be appreciated by some. For example it had I'm sure that in the 52 is also the same design and brings that memory of that s 21 series, while this is a totally different design model, we also see it in its edges.

It is a little flatter and quite bright, and we are going to see that and also in the upper part totally flat up here totally flat down here and that they are completely different shapes for these two teams. First, we are going to have the corning glass victus in the a part behind each one of them on the front of each of them. Then we will also have a Corning Gorilla Glass victus screen, with a frame with an aluminum edge to protect this entire body and we also have ip68 protection for each one of them. They are a protection against water and dust, which means that it has a fairly sealed structure.

You will be able to drop them in the pool water and you will be able to have it in the bathroom to listen to your music and it will not have any problem because it resists and it is good that they are exactly the same so that you have it very much in mind as it also resists dust waters already clear when they have been in use for some time. Perhaps you can take the risk and do not let it fall, be careful with those Galaxy s, 22 Ultra and Galaxy s. 22 are the main characteristics of its exterior so that the cones know them and keep in mind how they weigh a little more. Let's now talk about the screen if the screen is certainly one of the aspects that we use most in our smartphone and in this case Galaxy senses, ultra 10 and 22 planes on a daily basis.

The screen ratio of the body is 90 percent compared to this one. Let me tell you that I love this, that 22 plus the shape of the totally symmetrical screen edges on all sides. It seems to me that it covers the front of the phone very well, but I don't know why I feel this part of the screen of the s 22 plus in resolution too much. There is a good difference in the total amount of this resolution. While here we have 393 dots per inch of density here, we have 500 dots per inch of density, and that is what defines a lot more quality when it comes to the content when it comes to the appreciating the photographs.

You see that, well for example in this one, also because we have a 108-megapixel camera but the resolution is going to be much sharper without saying that besides 22 it does not look quite well something important that I had already told you about both screens. Both are corning gorilla, glass, victus plus which is the resistance that we both have on display constantly. If we put it always on isplay always, it will always show us this part how nice, because the phone will always be here, and you can always see it showing us key information like the percentage of battery in some applications we have open the time and date, while not here.

We have nothing here, see, for example, that the height is no longer activated by the screen with touches, which is where we should have it configured, In this case, the screen is bigger, Obviously, much better resolution while in this one we are talking about a master led, 2x, dynamic, amoled, 2, x, 120 exercises. We are talking about the same quality mole of 2 x, each with a refresh rate of 120 exercises for very good results in video games, support, hd, 10, plus and 1,750 nits brightness. In both cases, in this there is a difference in sharpness but believe me that sometimes it is very difficult for the human eye to capture that differentiating is useful. So we are talking about very even screens in resolution, I insist, but sometimes almost imperceptible to the human eye.

The two beautiful screens of this that 22 ultra that 22 seats, the performance is something very important in these two teams and the first thing that we must mention is that in these Samsungs I pulse these two gentlemen, older brother and brother of the middle of the series that 22 at the same level because both have the super processor, qualcomm, snapdragon 8 generation, 1 the most recent we have from qualcomm, and it is the same on both sides that it internally has two 8 core processors. Remember that this phone comes with the Exynos 2200 processor for Europe and other regions, in this case for Colombia and latin America qualcomm s, napdragon 8 generation 1, which is very powerful, and that is accompanied by a key thing, which is the ram memory.

In this case we are talking about the memory of our galaxy s, 22 ultra we find it here is 12 gigabytes. While the memory of 22 seats in this galaxy is going to tell you about 8 gigabytes from now. Both phones, support, ram plus in Samsung both allow us to go from 2 GB to 8 GB. In these two models - 256 storage, which is very similar in that sense. - Although the tests with this 22 came out very good and we had no problem with something important, they run Android the most up-to-date version.

We can lower all the information to the bottom and that we can make a much more comfortable operation with one hand than, for example, I enter this one on this phone on the left, for example, battery and device care and here I can go down and see that with my TV, with my finger without having to go to the bottom, I can download the content and access that it also works in the accounts and backups.

It seems very good to me of the android customization layers, which I like the most in this version, the one of one like I told you that it is in 4.1 and something important in this topic of performance if our little one does not have and our 72 class is that - I am going to show you, and it is of course spain with this This completely changed the way we interact with our phone and that is that we can create some notes. We can take any information and with this stylus that has Bluetooth connectivity we can fully activate us here. I guess it doesn't work of course but here we have something quite good, and that is we can play with it. We can take notes, many things with our gallant with our spam and our galaxy s, 22 Ultra.

Remember that samsung it included in this time in East 22 ultra since e and completely eliminated and discarded the possibility of your series - note that it was the series we had for the one that handled the stylus before. In this case, the stylus is included in the application and you can see that we are going to be able to access many things, for example in the gallery, to see this here. That is the interactivity that we have with galaxy s, 22 ultra, that is definitely unbeatable in its little brothers and there they have an application, a feature that can knock down any aspiration of those who want this and that is that we are not going to have optical afis. No, we will have the possibility to interact with the stent if in the galaxy 22 ultra.

So that's where you make the decision [Applause] [Music] in the cameras. Here is going to note a good difference and it is that the main lens of this one is 108 megapixels compared to 50. Both Megapixels of this are wide angle lenses. They have an optical image, stabilization very good aperture, both are 1.8, so we are going to have good performance in low light environments. Here again, three lenses are versus four sim 108 10 megapixels. The next is a periscope lens. That is a 10x optical zoom, another 10 megapixel lens 3x optical zoom and an additional 12 megapixel lens. That is 120 ultra wide angle, and only here three, the 50 that I further mentioned another 10 megapixel telephoto for its 3 x there.

They are very similar to one of them and 12 megapixels ultra wide angle. The big difference between or a very good important is an excellent el, 10 megapixel periscope lens that gives us optical zoom 10x optical image stabilization in these three lenses and it also allows us to handle super smooth video. A function called super, this video that allows us to dampen many of the movements we make when we record video. Of course if we want a photo, a much more versatile camera, a much stronger, surely we will want the s22 ultra but the s 22 plus is not far behind very good lenses in none it is thrown, it will lose.

We have a good ultra wide angle, a good phone, a good main angle for photography and, in the end, all three will definitely work for us and now if we talk about the Self camera here in the top center - we will talk about 40 megapixels for the galaxy s. 22 Ultra is 2.2 angled aperture vs. 10 megapixels aperture 2.2 angular, aq here. There are also very similar differences because definitely more versatility, more power resolution with 108 megapixel compared to this one. Take that into consideration and check which of the two attracts your attention on camera. Of course, we will be very even between the two of course nfc connectivity for each of the two good sensors - fingerprint reader under ultrasonic screen.

We have it here on the bottom sensor as an accelerometer as a Gyroscope Compass Barometer. We go with 5000 milliamp batteries, 22 places of 4500 a little less for this fast charge of the two of 45 Watts, but remember and keep in mind that we do not have a power adapter. This 45 watt fast charge will require the adapter separately We have also 15 Watt Fast Charge for each of them and Reversible Charge that is, I can charge one with another by putting it so 4.5 Watts that is important in these two teams so that you have and in addition, something very important and that is its price. And that is that we are going to talk about its prices and truly its prices.

Let's see ls 22 ultra 6 million 150 thousand Colombian pesos? 6 million 150 thousand pesos Colombians approximately 1,640 dollars so that you can see the reference compared to this, which is 4,500,000 Colombian pesos. Those are without doubt about 1,200 dollars a significant price drop which surely if you are saving a lot, if you are going to get into debt, will make it into his pocket. Who can execute absolutely all the things that are in this one, but we will not have spam.

We will not have as much screen and we will not have the problem of your camera and a little less ram memory but in terms of performance they are both very good with which one do you prefer for price for quality? Let's continue talking to see that 22 ultra, that 22 deadline to see what you choose, I loved being with you to do this comparison of these two super-powerful, Samsung phones, I, like them, I really hope that they will stay here to continue doing many more tests, see you in the next don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you have not done so. Click on the notification button and, of course, also like comment and share our videos and of course follow me on my other social networks: tick, tock, instagram, facebook. We also have on twitter and at iván leisure or iván luzardo.

See you in the next and stay connected with more information on trends and technology in fall..

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