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I hope you are well today we are going to test the f-22 ultra, as you saw in the thumbnail, is in the title. Unfortunately, you are not on the right channel, but if you are here to hear a real test like an average user like an average buyer who invests something, you are on the right channel. I will invite you to put a like to subscribe, activate the little bell because it is important it makes the channel live to always have more content. I offer these deductions immediately in the post to the tests. To start this video I will not compare the s20 of ultra an iphone 13 promax, whether in andes, all belgian. It is clear that there have already been comparisons and so on, but there is no point in comparing it to an iphone 13 promax on the bench either.

Because everything is done, it is a bone with the chip and the hand, so at apple everything is done around. When we launch an all-Belgian stand, we look at the rankings. We will find only apple products in the andes or everything normal. We will find the different brands that work with Android. It's a system that is cross-platform, so here I mean you even if there are different rankings of the iphone, etc. on the internet. I do them to please, but in the end I find it totally stupid. The s will be of interest, had a design with its black dome that did not take fingerprints. We also have its photo sensors from the s21 ultras, which were assembled in a block. Here we made a merger of the s21 ultra and the galaxy note 20 ultra we removed this photo blog.

We left the sensors, which are very well integrated into the hull on the back in matte green. As for the finishes, it's samsung, so it's irreproachable in terms of the assembly finishes in terms of the materials chosen here. It is clearly irreproachable in terms of design. It's a Galaxy Note vente ultra, it's a smartphone known but reworked. On the top we will find a microphone with a speaker that is integrated at the bottom on the edge. We will find a microphone on the speaker, the sim card drawer, usb type c. We will have the s p integrated before, with the s-21 ultra I had to take the s pen from my tablet.

Now it may be necessary to have small hands because in big hands it is very thin, so maybe take one and it's normal, but in any case I am using it to make small video edits, tik tok and it's on video applications. Ben saeed is really not having to look for matha's pen drop, etc. For me it brings a big plus on the left edge. We will find a completely uncluttered side and on the right edge we will have the extinction and volume button. It's a 6.8 slab pushing dynamic, amoled, x2, ltp au, so crazy. It's a slab with a rate of 120 hertz, refresh rate which can go down to u n ace for battery saving this panel. The colors are set to original vivid. If you like more natural tones I advise you to go, swap it in the original settings.

It is set to full HD plus it can go up to w qhd more for a question of energy saving. It has been put in full HD, plus there is on this screen. There are now a few little bugs, etc., which I will talk about later when we talk about the overlay, but in any case this screen is really magnificent. It has a small point, are with a front camera of 40 megapixels opening 2.2. It is a timid evolution compared to the s 21 ultra now, in terms of sound small aside, the sound is very well distributed. When we watch a movie we have a complete immersion. The adapt soon for each age group here is samsung very well on its maintenance. It is engraved in 40 nanometers this year, xylose so 2200 the advanced version of the 2100 of the s21.

It also has a gpu x, clipse 920, 12 giga ram because it is the 512 version. So until then, we say to ourselves: there is heavy behind when I launched the salmon benches s-21 ultra last update with in all or 9.3. I will leave posted when I received the s 22 ultra. I took a world where everything was directly out and he got me a score of 882 1073 points. That's one hundred and fifty thousand more points. Even if the s 21 ultra did its job excellently in all applications, it is not the smartphone that will fight me, but let go of you and so on, but here we were still expecting ap if we leave and there I will resume in my little notes. So if you, if we leave sorry on my s-21 ultra to the Belgian geeks, he took me out with a simple heart, 1063 and 3345 in multicore.

If we take the es22 ultra again, it gave me a score of 1125 in single-core and 3565 in multi-core. Here we also see a fairly timid evolution in performance compared to the 2100 and 2200 exynos. Only I had a lot of bugs so because I had the phone in the first ones and there was an update because before this update there was a screen that borders on the fingerprint reader which does not read the footprints. There was this band that appeared there when we were on w qhd, plus here are a lot of bugs from a big 2900 update and word came out its solved. Some overheating issues in the sense that the equivalent playtime I saw a temperature drop of 5 degrees.

Here there have been a lot of improvements, so I said to myself: We are going to relaunch an all-Belgian year, I reaffirm to you moors, all bench, so s21, ultra and after reading the update I restarted in Nantes, where everything is still 9.3 and there I have a score of 836 1766 vis memory of the smartphones loaded, which means that we lose 50. Distance runner improves his smartphone as time goes by, that's what I noticed with -21 ultra, so there is nothing to worry about, but we can clearly see that they have slowed down their processor, etc. In the meantime, to compensate for the different problems and to the different bugs of the phone.

We will say that it was more a emergency update because when I bring out the beautiful geek of this s, 22 ultra I offer you the s 21 here and the f-22 there, and there we only see 1109 instead of 1000 125, it's not much, but that's it too, and in the middle of the 3500 and a few we receive 3476 its multi core. We can clearly see that there has been a drop in performance after this update. J am clearly waiting for the following updates from apple, but you are going to tell me all and belgium what is it worth in juice, as you are seeing at Asphalt level 9 at the moment there is nothing to reproach it's fluid. The cars that break the decorations with the screen.

On the other hand, if we start the game, China impact, it's always so magnificent, so fluid that the graphics have not been pushed to the maximum. Only I felt there a slight overheating of the process eur. Suddenly, I said to myself that we will launch the biggest I, the most greedy. We will say if I set the game to 60fps epic graphics. If you want this stable 60 fps, you will have to go down to high graphics and no longer epic I found that a bit of a shame. We also see that it's time for updates for the f-22 ultra and for it to catch up with this slight delay, because otherwise I advise you.

If you want epic graphics, to put you in stable 30fps rather than 45 40 41 and it's having to juggle the level of call of duty mobile I had the same as fortnight, the temperatures started to rise call of duty mobile. Sometimes it went down to wine fps, it's a bit disappointing at this level so maybe put a fan like I have already tested on the back of the smartphone, for if you are a pro gamer, but in any case here it is something that I noticed. You know if you are a player of fps or strength has been steira. The fluidity is important, graphically it is beautiful. We want to have the maximum, considering the price that we invest, so here after there is this overheating, which is always present behind where it goes up to 40, 2, 43 or even 44 degrees.

If the gaming sessions are long enough, it's a bit disappointing for me. That's what I have noticed now, let's talk about what is also important, something that samsung has highlighted. Let's talk first about the sensors, then the first front sensor I was talking about it at the beginning with the 40 megapixel aperture screen 2.2. Yes, megapixels wide angle with an aperture of 1.8, we will find a second ultra wide angle, sensor of 12 megapixels, with an aperture of 2.21 third sensor of 10 megapixels telephoto with an aperture of 2.4. We begin to take more and more light, a fourth sensor of always 10 megapixels telephoto, with an aperture of 4.9 with such an aperture.

We already know that it will promise beautiful night photos and that is why samsung has put this forward that they call natography night photography a term they have adopted. Someone else will find it ugly, very subjective beauty, so I'm going to send you to a small children's village in flanders, an abandoned village, 7 l'urbex, where I took a lot of photos, I let you discover the daytime photos with the different zooms and so on. We are two abandoned villages of Toul in Belgium for the photo and video text of the s21 ultra. While they publish ice cream is an abandoned village. Here you have discovered the small village of 12 years old on the side of an abandoned village, little anecdote in Belgium and well.

There is no 5g in Charleroi when I go there or cities that I walk around and this little abandoned village where there are still three inhabitants, the houses are those Urbex tests. Well, can you imagine that I have 5g, so I can tell you that 5g works very, very well on this s. 22 ultra I subscribe to orange, so it can help you too. The 6th wifi works very well bluetooth, 5.2 and 7.5 g. Basel works very, very well and I didn't feel any overheating when I did speed tests for those who are interested in the species of this small village on stage I had peaks up to 410 megabyte seconds. At the Samsung graphic, we had to worry about telephoto photo sensors with apertures up to 4.9, so we say to ourselves: it captures a maximum of light.

They put deep into night photography, whether it's the girl and the cameras, so I went for a ride in a mini golf course in the dark, it's with black lights, so it makes for very nice little effects there are decorations. I then went to a castle that is illuminated by lights, of different colors. You will put the good in the description if you want to go for a mini golf in the dark for the castle. I noticed that this naito graphics, well, it lacks optimization once again, samsung has to release an update to really put all this to the clear because well, hilli has shots that are very good and videos, and then there are times when you really see that the algorithm has trouble managing certain colors sefouhi.

So for me as much the sense yes megapixels and very good the day photo is very good, but on the other hand the night photo is to be reviewed, that you noticed it in ultra wide-angle. It is not top notch the normal photo ok, but when you start zooming and that's not very nice, that's my personal opinion, tell me what you think in the comments. You know it's the same battery as the s 21 ultra 5000 milliamp hours, with the s 21 ultra I'm telling you so I'm a power user, I film myself with I, do a lot of things with it. Even now, more than a year ago, I manage to hold on from this Euro morning until 11 p.m. I scratch myself, the nose sorry I until 11 p.m. without problem, I put a little load on it.

I can go to work on my second job, which also keeps the channel alive, and so that's it when we see this s-21 ultra, what's happening now has six games, I have moderate use or even very moderate I will be able to last a day and a half or even two days without putting the energy saving mode. So suddenly I turn around on this s. 22 ultra with mam battery charging 45 watts faster and I am a little disappointed there. That means that at 7 am I unplug and at around 5 pm I had 15% battery left. The optimization as I say samsung is a long distance runner.

If you have the 25 watt charge of the s21 ultra me, I noticed that its charging the same speed as my ease august 21 told a good little 45 - 50 minutes and with its 45 watt loads it will take a good 40 minutes to charge it. The competition does better, but some discs loaded too quickly a battery. Well, there are bim d 'others that it takes charging is slower. I would have hoped that its charging a little bit more is a little disappointment. In conclusion, if I have to take its qualities clearly it has a design which is topless pen, which is integrated a very, very good sound. I found that it was really tip top where I will find a fault. This first die it is exile at 2200, which I find a little too hot. Even with this update, I expected better and better performance level.

Even if this smartphone will satisfy everyone, because we can play, we can work with etc. It will not let you down I expected more power, especially than the Americans or the es22 ultra, with a widget 1 which heats up just as much but gives more performance. So here it is clearly going to say a little delay and as a fan of samsung, but I expected as a samsung user, I still expected to see performance that catches up with the competition. It is this night at the graph that clearly lacks optimization. Don't care I'll make you a video on s 22 after three months, for example, but in any case here we need these optimizations because I still received some disappointments in the style of screen, bug which remains free, which borders or fingerprint reader which no longer takes the screen borders.

The low refresh rate bugged when I was doing I scrawl, is on twitter. I would have preferred the smartphone to come out with less bugs a month later, because as a heavy user of samsung, that's what I wanted. So, if you don't have the budget for this s22 ultra I still advise you to stay calm, s-21 ultras which is cheaper and is just as good with a very good autonomy here. Do them because I need it for the May channel s, the s 21 ultra is still excellently good. If I have any advice to give, you were waiting a little before you got it that the updates are coming out now. If you get, it now expect to have some issues to fix that will come with the updates. Don't hesitate to comment on what you think of the performance of the photos and so on.

This tablet there are other tests coming full of news for the channel as I'll tell you about it soon..

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