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For yet another samsung live event and this time with something truly special for all our viewers. What makes this edition of samsung live so special? All previous samsung records, with almost a hundred thousand plus pre-bookings done in just a few days after pre-bookings began, I mean: can you believe that puja wow now that's some serious love and when you guys finally got your hands on the phone, you all didn't just break the rules with an epic unboxing, but you also created a new world record [Music] [Music], it's guineas world records and we are about to create It's always difficult to do multiple venues, events or records. Samsung will break even more rules in the future with all your effort.

Well, you know how they say you get what you give and all you fabulous galaxy fans have given so much love to the new galaxy s22 ultra that it was time for samsung to give back so alex. Shall we introduce them to the all-new variant of this ultra-powerful flagship? Let's do it so guys this one is specially tailored for our power users, the ones with heavy duty jobs, content, creators, editors, photographers, the overachieving, the real hustlers who like to make the most of the device they own and do more with it. So this one is for all you epic users who constantly push the boundaries and break the rules. Please present the exclusive, like I said, galaxy fans that you ask for the epic standard to you.

Oh, yes, it means now you can have a galaxy s22, ultra one tv, a power phone with more storage than you need until you need it, of course, and not only that this model is a exclusive, which means that the only place that you can get is. It is right here not only that if you book the exclusive 1tb variant today you even get the galaxy watch 4 at just rupees, 2 triple nine, and you even stand a chance to get the limited edition gift box with not just the one tv phone, but also a pair of galaxy buds, and the watch four now beat that I mean someone pinch me you I've got to dream about this right. This is your chance to get your hands on the exclusive 1tb variant of this phone available only on, and if you guys aren't convinced yet, let me show you the list.

So basically we all know that our phones have rightly replaced a lot of gadgets in our lives, but the Galaxy S 22 ultra 1tb takes this to a whole new level. So I'm making a list of all the things I won't need anymore to carry around. If I get this exclusive galaxy s22 ultra 1tb variant and you will be shocked to see what I have come up with this power phone so much of heavy lifting that it actually ends up lessening your load. What I have to see is please show me well how about we share it with everyone right? Okay, yes, that makes sense yeah. Imagine what having a one tv storage memory on your phone means for starters, not having to carry our portable hard drives around.

Everything you will ever need will be on your phone right here on my fingertips, but seriously pictures videos files, one terabyte is more than enough to store it all in one place and let's be honest, we all have waited for this moment. Haven't we oh yeah, also shifting data from one device to another and juggling between your hard drive, laptop tab phone and then again hard drive, isn't it tiring? I had and it is not one of those good experiences so my family and I went for our very first international trip and of course we were so excited. We transferred it all onto a hard drive that we lost on our way back to India. I was recording a video on my phone and while recording it the phone crashed because its memory was full and my perfect moment was gone, just like that and samsung heard us.

The enormous amount of storage is literally like walking around with cloud storage in your pocket, so stay tuned as we will actually break down for you how much one terabyte really holds, but for now alec. What's next on that list of yours, but before we go on further, it's your chance to own the all new galaxy s22 ultra one tv right here with some amazing offers right now. Also send in your comments and share the list of things you wouldn't need to carry. Now let's move on and see what's next on my list [Music]. The next thing we would not need to carry around everywhere would be our dslr cameras. Yes, I mean you know that this phone has a pro grade camera with massive pixel sensors backed with ai.

The s22 ultra captures stunning videos and photos even at night thanks to the epic nitrography feature and with the pixel sensors and shape shifting pixels. This phone has the most advanced pro great camera, packing the power of a professional skit in one smartphone so you can shoot into the night without sacrificing quality. All this combined with 1 tb of storage space means that all these 8k resolution, videos and HD pictures, even the raw images, can be stored in the phone itself. Basically, the phone is literally your dslr camera that fits in your pocket and has an entire library of all the pictures and videos you will ever need so photographers content.

Are you listening to this, because all this will be done with one phone so, like we said, samsung keeps on giving guys if you get the one tv variant exclusively available on You also get the galaxy watch for just rupees 299 and if you buy your phone today, you also stand a chance to get the limited edition gift box with not just the one tv phone but also the amazing galaxy buds and the watchful so go get it and turn your pocket into a massive library full of every picture. Let me stop you right there because I have something to add to this list as well, and something that you haven't thought of yet, which would be simple, no more taking notes, no more lists on paper, no more papers and documents to keep track of, because we have the pen.

Remember: wow, pooja, I'm impressed with you, you are right for all the power users who are artists, business professionals, video editors, you can say goodbye to your notepad sketchbooks and all that, and it even ends up saving paper. Your phone, improved latency in samsung notes, makes every pen stroke feel as natural as ink on paper. So this was probably the last time I wrote right on a piece of paper, and that is true. Yes, and the icing on the cake is that thanks to its handwriting to text feature, I can easily convert all those hastily written notes into text with just the tap of the pen. We can do so much with it every single day, like a one-man army, oh wait, since I can multitask so much. I'm gonna say one woman army, yeah you are.

Can you guess I'm stumped a portable battery bank? That makes sure that your phone goes on and on and on and on its enhanced ai takes 5000 mah of power intelligently from one day into the next, adapting to the way you use your phone long story short. It saves power when you need it, the most for battery life that lasts for more hours than they are in a day sounds like a total powerhouse. Oh well now you can puja, because the s22 ultra 1tb variant is the answer to all your storage problems.

So your games are definitely covered and the 4nm snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, the 4nm chip works its world-class power into nearly every aspect of your phone, resulting in an optimized mobile gaming experience to lead you to victory and the brightest dynamic 2x display gives top notch performance gaming even in the brightest outdoor settings, will not be a problem because its screen brightness hits 1750 nits at its peak and the 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate keeps the scroll smooth adjusting to what is This galaxy s22 ultra one terabyte is a total force to reckon with wow. I have to say that I loved going over your list of things that we wouldn't need anymore, all thanks to this epic phone.

Why don't you guys tell us some of the things that you'd probably leave behind and now get the s22 ultra 1 tb variant for all those of you who just joined us? Okay, so let me break it down for you : one terabyte of space means having over 500 000 images on your phone. Basically, your entire lifetime worth of photos in your pocket or it could mean 500 HD movies saved in your smartphone. It's like your very own video pocket library or even better your private otg collection, no more dependent on network or wi-fi, while traveling to watch your favorite web series. This also means about 6.5 million documented pages of office files, pdfs and presentations.

Do you know how much paper we are saving if I had to put 6.5 million pages and fill it up in a physical space? It's like an entire office building and all of this is available at your fingertips or entire arcade of games and apps that you can access with just one tap of storage means, leaving all the extra portable gadgets you've ever needed. Everything can literally happen on our smartphones, like we always wanted a device for everything, which makes this the perfect phone to own for people who never want to face any storage related issues for our power users, content creators, photographers, video editors, business officials and gamers or even artists of it architects. Right I mean the phone could become their very own blueprint holder with all that they will ever need right in one place.

samsung also understands how important your personal information is for you in this ever evolving digital world and has tailored solutions to ensure that your privacy is secured. The new permissions, usage dashboard lets you see which apps are sharing your data or tracking you and allows you to grant or deny access on your terms. So galaxy fans, here's what you need to do to get your hands on this exclusive 1tb variant of galaxy, s22 ultra that is beautiful on the outside and a total beast on the inside this exclusive one terabyte variant is only available on samsung's official website yup.

You heard that right, nowhere else but samson's official website so head over to to get the galaxy s22 ultra 1 tb variant and guess what you get the galaxy watch for at just 2 9, but wait samsung always has more in store for you. So if you get the 1tb variant today, you also stand a chance to win the limited edition galaxy gift box with the phone which includes the galaxy bots 2 and the watch 4 epic right pooja. Your existing phone, the all-new galaxy s22 ultra 1tb- is available with some amazing upgrade offers. You can get an exchange bonus of up to rupees 8 000 when you upgrade from your existing galaxy s or note series device and an exchange bonus of up to rupees 5000 when you switch from other phones.

So guys we are obviously on our way to get the new galaxy s, 22 ultra 1tb variant, and if you are someone who is looking to do more with your smartphone.

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