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It gives me more than a day, well, and a half or two days of use with the new Samsung Galaxy S, 22 plus, if you are thinking of buying this new cell phone from Samsung, I am going to show you in real time how the battery is using the results of the camera both for photos and videos. So you can see a little bit of what benefit I get from the screen and the qualcomm snapdragon processor that they put into this generation for Mexico and Latin America. I know that they like this format a lot because it gives you a more real perspective before putting your money aside.

How does the performance of this cell phone on an ordinary day so feel comfortable, and if it is not yet subscribed to my channel? It's half past twelve and I leave my house to see how long the battery lasts, because I'm already beginning to record with the front camera of the phone to check what wave they can check with the stabilization, also with the stereo audio and well. Basically, we are going to do a Sunday walk with the dogs, the cob right now, and if it is the first time that I am going to ride a bike with a river.

The resolution you're seeing in the video right now is full HD at 60 frames per second and although the phone has the ability to record at a higher resolution, this is the one I like most, because it is the one that stabilizes the best, I have already checked. Here we have river who is very attentive waiting for the signal to continue to this trip. I will take it as if right now, I am at a place here in the countess that well now [Music] has been recommended to me for a while now, well, well, well. I took some pictures of it so that you can also see how artificial intelligence is applied to different scenes. There are some milestone clips that they can learn regarding the finish of the design of the phone.

There are several colors available that will be available but personally I think that green and pink are the most attractive in this new generation. I am not a big fan of the pink color on smartphones, but I know that many people do. I met a girl who asked me for a picture and it was very exciting, because even her mother told me she was waiting for the video of this phone, she just wanted it in pink and I was waiting to find out if it was going to suit her or not, So I promised you some greetings, Mrs. Soraida Litzy Young, here I fulfil the greetings as we had arranged that day outside the national auditorium. I hope that the video is what you are waiting to be able either to convince by this model, or to see others, but well.

The joke is that one of the qualities that I think stand out the most from the p part The practicality of this phone beyond, for example, the pink tone of the three LEDs that we have here that there is little evolution regarding the s-21 family. It has to do with resistance to water and dust thanks to its ip68 certification, with which the phone can be submerged is not, that is, force can happen that suddenly the phone has already fallen and maybe the body is damaged in some part of the screen or put in the water always implies a risk, especially because the brands do not cover the guarantee for water damage. But if you do not know what happened in the laboratory regarding the unlocking with the fingerprint I have no problem at all, as you can see, as it is quite precise.

Remember also that you can customize all this always on display, which is basically the information that is shown on the locked screen for that. You can even put stickers there to make it look much prettier - for example I don't know this one and then look when the screen is locked here. You can check the time here and also see the notifications that I had told you about a while ago if you receive email and also the state of the battery that I take advantage of to show you that I am 83%, but right now I am not recording with the 3x zoom, which is the optical one.

This is the distance at which I am, and I can also change to the ultra wide angle, but I want you to see above all how you can zoom out 3x in video to lose the least quality possible, even when you're making clips in the park. I've been touring the city for a while so I 'd like to make a very quick intervention about the cameras on this phone at the moment, I'm at the monument of the revolution. If you do not know mexico city, then this is one of the most emblematic points of the place where I was born. Basically, the three lenses that we have in the back are the main lens of 50 megapixels, the ultra white, and go and also the 3x optical zoom phone.

Previously the 3x optical zoom was exclusive to Let's say premium phones, but as technology has advanced, we have seen that some features that were previously exclusive to the ultra versions are now also included in the plus version. I like it for a couple of generations. it is super useful for people who really like to take pictures and videos. Before cutting out of the contour of people with respect to the background was very noticeable, and now it is done in a much better way. You are in some landscape but suddenly you apply a blur to it and you can set in front how intense you want this bokeh effect to be in case. You suddenly want to give it a touch of professional to the videos or more artistic.

But personally for me, the blur that I like the most is the one that I love and have already shown off in several videos is the director perspective in which, for example, I can record with the front camera and at the same time, what is in front of me is recorded with the main camera. He is very attentive, and that is what the director's perspective in photography mode consists of. I can show you absolutely everything that I am seeing and at the same time I can create a clip in the first person and well.

It is time to tell you about the front camera which, in video mode, I have already made several clips, but now it is time to talk to you I personally like the balanced work that Samsung does with its front camera, because although it applies a beauty mode, it is not as intense then it makes a few touches here as subtle, but that suddenly help to blur the shadows so that the light does not look so hard on the face. Personally, you have, you have two perspectives or two angles of vision with which you can take the photographs to be able to have, well.

Let's say a slightly wider angle, for when they are group selfies, well I was doing the review here at the monument to the revolution and I met some subscribers, well I was just telling them that I was doing the review of east 22 produces zinc, so we are going to take advantage of the fact that we are taking some photos of the memory here to also put them in the file of the review and also the photos with the hdr and how the sky looks very clear. What are your impressions as users, the sky, os curos? I hope you can see it is already night right now, I am here in the studio where he recorded all my videos, but the camera is already there and what I wanted to tell you right now is already late site.

If I have missed something in the Camera section, that is what it has to do with night photography here I leave you some examples, and this is important to mention because one of the things samsung presumes to have improved compared to previous generations is that it is in the Night section. The video still has some autofocus problems in the night, but nothing serious. Another thing I would also like to tell you about. Is that the option to delete objects here appears when you go to edit an image now. So basically the only thing you have to do is select the object that you would like to delete from the image. Obviously, a lot depends on each image on how much detail and how much care you put in it.

But basically this is a little bit of what you can achieve with this new phone image: editor to eliminate unwanted objects in photos and friends, because it's already night to be precise,. It is going to be hard for me to wake up at 2:44 in the morning, and how can you tell after being there with the phone using the gps all day, checking the screen for different notifications and of course the camera ended the day with 38%? You have already seen it on other blogs watching videos before going to sleep and well, I wanted to put this video on, because you see what colors it looks so beautiful which beautiful textures it looks in the Samson panels.

To me they seem to be the most attractive, dynamic, molet panels 12 x, hdr 10 and for the audio che that in this we have stereo audio, which means that there is a speaker here emitting sound and there is another speaker here at the top and speaking of the screen. It is one of the differences in design compared to the older brother and a quick thing right now that I am talking about the multimedia in the van control panel to find a function called Dolby atmos. But now if tomorrow is already good night, let's see how much battery I wake up with the blog's day number 2 and I think to see this great. Let's see this 27 until what time it lasts.

I am again here in the studio where I make all the videos that I'm about to record some things, but before that I wanted to show you a little bit about the performance of this phone. It comes with the first class Qalcomm snapdragon 8 generation that allows you to work super fast with all the applications that you can go from one to another, for example here in Google. But then go to the photos but then the application, that is, everything opens the truth super fast. What you're seeing is the edge screen, which is quick access to phone apps. They know that it clearly comes from the factory with android 12, but it is the most interesting of all, but samsung has promises.

For your power to save a little more battery, you can simply leave it in standard and it will be all day at 60 hertz, which is not bad but for the gaming experience, gos is much more attractive, 120 and another thing that I also think is worth noting about gaming experience that well, for example. We have all the information regarding how much time is left, for example of battery storage, which in this case I have 256 gb and also the issue of memory. We forgot it for the music theme, but you can also use Dolby Atmos for games. If you haven't played it, I recommend it quite a lot, especially for high-end phones, as it is quite attractive due to graphics, image update, sound.

The reality is that I am super satisfied with the performance of this processor if I have to confess that suddenly, in games that are too long, I have come to notice that if the back part heats up a little, nothing prevents the good performance of the games. But it is something that can draw attention to all the people who play for long periods of time. This is where one already appreciates having a 120 hertz screen with hdr issue with the problem of the ram processor. If suddenly you want, well I don’t know how to make a call or open, for example, a youtube-type application. If you notice it already says that I have 0% battery, which means that if you know the colloquials the phone can last you for a day and a half under regular use.

Now that for the most stuck the statistics that the operating system gave me was about nine and a half hours I used the screen. This is important because one of the characteristics of this phone is that the maximum brightness of the screen is 1,750 nits, the same as the Galaxy S, 22 ultra, so I always kept the brightness high to really see what the viewing experience was like when outside. Taking advantage of the fact that the phone was completely out of battery today, I want to show you the fast charge of the 45 watt charger, and the fact is that the s 22 plus is also compatible with this fast charger.

So without further ado, and taking advantage of the fact that I have alexa here, we will go to the count so we can see the progress of the battery well, I connect it there being 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Certainly this is something that Samsung phones can still improve on, especially these high-end ones, because they are still a little slower than those of the competition. In that sense, chinese phones have quite impressive fast charging technologies developed, but well making a very general conclusion of the use with this phone I think you already realized. People who may be waiting can give r the jump on the galaxy s 22 family, but they are not very comfortable with the price.

The Galaxy 22 Ultra perhaps, so that they know that this is the phone that is really meets all the requirements in terms of productivity and also entertainment. It may be that its screen is not the largest, but definitely has a good size and also an excellent playback quality of both image and audio. The only detail that I find on the phone as I mentioned is the fact that at the time of Playing I sometimes felt that the temperature increased a little higher than normal. My phone never stuck out, it never took me out of the app, and it was slow or anything, but the sensation in the hands was hot, maybe with a future update.

This type of situation will dissipate, but if you were waiting to know the opinion of someone who has already had it in their hands I hope that both the negatives as well as the positives that are of course more have clarified all those doubts about whether that 22 plus is worth it as your next phone I am Charlie Pee and I, as always. Thank you for reaching the end of this video with me, hoping that you have any suggestions for a blog of this kind, but with other cell phones that you would like to see in this format before receiving it, buy it, put it in the comments on write directly over social networks..

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