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I want to talk about the ultra magnificent galaxy s 21 in this matte black color and which will bring together everything that samsung knows how to do best with very interesting things in photos and videos, in particular since we have even more optical sensor combinations than in previous years as usual. As I tell you each time you have to either be very comfortable financially and want to have fun or have real professional use, in particular in a creative field, since this s-21 ultra is perfectly designed for that. But before we see all that in detail, I remind you that if you want to equip your Galaxy S 21 or any other relatively popular smartphone, my sponsor rhino schild has extended its range of accessories and protective shells further.

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Without necessarily buying the [ __ ], when you want to change the design with the link in the video descriptions and with my promo code, you have a discount on your whole cart, so take advantage of it. If you want to equip yourself- and we now interest us acs volts [Music] this year, Samsung went all out with four focal lengths which covers 13 mm to 240 mm and you will see that it is rather well mastered. The s20 I never had a problem, my photos are systematically successful and if sometimes the white balance is a little too cold for my taste and that I tend to prefer the warmer rendering of the iphone. It is a question of cost s-21 ultras is doing well overall, very good and frankly nothing to envy to apple and google.

On the contrary, since it is the most versatile with these four focal lengths, the color rendering is very faithful to what I saw. The complexions are well respected when there are humans in two shots and the portrait mode is doing better and better each year to detach the subject. From the background the results are artificially blurred, I find the ultra wide angle him. Never I unbelievable on smartphones is very correct and it will, above all, allow you to have different perspectives from the main wide-angle.

In any case, the photos taken with it go very well with those of the other pairs of optical sensors, with good consistency of colors and brightness, when the conditions are a little more complicated and like the main sensor, the wide angle and 208 million pixels logically have photosites which are very small and it is far from being the best in low light. Samsung is forced to apply a lot of software processing to reduce noise and if I show you a comparison with the iphone 12 pro, you see that on the galaxy s 21 ultra everything is very smooth and there is a huge lack of detail in the image and that the comparison is without appeal for the first time.

So here we have photos in low light and at night which are good but without being at the same level as what apple and go in these difficult conditions. It allows samsung to offer us digital zooms which are very convincing. We lose relatively little in quality and we can very well zoom x, 2 until foix iii the same sense that the result is bad. It remains very usable knowing that when we reach x 3 we automatically switch to the other pair of optical sensors, the equivalent of 72 mm. We have a very good result with its four different focal lengths and a digital zoom to master this galaxy s. 21 is simply exceptional and can be effective regardless of the situation.

On top of that, I noticed that the minimum focus distances are quite low, which I allow us to do, close-ups that can approach macro photography a little bit with a natural foreground and background blur much more than that of portrait mode. So samsung could have disappointed us very attractively on paper with 1,240 mm, but which could have been very poorly controlled in reality, as we have seen with certain other manufacturers in the past that they absolutely wanted to offer the zoom which went as far as possible, because casually a ratio x 10 compared to the main sensor.

If you really want to nitpick yes, this 240 mm is slightly worse than the other focal lengths, especially at the level picket, but I think it is not very serious, since we mainly take advantage of the possibility of having a rendering that we are not used to on a smartphone, It certainly allows us to look for details in the distance, but the compression of the background and perspectives gives us a unique rendering. It really makes you want to exploit all the creative possibilities that you can have with this long focal length. Having that in your pocket is so practical because if you want to have the same result with a camera body, I will let you watch the weight the size of a 200 mm.

So if the optical qualities are not the same, it's still great to have this possibility on a smartphone in the end purely in terms of quality, of image, of respect for the colors of the saturation contrasts I still have a slight preference for the electronic image processing of Apple, but with this couple additional optical sensor and this impressive capacity to look for details far away for me, this galaxy s, 21 ultra and more versatile than what apple offers and that's the most important thing more than the image quality which, on apple If you want to be able to take the best photos directly without having to spend time in post-production to refine some details, the best photophone is this one, but if you also want to be able to make excellent video in addition to very good photos, the iphone 12 pro remains the perfect combo.

Since we will see if samsung has made very good progress in video, there are still a lot of points to improve to equal the iphone in this area. If we can finally film in 4k ultra hd at 60 frames per second on all the photo modules that apple has been offering since 2010 and we were eager for samsung to finally know how to make this galaxy s. 21 ultra in terms of video performance, for example, it is possible to film in 4k hdr but only at 30 frames per second, where the iphone 12 pro goes up to 60 frames per second. So when I see some who make fun of the six gigabytes of RAM of the low iphone 12 pro, it is still more efficient than the one who has doubled it.

We are limited to wide angle and 72 mm so this year the iphone remains the best smartphone to effectively stabilize 4k and in general it is the best smartphone to make video, especially since this year apple has unbridled us. The possibility of filming in 25 frames per second format that we use in Europe and that samsung still does not offer on its very high-end smartphones. Good luck in trying to mix 30fps with 24fps in editing if you have used the a8 cas at times. So obviously, here I insist on the points that need to be improved so that you feel where the limits of this smartphone are for video making. Besides all that he is excellent and besides everyone who saw the images that I shared on instagram with paul remarked he is brilliant.

The dynamic range is good, so in si not necessarily obvious, we still have plenty of information both in the highlights and in the low lights. The improvements in the water mode, the colors are also well respected and it is the ideal type of device that we like to take in the holidays on weekends to bring back wonderful memories. It's great the 240 mm is rather stable to my pleasant surprise, which was far from obvious, because on such a long focal length it must not have been easy to do and in the end we can film perfectly with a show of hands and have a good short result. I then love a point that I found very intelligent and which makes it possible to compensate for the fact that we have no longer had a jack on smartphones which prevents us from plugging in a microphone and well.

When we film the smartphone will record ambient noise and the galaxies in our ears pick up the sound of our voice, which can be very useful if we are talking far from the smartphone, which is filming us, for example, or simply that we want better sound recording with the front camera. If this time it is you who are holding the smartphone and want to film yourself, we are able to go up to 4k ultra hd at 60 frames per second with a quality you can see. It is not really of interest at the moment I find, but after as I told you in other videos, the 4k took years before being excellent on smartphones, the a8 cas.

In other videos, as long as you have good light indoors or you are filming outdoors this year, we also have the appearance of a new director mode which allows you to preview the result of the three focal lengths ultra wide-angle and 3x zoom, in addition to splitting your screen in two and recording simultaneously with the front camera and the rear camera.

So either you divide the screen in two like this or you display a small window in one of the corners with care, your front camera or the rear camera, which can be very original for making stories by example, and then always with the idea of ng the best possible experience for creatives se s 21 ultra gains compatibility with the s pen, the famou style that we find, especially on the galaxy note, is some galaxy tab, it's great for gaining precision to film certain parts of your photos or simply to The screen of the galaxy s 21 ultra therefore accepts a galaxy note stylus, but samsung also offers a new one as a longer option: thicker and devoid of bluetooth functionality, which was clearly not essential now compatible with the s pen.

This oled screen is perfect, it is sublime and it is very clearly the best we can find on a smartphone, since it is possible to configure in quad hd, while having a refresh rate of 120 hertz last year, 120, hertz or quad hd we had to choose between one and the other. We have a battery of 5000 million pair eur /, this s, -21 ultra and finally I can tell you that the autonomy is very good. I realized it well because there, during this period of intensive tests where I spend a lot of time in my day using the gps to I, move around to take a lot of photos and videos outdoors in full sun and more so with almost all the time. I still do it every evening so as not to have any bad surprises the next day, but in any case super autonomy.

We have it now only for us in Europe, samsung still uses because qualcomm is doing the best as a processor and instead comes up with a newer version of its own chip which weighed down performance slightly but more importantly battery life. I was expecting it to be the same thing this year, but not super new, so even if we don't have the same processor as everywhere else, with this new version of the exynos, samsung has managed to reduce the gap that was in previous years with the snapdragon despite an incredible spec sheet. So I noticed no slowdown, no abnormal heating and a very convincing autonomy, as I told you.

Well, it's not too serious, but there is something else that disappears is the port of microsd cards, which was one of the historical peculiarities of lag galaxy s, but which made it possible to expand storage at a lower cost and finished well like the 3.5 jack port removed last year. When buying it should be a Giga of storage options, when it should even be sufficient, but I know that I used this microSD card port to recover the videos that were on my drones or on my go pro I transfer them to my smartphone. It allowed me to have a backup and in more e it to be able to share very easily what I had filmed but hey. The logical evolution in the end is compatible with the s pen, a better fingerprint sensor, with even more performance the best screen on a smartphone.

The best camera mastered real progress in video thanks to its versatility to remain the best in this area on Android with a very good autonomy that is not weighed down by the impressive spec sheet, with all this power and above all a very successful design. With this matte black that I have here, I find that this galaxy s, 21 ultra, is a total success. So if winter is not too annoying, we have big pockets month summer, I'm lugging around its good. On the other hand, unlike the iphone 12 promax, where I really don't like the format it's not made for me there anyway, samsung has the advantage of having years of experience in the manufacture of a very large smartphone, and the interface is well thought out for that.

The interface is designed to display a maximum of useful sections on the bottom so that they can be easily reached with the thumb on can also take advantage of this huge screen for splitting it in two with two applications that Apple still refuses to offer on the iphone. They have therefore corrected all the reproaches that could be made to the model of last year and with this s-21 ultra samsung book.

For me, the best android smartphone that we will see in 2021, perhaps not the best value for money, because it is still very expensive and unfortunately it goes down quite quickly and that opposite I do not doubt the waters poor live at one + Chahoumi will offer excellent competitors, hence probably better value for money, but samsung has set the bar very high and overall the best. I do not see how you can be disappointed if you have the budget in any case, I leave you links just below the description of videos to buy it..

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