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The two devices you are likely to come across if you are on the lookout for a new Samsung smartphone right now are the Samsung Gay, 52 s5g and the newly launched s21 fan edition. The light target for this video is only a thousand likes starting with the design and the quilted pattern. It looks good, but does not feel premium. In contrast, the s21 fan edition uses a premium plastic bag with a aluminium frame and it has the Dna of the flagship s21 lineup. It also has the ip68 rating compared to the ip67 rating on the f52 s5g, but it lacks the micro SD card slot and the headphone jack is also absent on the s21 fan edition.

Both these features are available on the less expensive a52s 5g s21 fan edition also uses a high-end guila glass victis on its screen, while the a52 s5g uses Gorilla Glass 5, with its brightness peaking at about 1200 nits, while the x21 fe brings a dynamic 2x 6.4 inches panel that is super amoled and its peak brightness is 800 nits, while the a52s 5g The brightness reference is also clearly visible on the screen. As far as touch responsiveness is concerned, I have never had any problems with either of them, but yeah the haptic feedback of the s21 fe is superior. It's like its motor works in some way incrementally.

I know that the hardware plays a great role here, but there are some features that the a52s 5g could have had, but Samsung never really checked to level up the game for its mid-range lineup in terms of software features, especially the overall experience on both sides remains somewhat similar. I personally like the sound of the Fan edition of s21. It has a crisper sound output with high frequency and a better bass. Both phones have a 4500-mAH battery and both support 25 watt super fast charging. To be more precise however, battery drain test on tomorrow includes the s21 fe a52s, s20, fe s21 and s21 plus, so subscribe and turn on notifications. This video talking about the hardware s21fe is powered by the exynos 2100.

Both my phones are with a ram of 8 gigs and now the Antutu scores are up on your screen. I first loaded the stock applications, the apps on both mobile phones [Music], the camera functions equally good on both sides. Back in the day, the camera shutter button was used to lag on the Samsung mid-range devices, but as you can see the camera captures the photo. In my opinion, i wouldn't say that I like one over the other for these particular applications or for the animations to make this speed test a bit real. I started rendering videos in the prime rush application. I first loaded a same 4k video clip on both sides and applied the same effect and exported it the x21 in 1080p.

If it did not make me wait while the ia 52 s5g took all the time in this world to render this clip, it got a bit tiring for me to wait for the a52 s5g to complete this job. The s21 fe was too fast to import the clip into the viva video. The s21 s21fe was ahead this time [Music] and lastly I had edited an image in snapseed application. Then I also loaded a few games starting with the pubg mobile. I have forwarded some parts here fast to save years and my own time. [Music]. The pubg mobile loaded faster on the s21fe [Music]. The result wasn't different for the quad mobile game. The a52 s5g was ahead, and this kind of surprised me after this mini speed test. I did a small Ram Management Test by reloading all the applications, one by one.

They loaded almost all the same applications from the same place and in any event the ram is more than enough on both sides. We weren't supposed to run into any ram issues [music]. You can record at 60 frames per second from both front and rear cameras up to 4k. A52 s5g can only record up to 4k at 30 frames per second. The super slow motion on s21 fv has motion detection. The A52 s5g lacks that the pro mode on the S21 fe has raw support. A52S 5g lacks the that there is a very high end pro-video mode on the s21 fe, with the features to switch between ultra wide and wide cameras, and also with a lot of custom resolution options. The A52 s5g does have a pro-video mode, but lacks such options. General is a portrait video mode on the s21 fe.

So, in terms of camera weight, 21 fe is a clear winner. This is the full comparison between the s41 fan edition and samsung galaxy a52 s5g. There are 21 fan editions that can do 4k videos with 60 frames per second from its front camera. I am in the same park where I usually record all my camera comparisons and on both screens you can see that everything is pretty late. But as always uh, you guys have to be the judge for this video front camera. On both these devices, the mode is available, and that will give you an idea of the stability. Only this video on this small screen is pretty stable to me.

If you are watching my channel for the first time make sure that you have hit the subscribe button, and also if you find this video useful, then hit the like button at some point. I am going to render it at 30 frames per second but this is mainly to give you an idea about the stability and the voice recording quality, because the voice recording quality changes with the change in resolution. So s21 fan editions front sensor is a little cropped in. I can see a large field of view on the a52s5g and will be awaiting your comments. You guys have to be the judge and after this we'll move on to the other parts of this camera comparison and the full flash comparison between these two devices.

The front camera videos looked and sound definitely better from the s21 fe, with overall better resolution and stability. First of all, you will find the videos of the s21 fuv, the cool color tone with more bluish sky and a higher resolution with better details overall. The a52 s5g produces a warm color tone and its videos look acceptable, but I think there is a little lack of good stability. Both phones can switch between the front and rear cameras while a video recording. If I have to choose one of these, mainly for videography, I'll go with the s21 fe because of its super good stabilization in all its modes.

The a52 s5g does have ois, but I don't know when that os actually works os can be clearly seen working on s21, fe [Music] [Music], and let's move on to the photos now starting with ultra wide pictures. Here is my own ultra white photo from both phones. First s21 fe has a higher detail and has a better dynamic range. Both phones have a 12MP ultrawide shooter, but the high-end isp of the s21 fe is high and its saturation is also high, especially when you look at the slightly reddish floor that looks too bright and yellow in normal mode on the a52 s5g. Keep your eyes on the background once again, kind of whitewashed on the f52 s5g with the whites a bit blown off is poor, dynamic range on this phone is causing this s21 fes highlights are well managed.

The portrait mode is now very impressive on both sides and that depth effect looks good, but here, the s21fe is giving you a more sophisticated look because of its better contrast and higher saturation. I am trying not to be biased here, but the s21 fes images just keep clicking me. X21Fe also has a 3x portrait mode and that's what it looks like compared to the 1x portrait mode of the a52s 5g [music]. A number of rear camera ultraviolet and normal photos will now appear on your screen, giving you a great idea of the camera performance of both phones. I personally found the saturation in the s21 fe images better. As I said earlier, the sky looked also more bluish and better on the s21 fe, with a better dynamic range, keeping all dark and white elements clearly visible and separated.

The f52 s5g tries to take nice photos, but its dynamic range doesn't let it keep its game alive. S5G and the elements are pretty much bright and visible on the s21fe, but I think the s21fe doesn't have very good details in the indoor photos. For example, the a52 s5g has a slightly warmer tone and the s21 fe has yet another cool colored one in low light photos. S21Fe starts at first with the high details and pretty much tries to maintain them in all the images. If you look closely at the tables in the images or at the walls, you will see patterns and texture clearly visible in the images of x21 fe, while the a52 s5g completely wipes off some of these elements and texture. x21f basically does this by its ability to maintain high details.

The a52 s5g brushes off some of the elements in low light and the night mode photos s21fe night mode is definitely much better compared to mid-range phones, night mode and low light performance. On the low light and night mode photos of the s21 fe, a slightly higher saturation can be seen also. One last time, do let me know what you guys think of the performance in the low light and the night mode here [music] and it's time for us to take a look at the selfies? I used the original or natural color tone on both sides. I used the out of the box camera settings for this comparison. The a52s 5g selfies are what some users will like mainly because of the brightness and the beauty effect settings on both phones, and that is what I got.

In some markets, both phone are a little higher than these prices. It is a huge price difference and the difference between performance and overall features is equally huge, with the s21 fe, you get everything better, whether it is the design, build display, protection, speakers, hardware and performance and the cameras a52s 5g is more like an affordable device that can fulfill your everyday needs without a crisis. That can also take beautiful pictures for you to share with your friends and family and that can do whatever you want. If you have, definitely go ahead and get the samsung s41 fe. Which phone are you planning to purchase next, subscribe also and like if you haven't yet said that with that I will sign off and see you all next one..

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