SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 Ultra 5G : 16Gb RAM + 512gb ROM + 8K + 100x ZOOM PORTUGUS BRASIL - Galaxy User Guide

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Thank you very much who subscribed, welcome to the k tech, channel samsung took the best it had and put everything in the s21 come in Guys, we are talking about the computer but top of the company, a fs 3.0 screen 6.9 inch, 2k, dynamic amplified with rip galley and up to 120 5,000 milliamp monster battery with up to 45 watt fast charging, 4 rear cameras have a main l of incredible 108, megapixels against We also have an incredible 40 megapixels guys that have an idea. If we add all the cameras of the Smartphone, we will see the incredible 208 megapixels. In a single smartphone it is really sensational, not to mention that it comes with Ip68 certification. Then there is memory expansion via micro-USB. It's a monster.

I just have to thank my friend over there, authentic tec channel for joining my people to buy this monstrosity, and that is why it's very important you give that thumbs up on the channel for you to see that your like to buy is in the video description, just click and make your purchase already know since, like subscribe to the active channel bell to receive notifications whenever the new video is released, I follow on instag ram on the channel without much news for you and let's check out a boxing So let's go to the unboxing and first impressions of these i show the os20 ultra 5g guys a letter in the samsung neckless style, but there's this one here. Let's see inside this cuteness here.

The name is following here: s21 5 g and don't change the full name of the smartphone samsung galaxy s, 20 ultra 5g. We have the action on the smartphone. Only the right model device. This is a gray one with 512 gb of internal storage. We have the smartphone. I 'll put it aside, because we have an envelope up here. I'll see if I can get it out of the way ready. We have the little key to remove the drawer, the operator chip and the memory card. Here we have it; here there is also a term for Arantia. Ok, by the way, what you have here doesn't come with a cover here we have the device as I had already shown.

Let's put it aside here and see what else comes inside the cuties box a little card from Samsung here and this charger, it's near it but maybe that's where the 45 watts are, I don't know why the galaxy s10 plus didn't have full capacity for indy charging. I'll leave information in the description of the video. In the increase that comes the rubbers of the phone and also the type-c socket for usb right that otg didn't come funny. Here the cable for charging and data transfer is a standard, as always with you, if you could see its source or it doesn't have usb anymore. The standard poison type c that you can connect on your smartphone is here, the monster guys at the front. He is big without the boy for his cat on the side in the 10 plus. He is bigger than the galaxy s10 plus.

He was a little narrower but look at that boy which showed that they show a normal front, right, no surprise, dumb back. Look at this gigantic domino piece that samsung has put on the back: it's big huh, it is big. People get used to it when iphones came with that gigantic set everybody thought it was indicated, but the crowd is now used to this one. The reference for one of these items, men samsung comes here to the house general, the samsung logo, the smartphone certification is a string. It's a more differed color in the black, Ah, the set right, with its 4 rear cameras, press tension, laser. We have a microphone for the noise reduction compartment for her to put her carrier chip and memory card and antenna for capturing.

The signal here also antenna for capturing I ; not know more antennas for the song microphone main connector. If you are the main speaker of the smartphone, the finish of its finish could not be different. We have Gorilla glass 6 here on the back Gorilla, lla, glass 6 on the front and this metal side is the anthem of the finishing. It's one of the most expensive smartphones of the world, and this little cutie is amazing. Here Samsung put the best in it here for us to come on; let's get it ready, while it deserved here at the top. It has a light and proximity sensor, also the spirit for front camera connections and bottom on the At.

We have absolutely nothing, the buttons are virtual or you can use them, and navigation is by gestures there, starting android I'm going to do all the settings and I will be right back to all of you guys, ready to configure monster and look what a show this screen is. The quality of this is simply spectacular and the phone here almost does not interfere with the front camera. If you want a rate of 120 free, you have to put it here in it, apply wait, I think I have already applied it here to enable the option of 120 pieces I really like the 120 refresh rate rest of what is very nice about this view. Generally text transitions here are much more fluid and much cleaner we enjoy than we are already here with setting.

The version there is Uai 2.1 also more current could not be different too. We have 456 gigabytes available and I have already installed an Antutu game and such so there is a lot of memory available for you to use without problems. Some invent this amount of memory, not to mention that it accepts and expands memory there with the micro sd card I made the fingerprint reader settings and did it here. Let's test it. I still find the unlocking on the Samsung screen a little slow. It takes a little while and samsung justifies it as having greater security. It also works well, but I shoot there with my Galaxy s10 plus at night. Il shouldn't be different here, it has good lighting. It does well to unlock it but it doesn't have any particular hardware for that.

It is just camera software that reads the face, so it's not as safe as biometrics. Let's go look at the cameras that I highlight on this smartphone guys. We have 5x wide angle and also a normal X, video mode and another blunder of and for shooting. Could we have Cool mode with dynamic focus very well, very clean here. The camera menu of the s21 another here has part of settings and everything else come on. This here is very cool when you already have beautiful camera angles only here. Here you already have the whole range that it reaches as 2x, 4x, 10, x30x and the technique goes without x1-Paste, and now 5x 5x. Let me see if it's better on the other doll if it has hardly any difficulty focusing on the five ends? I want to see the focal length of this cutie, hey and c'mon.

The world is really cool focal length, not so much at the pear. Ah, ah now got the focus, but not the pretty one, a super machine, nothing like missing. So let's go prepared a normal macro nad. Didn't find the option to put it here and now. Let's go to the front camera top quality, end in a minute! Oh My God, the front camera was taken and we have here an option for a larger field. Division is not as much because there are not two cameras here to have a big one: I go there, but it already increases. It is not one to the field of view here on the front: let's analyze the quality of photos a the guys that I also took some photos at the time. There is an experience of using the device's camera. I filmed the smartphone screen there and gave it up to 100x.

You will remember that this microphone capture is also coming from the galaxy s20 ultra. It is there at Granja, goulart, I can put it here x ready. We can increase it a little more medi here 10x we now have 30x and we can see a graph there and I thought it was really cool. This graphic is in the upper left corner and now we can go up to 100 x 100 x, guys, it's amazing what this smartphone is capable of delivering from now on. Now, later, you can see them all in the description of the video on the google drive. Now let's increase it a little bit. Let's now go to 5x and now with the ex there is 30x and finally is 100x the post in x is very complicated to photograph I, don't have a tripod I, don't have any I'm photographing there with the naked and raw hand.

You saw today that I took the wide angle with u excellent quality. Here we have a x hammy miranda here for 2x right that I took it with 15 x here, 10 x here, 30 x, a good quality to be able to find is very good and here for the end it without x1 you can identify that they are flowers. It does not have a very good quality of colour, but without dyeing it is impressive. It is worth remembering that there were all these photos, including the one I took now that we will analyze. It will be in the description of the video on Google Drive. This one is normal uai and take that good quality guy very good, really clean an amazing, very good, color and light thing that doesn't happen in phones from uai that story very a lot.

Five optimists saw that it did not get a nice focus, but here it did on 2 x, 1 was very beautiful. It doesn't have a very good focal length, it is very close, but macro is very interesting. The quality of this photo beautiful people I love myself that the frame is missing and here finally, we have the front camera that I have taken two, right? This one is with a wide angle of names like that and here is the one with a frame a little closer to face, and the quality is also very good. I've seen better guys, but the quality I go here from the front camera of the s21, come on. It's OK coming out here, giving an overview of the device that's it, but I know you want to know about the audio and Antutu.

Of course let's open it here on youtube search here for a quick song or even change for you who is most! Let's listen to the quality of this cutie, what's up with [Music], what's up and there's [Music] stereo audio another thing, what a beautiful quality we have here! You saw that I was ugly here in this part - and this part continues to play here- that you can't give it because it is very, very small. The difference is mystery is sensational, and here the audio the device is amazing with it only the antutu test. Let's go for the guys who like it a score, see 519 1702 points it's really horse and run everything you want in the fashion play store everything monster here in the galaxy s, 2013 and of course, not play a little game here.

Since the start can egypt, the others can lots of people like it, I won't. Do anything I want it here, so you can see the smartphones testing the game very fast loading huh I already liked it and then I finish this last load. There is another hdr resolution + hip rate and I put it here in my color. Let's start a game here quickly, very fast ido. This loading here does not depend only on smartphone processing, but also on the connection to the server and check this guys. Oh, incredible grace I made it there beautiful es, 120 rest for you to play the games, there is nothing better. The purpose of this complete analysis of the pet will have more later and that's it guys. I found this set of cameras extremely gross but by now I must be loving it.

Despite being a smartphone it has 5 billion mAh battery. It is not a light smartphone, but it's very comfortable if you use a print reader, it is working on the screen. The cameras also put on a show, at least with good lighting. Honestly it is sensational that samsung made a smartphone in x. Now of the makers without the camera in general is very good guys. We have a front camera of 40 megapixels that record 4k video. The rear camera also does video recording in 8k it's bizarre, I'm going to say a prayer in 8k, real fast outside we are in quarantine, and I'm also going to leave it there in the description of the video on Google Drive so you can see beautiful design.

Amazing Screen sensational quality like samsung, always brings the audio on your smartphones, stereo, 400 and beatings for use, face a monster. Yes, the galaxy s20 another assembly, guys a good one. It still doesn't cost much to subscribe to the channel..

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