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Despite being the smallest it is compact, but not as compact as the iPhone 13,000 or 12 min, and remember also that although it is small, it has some features that make it quite special, especially because it retains the same processor as its older brothers. And to think that as the timeline or time passes, processors are more and more powerful and the difference between generations is smaller, the s 21 and 22 have already been shown, for example. If you want to know what this device is capable of and whether it is worth it for this 2022, don t move because we've already started [Music] it's time to talk about the dimensions of this device, and I'm going to make the p quite sincere first feeling in the hand when we have it.

Another point is that we can get most applications without any problem and we can even write easily with one hand on a screen that is relatively compact, with regards to many other devices or other manufacturers,. Something important that I want to mention is that since it is small, the weight of this mobile is only 163 grams, its height is 150 and 1.7 millimeters. It is quite well protected and, since we also have the front and the back protection in version number 6, the frames of this mobile are very, very well constructed since they are entirely made of aluminum. The truth is that this galaxy s, 20 device has built very well and also that allows it to have the possibility of being submerged to a meter and a half deep without any problem since it has ip68 certification.

The truth is that everyone, the frames are quite small and this screen is excellently used. Also in the upper area we have the camera to take cell - fi - photographs and in this area we have one of the two speakers that this device includes. If we go to the right side we have a button dedicated to the Samsung assistant, which is Bixby in this case. It is a totally clean area that absolutely has no button. On the top of this s, -20 we have the tray to mount the SIM card and a microphone in the lower area of the device. We have another microphone, the charging port - type c - and the second speaker that we have stereo sound from the back, as I mentioned.

This Samsung has a pack of cameras that we will talk about in the video a little later on, but the truth is that it is pretty good at the construction level. We are talking about multimedia sections and starting with the screen. Firstly, to mention that we have a technology that samsung continues to use in their bumper range as it is 2x dynamic. The size of the screen is 6.2 inches diagonally and be careful here that takes advantage of 90% of the front is a fairly large number. The resolution of this mobile is very high at 1440 x 3200 pixels, the format of this device. Ivo is 20 ninths and generates a density of pixels per inch of 560, and it is pepe and it is brutal.

As we noted, is the Corning Gorilla Glass 6 a fact I want to mention that is important when playing is the tactile sampling rate that is at 240. Hertz is a good number and you will be able to enjoy playing without any problem. You can only use it at a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Imagine how much battery this device would use, but the truth is that under the sun, you will be able to see every content without a problem. This screen has a very high brightness and the truth is that it is excellent at the level of detail at the level of sound by this Samsung Galaxy s 20. The truth is that it works super well, as we have a couple of speakers which means we have stereo sound - one in the upper area and one in the lower area of the equipment.

The truth is that ts treble is perfect in prac. They have a fairly good quality, as samsung has been doing in each of its new generations, and the truth is that without much ado you will really enjoy listening to music or watching videos. We come to the power section of this galaxy 20, and remember that there are 2 variants right here. Internal storage tells us that in Mexico it has approximately 108 gigabytes, or at least I have had to see the version of successes. One thing that I want to tell you that is quite important to me is that this device is not going to have any trouble running. Applications as simple as social networks, for example, are quite simple, and something that I really like about a phone that has a high refresh rate.

Is that you enjoy it too much when you scroll, in addition to the fact that it has a very well, and they have no drink? The interface doesn't look very, very fluid when you're browsing and that makes you really feel a lot of power, more fluidity because it is an almost perfect experience. We are in the channel of your server and we see that it takes virtually nothing to load. Sorry, we saw that a processor takes long to load. This is not very solvent in this case, because the truth is that we have a processor for quite a while and that it will work fine now if, for example. We go to google, chrome and put the apple page for example, and load it.

The truth is that it is quite fast and not you'll have no problem running applications like you are seeing, sorry, now I'll give you a little test with these two games. More demanding and I am only going to open surfer software to test so you can see how long it takes to load, Now I'm going to leave I'm going to leave you a little try with the Call of Tour and mobile game to see how the device performs I finish opening the game. The truth is that it did it quite quickly and we go to the settings to go to sound and graphics and you see that in the games only allows us in ultra that the truth is I have not seen it on many phones, I remember that I saw it in the small f3 and it allows us in ultra in medium quality.

Remember that we are talking about the call of duty mobile and if we go up, for example, to very high it goes only to maximum which still a spectacular quality and the same allows us for the father of the royal and we are going to leave you a little test so that you can see that also. We have already begun the small test and look I am going to raise it to the maximum so you can see how loud it is heard. Let's remember that we are in very high graphic quality and maximum frames per second ; truth is that it is not a problem for this device that has power, but to spare as I tell you, and I will always mention that if we advance more each time.

The processors are so good that certainly they will evolve in this case less and less, because we have a processor built in 7 nanometers and the truth is that the performance it has today is spectacular, whether it has been on the market for some time. So, talking about the unlocking methods of this device, we go to settings and in biometric data and security, we can see that we have facial recognition and we also have a fingerprint sensor integrated under the screen of this device. First of all, it is important to take into account that facial recognition is done only by the front camera. or there is no other sensor involved, which means that it is two-dimensional and if we do a little test.

The truth is that it works well where it will surely cost you is in the dark or when it is already night. This device turns on or increases the brightness level of the screen to try to illuminate us and in this way unlock that the truth is that I do not like it much, but we also take into account that we have the fingerprint sensor under the screen of the sensor, which is ultra-sonic, which means that it does a three-dimensional scan of our finger.

The truth is that it is a little better than a sensor in this case optical, and the truth is that the sensor really likes how it works because sometimes my finger sweats and the truth is it unlocks quite well so in the Security section this device does quite well when it comes to talking about the c cameras of this device and let me tell you something quite interesting: as you can see we have three sensors and this is a telephoto lens and I. However, many thought that in this case it was fully optical zoom. We don't have a 3 x telephoto lens, but a 1.1 that generates a zoom because it is a fairly good 3x hybrid in this case. Finally we have an excellent ultra-wide angle or Ultra-wide of 12 megapixels, but with a focal aperture of 2.2.

It is important to mention that this device is capable of recording in 8 k at 24 frames per. Second, speaking of the front camera of this galaxy s 20 we only have a single 10 MPa sensor with a focal aperture of 2.2. It does have Autofocus, which means that it will be able to focus at different distances, a detail that is very much appreciated in its top range from Samsung. I will now leave a series of photographs and videos to judge its quality for yourself. I'm starting the test recording with the Samsung Galaxy S 20 I'm in this area where there's some scarcity in the light, and we are going outside to see how the device behaves. Now I am slow now, I'm going to speed up a bit faster to see that it also stabilizes the equipment.

Let's remember that samsung is outstanding at stabilizing cameras in terms of output. At this time, I am doing the recording test in 4k 60 frames per second with the camera, because I'm in an area I have extended to the division and I'm going to walk here to see the backlight and, as you can see there, it burned the area a little I'm getting closer and look how the equipment is acting. The back part is definitely completely burned, and now it has returned to make a balance between lights but burning me, despite that the camera has quite good quality and I hope. If you think of choosing a compact and small mobile like this Galaxy s 20, surely you already accept that the battery is logically not going to be as good as a slightly larger mobile phone.

Now it is battery, but there are advantages in this section logically that it will last a little less the battery than its older brother, but at the same time it will charge up a little faster because, for example, with the 25 watt charger, which is the same power that this galaxy 20 admits or supports, it will charge a little more than once from 0 to 100 percent, which I think is quite good for your mobile to be now with enough energy. We only go to share power, we activate the option, we put it in a surface and we put another device that supports or accepts wireless charging.

There are those who are not such demanding users and I think that this mobile is perfect for a person who uses their social networks and who plays a little and there are other types of people who want a small battery that does not affect them and that they can charge their mobile in the office and that it will take a short time to charge. We have reached the end of this video, and firstly I want to show you the prices in which we could acquire this galaxy 20 in this case in a second-hand way, because acquiring the new is very difficult, since it is not a mobile launched recently,. Here we can also see that a user sells a Galaxy 20 at a price of 9 thousand Mexican pesos, 420 dollars, and then we see another device.

That is also the normal s, 20 5g, 12 gigabytes of RAM, exactly the version that we have here at a price of about 8 thousand 700 Mexican pesos, more like about 430 dollars. Basically it is a team that has almost everything, and that is very, very well balanced at the processor level. Whichever of the two you choose, I suggest that you go for the snapdragon if you want this equipment to buy. Since the battery is going to give you a little more now, it is excellent at the power level. The ram is of a very good level because you can open many applications without any problem. You can run complicated games such as heat tours and force night, even very basic games, and they will demand very little from the processor.

We also have a screen that has spectacular detail and other things. The technology it handles is very good to this day because equipment like the s 22 continues to maintain dynamic, amoled technology. Another very important point is that its cameras are of excellent quality and I will not reproach it for practically anything. In this aspect the video has a brutal stabilization from the point of view I like it too much in terms of what it can demand in the camera. It is a little better than its predecessor since we have to remember that it has a fairly low optical zoom. The samsung operating system- many of us like it, is a device that can also work as if it were, because you can project a pc, a new television samsung, decks mode, that the truth works like a charm.

The only thing I can tell you is that this equipment- perhaps the only detail is that the battery is not the best on the market. It is quite good and remember, or do you prefer a mobile with a very large battery, or prefer a mobile that has a small battery but that quick charges up, this device? Wherever you see it is an excellent alternative and more for the price that we can find without further ado until today..

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