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What's up everybody, it's your boy, two phones back with another informative video. This video is my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 on Google, five, all right so late last year Google made a partnership with samsung and announced it well technically didn't really announce it, but it was a big deal. It was an update that samsung phones not working on google file right- and you know it's been a lot of twists with the um. The whole situation because of google fi supposed to network switch uh with multi lines, uh multi-networks using t-mobile, sprint and well a lot of people thought and still think that the Samsung phones don't network, switch but in recent times.

In the previous videos I've got screenshots um footages and I even showed on my blog site that the s20 or any other Samsung phones on the google fi website has the ability and capabilities of doing the network switch. The real issue is because of sprint merged with t-mobile. You can't tell if it is on sprint and u.s cellular is not available everywhere in the United States, so for people who are wondering or curious about all this situation. You have to download to figure this stuff out and not only that you have to check the map coverages and there are websites uh t-mobile, u.s., cellular, well, sprint, part of you uh t-mobile. Now I can't even say sprint website. You know where the best coverage is for t-mobile us earlier and sprint.

Now if you are not covered by those networks then the service is not going to be all that valued for you, but with the s20 um and I caught a great deal on this phone. The phone um retailed at 9.99, 999.99 plus tax, so you're looking for a thousand dollars for the s20, but in recent months Google fi has had a promotional deal where you can get the phone for as low as I think 300. So at one point if you were a brand new customer to google file like you, it would have been 2.99 for you all right and I'm gonna talk about all the accessories in the background and stuff like that in a minute. But I just want to let you guys know that the s20 on google fi works great and for 400 price. The s20 has a lot of value to it as well as the other samsung phones available on Google Five.

So the starting price for google fi is 20 for limited talking text and you get international calls uh international texts um and abroad. That is the base model for the Flex Plan. With the Flex Plan you can add data sound. These are my data sims all right, so I mean do all that, but you get a little sim card and then you can put popping in the mobile hotspot um you could if you have your laptop or tablet um. I got an amazon tablet, but this is only for wi-fi, but I can use it with the house spot and you know you get all those type of options with the dollar only sales or you can pop in a new phone that works on the t-mobile network. Okay, this is a Nokia phone that I got unlocked by att um and it works on t-mobile and tnt.

So the data sims can work in a t-mobile phone, a t-mobile hotspot, which you can get these for free on the test drive website. I'll leave a link in the description box and it works perfectly fine. You know I can use the dollar sales only for internet access. If I just need to know, check emails or messaging or youtubing stuff like that. I know a lot of people who say that's too expensive and stuff like that. But if you are a person who doesn't use data a lot and you got wi-fi- you got house internet like you, got xfinity or special on file by Verizon or att fiber or google fiber or something like that dish internet.

Whatever the case may be, this will still save you a lot of money for the Google Fi service for the Flex plan and, like I said, you get international calls and stuff like that. So you get nine gigabytes of additional data, so it really varies. It depends again on your data usage and I will show you the app in a little bit too. I did a full Google app review. Um video I'll leave a link in the description box and in the comment section um, and also I got it to let you guys know that this is the official s20 box. You get the studio on the headset, you get the wall charger all that stuff.

I don't use them on a regular basis, but I use them when I do my sound testing and things like that, and also I have pixel buds because I got a pixel and these actually work with the Samsung so um, because it's usb uh, type-c, um headsets and I know a lot of people hate that and all that stuff like that, but hey at least you get some type of accessories and all that. It has great stereo like speakers, it's dual speakers so as you can see the ring tone you got great audio sounds and stuff, so that's cool! Let me first go back to the google app okay, that's the google fi app and we're going to support and then we will go to the fi plans preview.

In the u.s and canada, not a Flex plan with family plans and you get two lines: it's 17 50 per line with three people is 1667 with four people. That's fifteen dollars per line for unlimited talking text and then you get the data again. You know what I'm saying and then okay, let's go to the simply unlimited data plan, which I've done a video. I mean, which I did to plan with the s20, and this comes with only 22 gigabytes of high speed data, and then you get throttled down to slow speeds which a lot of people are. You know they complain and cry, but I'm gonna tell y'all this. So you know what I'm saying so the dollar wasn't used as much and then on top of that I have a lot of applications with premium packages for free um. You get siri premium for six months for free um.

They had one with youtube premium: they got one for spotify. You get spotify for six months free - it's just calm. All right, then you're going to be using a lot of data, but on top of that the phone came with 128 gigabytes of homeboy storage and I had this phone for almost three months and I still got 50 50 plus gigabytes of free storage and yes, I've used the camera. You really get no real major benefits other than 22 gigabytes and you can still use this in canada and Mexico. The thing is, you can't use the Dell sims for, like your phones tablets, you can't use them on the 60 simply plan, but it worked. Fine call quality was great messages went through good. I was streaming youtube and everything perfectly fine.

You get the data sams and all that included their free international calling and then an additional 22 gigs plus you get um 100 gigabytes of google, one storage so that that's just if you use cloud storage or whatever, like that, but the family plan it's a little more expensive because you get unlimited data and that's for each line. That's the whole big uh purpose of the google fi service each plan, how I ran things and that sort I didn't do the 70 plan because I already got google one for free for having uh chromebook which will work with your google file service. If you plug up your google messages, okay, so let's see oh billy, okay. Now, as you can see last month, my data, my phone plan was what my phone plan was for free.

We talked about there is no risk ties on this youtube channel and these are remaining credits. I have to go so I have 362 dollars in bill credits to go now. How to get google file sim cards in stores so that target sells. Google 5, sim cards best buy, sells google fi um sim cards and you could also get google fi sim cards on amazon, which is prime day amazon prime day um bonanza is over, but they didn't have any specials on google, five sims, but check this out. Another way to save includes ten dollars in credit on your first bill, so instead of paying twenty dollars on your first bill first month of bill, you pay ten dollars, and then you know why you, you know using the service start sharing your referral codes.

There is also another cool feature about the best buy sim cards. If you order the best buy or the google fi sam at best buy, you can get three months of youtube premium give or take. Looking for all right, that's another option to save you money, so that's my whole down uh! That's my whole thing about the Google File Service on the s20 and, like I said, it's other applications that can help you identify. Was this application called signal spot all right? The application called sigma spy. What is the same operator, you got all these informational numbers and stuff like that. As you can see it shows you uh, I'm on 5g, google, fi um.

You can do speed test video streaming, testing, um it'll let you know how often you want 5g and 4g and all that stuff like that also it can show you it can. It can show you the network status of your operator and then it gives you the breakdown, as you can see they are still showing sprint htt mobile verizon, not sure why they don't use us cellular, but your cellular is an option. So and then this is another cool thing cell towers. These are where all the t-mobile towers are right now, because that's on the network, I'm using google fire right now, because it has the strongest signal in my area so you can always zoom out and you can check all where all the towers are: okay, it's another cool application and a helpful application.

I may add that you guys need to check out um yeah, I see and then it's a widget for the google file says I'm not on wi-fi um, my mobile. It says lte because that's band too, and 1900 milligrams, all right, let's see five switch, is another cool. This now helps you save on your data. If you don't want to use up the whole 22, gigs or so of whatever you have, they have data savings and things like that, and this application can actually show you what apps can save you data you have to have it on high. It will actually show you apps with the high savings here.

Are the apps with the high savings, youtube, tick, tock, netflix and feedly, but there are other applications that can save you a lot of data, but these are the top applications that can save you a lot of data and, as you can see, it says, extend your data plan for free up to 50 more, samsung max vpn, another application. I recommend you guys use all right, just letting you know so uh with all that being said, the Google Fi um phone service is very versatile. Um, like I said, the reason why people on Reddit and Facebook complain about the network switching out and things like they are not downloading the right applications. How to use the apps you got to give it permission to your phone to access the networks and stuff like that.

This phone is fully unlocked, letting you guys know that on hand, but I'm on a promotional deal. It comes with headset and comes with a battery charger, adapter all that type stuff and it works with all these different accessories. You can even see with my og project, 5 power bank when you get the right, um, usb cable. A freaking computer like samsung digs. To be honest, I really don't need all the extra stuff. I have a mobile hotspot on Flex Plan, but I just want to let you know guys that Google Fire is very versatile, there are so many ways to use it. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below it. Your boy, two phones for free I'm out, enjoy the rest of the video..

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