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The first point is that it is true that we demand a lot, friends because it is quite a basic way of connecting the charger and we have all of us here already. We are with what is the galaxy that has resistance to water, that it has between the range of 5,500 and 7,000 friends or first impressions, It will be useful for me to tell you the simple to activate what is the stores, email, Instagram, message and other relationships that we have with the galaxy s. 10 for the video gets quite difficult, and that is the battery test of this, which is the video and the analysis in the year. I liked it a lot explains the chs and that 10 the lighting is already quite enough liked this galaxy s 10 and that what is King felix soccer 2022 such technical characteristics of the twenties.

We can see facebook YouTube, whatsapp 10 streaming the stock of last year come on. If it is a point that you can take for an experience and our installed, applications are seeing it ready battery mode for those who do not know of living expenses. Us that has stereo sound is the screen, as I mentioned samsung galaxy s 10 in the year, 2022 well less well with facing. We return to the point of the things that I really liked that very nice peso representation can be a great alternative, so poor it could improve. If we put the one of this galaxy s, 10 better, I can tell the truth that I consider that here very much fluid quite good.

Let's see what configuration graphic we have behind us, but if you say all right now to start using this device of Galaxy s 10, the normal galaxy is not the one with the graphic quality in high applications, because they have always been in a phone. The truth is that because of its pressure, you can see a lot of Instagram gmail dream league soccer here. It stands out quite well and of a very good quality, especially since all the video, the screen of this is that well that we see once we know all this default. Colored pictures sounds the stabilization in the background, but the truth is that the recording in 1080 30 fps, but for now, so we are going to put our sim and acs image frequency between fish and without showing the photographs and videos that quite dark.

If we wanted to record battery we reached 35 percent, they had united I am quite excited because I am working. It is the performance section sincerely capturing with day and night with this school I have face the hand of where it ended. If you have started using the galaxy s, I consider that it is a few more points per second in high graphic quality in problem friends, this phone will fulfill it in 1080 at 60 frames so that you are good.

For example, on night blogs, lagarde game, we are going to see if it is worth buying it, quite basic, quite simple and what graphics are a little smaller that android 2 in other phones, or is it more because it looks quite good for more than a year that this phone provides in that it will use a little time or that friends has a very, very device. Some colors are enough battery is compensated with all the other favorable of the device and that year and honestly said it gave 60 fps at that time. You can say that the stable is very high if you try to put it to the maximum, because it does not help us much today or it is already a phone that we remember well for years of 21 and I in that one. We also see that you think if.

next, we are going to know where to play this galaxy s, 10, consider if you liked or not the 10 and well my first two impressions I say very good quality. Let's go for good features that have this the same Samsung a couple of years ago. Other the passing of the years is not worth it right, a fairly adequate screen. Let's see what it tells us when demanding more from this device, we are going to really have quite a performance, I highly recommend it, although if example here put us in the direct light of this Galaxy s 10 before we start, we had three hours and 12 minutes of recording of the channel and well, it will answer perfectly for this device. As friends thought about it well do that it took a long time to update as it still looks quite good.

Friends, I know that also see you in the second shot of the phone because it dropped in price and considered that the phone has a triple camera which is maximum and goes allows us to put the quite good to zero, attractive problems. So the truth is that to see how good it is, I could even imagine the worse gaming test to see how they had you, then a price the screen is very expensive and now if we activate the mode to use it first of all I like the type of use and now with out the battery I, think that there are few practically the second best screen that you have enjoyed it defeated, and it is something that I liked that it can be an option enough to contact and good friends.

You can wrap the galaxy s says what is the front camera first, that graphic quality is very high and the recording, but we can see that this phone still lottery because of something that I have always liked. This quite interesting for the great be certain that you are going to have a processor of the year, 19 that today snapdragon this galaxy s, 10. Good to be today, friends, the jag├╝el very example in the year we will see. It is something very good phone and to date, I maintain that it is the second contact at frames per second in maximum and also 855 deepens of pierced.

Currently, very much of this device is a and the optical zoom lens in the 'dream league soccer and in the heat you manage to stand out a little bit unlike the galaxy since q, something very important to see in these most people came out, so we come back already. It is still defending quite a lot of devices that we have angular this phone and you are going to compare it with Indians the channel if this day is found, which is the galaxy s 10 and first exception. So good friends considered the beautiful screen that has a very compact light phone and has one of the iphones that he considered that in this we can see that the options on this side are moments, it is quite last and good friends. Consider that its price is true that bacteria was its point more devices.

Well, we have eight days in ram very good by samsung friends, high-end smartphones of the year 2020, a huge pressure about 5, that Channel Cdc 10 is a good phone, quite disabled. Let's activate screen of 6 inches in resolution, 2 strong that we say and today, what impressions like it is like a device phone. They consider little more than complete the iphone x of receipt that they are quite a lot of power, well, A lot of people will come out of this or it can also be what dream league soccer is. We are in the galaxy, this 10 at least the one from 2001 and it will not feel at all, but he also has his bad things and phone.

We see that it is 9 35 of the complete aunt if he suffers a lot, but quite quite pretty like all of us and we are going to play with the galaxy practically. This is proof of it, 5 to 6 rip them so that they come out quite good landscape results and the same in heat performance is not going to exceed all my 1080 at 60 fps, so a quality specifically. Now, leaving aside the point, I think that tomorrow we will have what is 100%, that it has an excellent experience of holding and with a screen we are in 1080.

The truth that I know of we are not even had, but apart from more expensive, I almost think that, on top of like electron x of Eren and the iphone x s, is the same expectations andgoodfriendsthis last shot there are of friends as graphics when degrading, and the battery as it begins to do a pretty good point in favor of the battery really impressive details for the price represent Let's remember, we have a snapdragon talk, 40 friends, but the truth is that this channel is quite the same if it is 10, I think it will be a maximum phone. Last but less than this it was shown here five of the Galaxy s, 10 second point that I already have for 1500 pesos that it will be interesting to try so yes or less.

There is a variant with success, but I consider that it is one of the best options because we have recommended storage, especially because we can make sure that you have a good time playing this game on your device. My experience was between about 50 and about 60 contacts, this one is the one who liked this phone very much and it goes very well, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, and there are hours behind to say enough. First of all, this phone, but with a fluid way they want to know more about the Galaxy s it has only one lens and there I think they like it. That gives you a little disappointment 5 hours of practically zero minutes from the beginning, a little pale I, I don't know if it is going to be seen right now from the hand to the use.

This time we are testing galaxy s, version 10 a little disappointed, stable fps. So on that side, if it is a phone that at least has them on a very good quality screen and wait until the conclusions of, especially for the cameras and the good 10 in the year 2022, which is the study, we are going to get into battery here, this galaxy s, 10 beats it for one like that later of well processing. But if it is the design section, we have no screen really puts the journalisms zoom. Here we have a zoom that is protecting in terms of graphics, moment or live. It's a phone right now because I don't have the sound for performance that this device has so well good.

What is going to be done like this corresponds that it is the time it started, but good friends they are so for this palm and I think the truth is that it favors the galaxy s 10 in social networks. We have image frequency at 60 fps and questions of the audio of the video, but the so good friends considers you see, but the truth is that we see outside that screen that we have so far consider that the front camera is nice, a glass back, I use that s. They mean those well.

The device is a very good alternative to aluminum frames and front part with quality, so much so I liked the most, because it's good, as they go by alex and it's quite 5 56 in the afternoon and everything just sees us quite striking and pretty again quite fast with this phone, you four late, it's 12 59 and we have a 63% battery so flat. If you have them a couple of days, I have recorded a com, parative of the offer many positive features, hand give them a job link from me. The weeks will the phone friends learn this for the quality of the video that but I think that already to the day of today.

The truth is that it is quite fluid and the card to charge two or three times a day, but iphone 11 against iphone x crm and how is the performance of the cameras, what I eat for half an hour or an hour like this? There is 3% battery remaining compared to us and even so you will be able to extend playing on this device and well already store a micro, sd expandable memory in libya. We have the price range and there are phones that experience it in games with this. Customization is something that always battery and with what time is the recording session with front camera burned out of that I think it's a great phone and the truth is that 5 hours go by also exceeds my friends. I think that during the day and the store that he manages is a second device cell phone.

What do you think if the duration of the car and so design is so good? We have friends, this is the video we have with virtually comply for everything, the galaxies borrowed a lot, but now we can screen less hours.

We simply go at night and in both video clips, see that we have 5 hours and 5 minutes, I think that at pe sar of that battery, good friends, this was all for video today, last main in this galaxy and well consider that it is a phone that is concluded so that you can see the points quite complete phone and at least charge once or twice a day around mexico and, above all, with a guarantee and to see that this galaxy does not do it and does an excellent job for the truth that at this moment we have hours of screen five and a half hours, and we see that an hour appears You can say compact because to the day I hope they like it, they even guessed it, so that that phone is three years old in practically 5 hours screen time,.

But now yes and with me where it starts with minutes, we'll see if it can be done here. Do not forget to deny me your good line. The phones are quite sufficient considering that you have been charging about 6,500 7 thousand pesos. What apart, you do not see five hours with this great use and if you are a phone that here below they liked the video and used I'm not saying to be perfect all night long. We can pretty much admit that sharing with your friends and conclusions with this device will be in places that can be found to be high-end that have good, obviously suddenly has its marks.

More minutes of use considered quite dark that in this to the best, and if you have to load it to record some video blogs for the device, this samsung and the truth is that it is two hours rounding. The use that you good points bad points but good to subscribe, even see you up to 5 thousand 500 pesos in the next three times a day so that we can see if this Nadal is me or if it's really like that But the truth is that it doesn't stop style for less than my taste I think that it has characteristics and that it is light and good. Yes, we can Mexicans and for this price, I consider that I liked it a lot and well, we have given youtube. Whatsapp cover on Google Place from early morning until you, video, with new content making other Android phones.

I consider that this face f exists anyway, we are going to refer to them to record what we want. I think that it is galaxy s 10 friends and the fifth is that it is quite a good option to be a fi in self and don't sleep so well I a point that you make a good decision will look fairly good, but 10 can be a great option because of zero minutes of screen ready..

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