Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Replacement | SM-N985F. - Galaxy User Guide

You can see how you can replace the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen with this video. The screen was tapped from the left. On the internal screen, there is blackout. We now move on to screen replacement, step 3. Heat, the adhesive corners of the back cover with a hot air gun. The phone was kept in the hot air machine for 10 minutes. The cover the pens remover Unscrew the screws on the case. Disassemble the NFC part and the Wireless charge part. Disconnect the display socket. Remove, the sim card, slot. Remove the front camera socket. Remove, disassemble the motherboard carefully. Disconnect, the charging sockets Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra battery capacity 4500 mAh.

Lithium-ion battery technology. It has a 15W wireless fast charging, it is complete removal of Samsung, Galaxy, Note, 20 Ultra screens. We will replace the broken screen with a new one. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra original service We will attach all the parts removed to the new screen. This smartphone display technology is dynamic. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen replacement was successful..

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