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This is the best SAMSUNG ever made in its entire history, but it is really worth the 1300 euros that this Galaxy note 20 ultra 5g costs [Music]. If you have been using this galaxy know, 20 ultra 5g for the last three weeks as a personal smartphone, and in this video I will tell you what my experience has been and if it really is worth buying or not, considering that it is a smartphone that exceeds 1,300 euros in price, I am going to start by talking about the design section, and I must tell you some things that have caught my attention. But this one here, this galaxy note, 20 ultra I, need to tell you that it has fallen on me on occasion and it has survived.

But when you pay this amount of money for me, especially if a smartphone is protected - and it is now when I want to speak to you about the sponsor of this video, what is Rim özil, rin özil is one of the collaborators of the channel that makes the best cases for smartphones and I am not afraid to say what they are for me. It is therefore difficult for me to fall from a height of 3 meters, but I do have to tell you that I have fallen it on occasion, while wearing the cover and I was completely calm, because whether it falls from behind or from the front I know that it will not break - but it is now also that have some designs that are really crazy. Crazy for those who are fans of Naruto or assassin's creed, I have to tell you that we are facing the panacea.

You have hundreds of designs for both the Assassin’s Creed and nalut or any smartphone. If you have a Samsung, you have a sony, you have an iphone because they have for many smartphones and as I say, an incredible design and they seem to me to be impeccable for both handle and adult and also as I love you from the bottom of my heart, with the code that I will leave in the description. The link here in the description is one of the things that attracts the attention of this new 20 ultra and what everybody sees when we see it with the naked eye is the rear, or so to speak. The first thing they tell you is, my goodness, how many cameras it has.

It is not that it has many cameras and they are huge in a huge rectangle but now not only in terms of height and width but also in terms of thickness, and that means that when you leave the smartphone on top and use it to write some quick guacha to take a look at instagram or that they are making you a youtube video of anything you touch the smartphone will bounce like a ping pong ball. It is impressive how much this galaxy no 20 Ultra bounces, and that is because the camera module is very fat and protrudes a lot from the rest of the body. But if we talk about the quality of the cameras, I have to tell you without a doubt that it is the best camera that samsung has made in all its history, not only for the megapixels, because it is true that this 108 megapixel thing is striking.

We have only three cameras: the main camera, the ultra wide angle, camera and the camera that allows us to do a 50x digital zoom, the 50x digital zoom is practically useless, but even the zoom by 10 or even the 30x zoom offers very good results, it is certainly the best smartphone on the market in terms of photography, if you do not want to put it in the top 2 or maximum a top 3. And there is no doubt that it is the best camera on the market, at least in low light conditions, as it has a night mode. Perhaps in night mode it is not the best since Huawei has been working for a long time and gives incredible results, but really in photography in general.

It is incredible, but if something has improved, this Galaxy No 20 ultra is in video - not only in the stabilization that is impressive and when I say impressive - it is before it appears that you have a kettledrum - but it is also that thanks to the laser they put, the autofocus is incredible - best on the market after the iPhone 11 and 11 - but that they are still the best smartphones in terms of video recording as a whole. But it has also improved in the recording audio quality a lot and also has a professional mode that for those people who want to record video a little more seriously, you can touch professional parameters such as ellis white balance or even very good depth of field.

This that makes this blur mode in a natural way that the truth is I love it particularly and I must tell you that it is the best camera I have ever tried as a whole. In many conditions, it takes a long time to unlock, to see. It now is a little bigger as it unlocks faster and I liked it very much under general conditions. It is true that facial recognition should improve some, and we are now going to pass without doubt. Some point of this galaxy note 20 ultra, as is the screen. If you have small hands, believe me, you will notice that I do have to tell you that it is the best screen on the market in general. It is the best screen on the market. We have, as I speak, 6.6 inches of 2k resolution and a refresh rate of 120 hertz with dynamic amoled technology.

This means that it has vivid but realistic colors at the same time, impeccable color calibration, viewing angles that are amazing. The phone looks perfect even if you are looking from the side and we have a very good maximum brightness level. There is a small difference when you are in the daytime with the sun directly, but come on I have to tell you that you will not have a problem with the screen of this ultra notebook and many of you ask me if these 120 hertz are noticeable on a day-to-day basis.

If it is really worth paying that extra for these 120 hertzcios well, I have to tell you that it depends, because I only left people who do not understand anything about technology, and they have told me very well if a very good screen, but they have not told me anything about the speed of 120 hertz and then other people who they have said that it goes to this screen quickly. It must have an incredible processor or I know I said yes, but it is, above all, because of the refresh rate of 120 hertz.

There are people who detect it very little so my recommendation is that before you buy try it yourself and don't just let yourself be guided by the numbers, because as I said, there are people who call it absolutely nothing, but without taking into account these 120 hertz I have to tell you that it is at least the best screen ever produced in a smartphone. It is without a doubt that one of the things that stands out the most about this galaxy is not the spain section, the milestone pen that allows us to do different functions, but I have to say that I have not found a real use for it, and that helps me a lot to edit video and photos.

That I really have not found the real utility and I have used it to change songs in some circumstances for use the camera remotely, take a photo and record. A federal video, but the truth is that I personally would not spend that extra money because I had the landmark pencil, but I would love it. What is the real utility that you give it and if you really believe that it is worth paying that extra for the functionalities that the expert gives us, because it is true that in the presentations they tell you about it as something incredible, I have not specifically used it for real and that I make an effort to use it. What is incredible is the auditory section of this notebook Ultra 5g.

We have stereo audio and this means it sounds both above and below and - surely one of the best audios ever heard on a smartphone. I would not dare to say that it is the best because there are smartphones with incredible audio, but I can assure you that both to watch videos and to watch movies and to listen to music is an incredible experience.

Now we are going to talk about the processor of the performance of this galaxy note 20 ultra 5g, and you already know that there is this controversy between what comes with the Exynos processor or the qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus I must tell you that I am paying 1300 Euros for a smartphone that is annoying that, depending on the market, the company decides that there are people who pay the same, have better benefits than others. If we take into account the real performance of this device, I have to tell you that absolutely no one is going to have a bad experience because is the most mobile fast on the market.

You have noticed it or have had a problem because of that I have not used this smartphone much for whatsapp youtube, instagram, email, bank application, and obviously it is perfect, but I have also used it for play. The performance is extraordinary and I know that there are smartphones that have more power than this one, no 20 ultra, but really, if you don't have one next to the other, you will not notice that I still think that for the price we are paying, there are more powerful alternatives on the market. Of course, there are, and several, but I have to tell you that for those people who spend the money on this no 20 ultra, you have not had a bad experience, by far.

We also have 256 gb of storage, which is expandable with microsd - cards so you can keep all your applications, games and especially photos and videos, which is what is most striking at 100 thanks to the fact that it has the best camera on the market, at least from my point of view. Also one of the things that this galaxy no 20 ultra has is that it comes with 5g connectivity and that is very good because you obviously pay this price for a smartphone but also you want me to bring to you the best of the best, especially now that 5g is starting to arrive in different countries around the world.

The novelties of at least 5 g and I have to tell you that the battery was one of the points that worried me the most, but we are going with a lot of difference as it comes with 4500 milliamps and since it has such a large screen and with a refresh rate of 120 hertz mex I expected the experience to be much worse. In the vast majority of days I have reached 7 hours of active screen. This is not the review, but this means that in my day I wake around 8 in the morning and that I sleep about half past eleven in the night and I always arrive with a 30 35 40% battery. Even if I play the music, videos, photos etc. of the game. Believe me, you are going to get to the end of the day without any problem, and it has a quick charge of 25 watts.

This means that if you have wireless headphones you will be able to charge them with this ultra 5g no 20. What really bothers me is that this ultra notebook is compatible with 45 Watt fast charging, but you will have to go to Samsung and buy the charger separately, something that does not seem logical to me since we are paying this amount of Inero. But if we talk about the battery as such, I have to tell you that the experience is very, very good and one of the things I would like to highlight before we go into the final is vibration motor. Many people talk about vibration motors or smartphone but it is something that is very noticeable on a daily basis, and that is when you make a gesture or any movement you write on the keyboard, feedback to the keyboard and the feeling it gives to you.

When you move applications, etc., is very important and the vibration motor of this 20 ultra 5g notebook is the best I have tried. In my life on a smartphone and we come to the end of the price section and if I really think it is worth buying this one don't increase ultra 5g and, as I have said, there is a price of one thousand 309 euros. There is a wal of one thousand, one hundred thousand 150 or even second hand as a wal of one thousand euros and I must say that it is true that it is the best or samsung that exists in all history, and today it is surely the most complete smartphone you can buy.

But it is true that there are smartphones that have already lost a lot in price and can be found for 600 or 700 euros like the Galaxy, a little and has very few differences with this no 20 ultras. Then tell you that if you have money or are going to pay in installments and it is not a problem buy this new 20 ultra, because it is the best smartphone on the market today. But if you cannot spend this money or it is a major problem, believe me you can find alternatives like the none 10 plus or even a galaxy s, 20 s 20 plus, u s20 ultra at a very interesting price. and that, from my point of view, the differences are minimal. But always, what matters to me is your perón, so leave it here in the box in the comments.

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