Hey guys, welcome to another video and in today's video we are not going to test the cameras of the Galaxy m52 here, this guy has a Snapdragon 770 and 86 GB of Ram 128gb. How are the cameras of this one guy he records in 4K on the front, he also records in 4K on the rear camera, and today I decided to take him for a walk. Whoever is already subscribed to the channel knows how the tests happen here and I'm going to go up on that top.

There we're going to record some videos of the front to back comment, analyzing some of the light, and then we leave the photos for the end and after I transfer all this to the computer, but at the end of the video I still bring my impressions about what I thought of the camera tests of this guy here at the price he is and I'll leave the link in the description for you to buy. If you want the product, if you like Sesc, you see on camera he is r$ 1500 black friday days, I'm recording on Sunday. After Friday of Black Friday promotions, I don't know how much it can go up to, but according to the settings it's at a very good price, it's thin, nice to hold at 173g.

It doesn't give the impression of being heavy, but let's see how the camera goes, I'm still going to publish a review of it, because today is only the second day. All tests will be conducted with a chip using it as the main device. Let's see how it looks like this guy's cameras here are really some explanations, and now I put the HD in the minimum resolution that will have some frame that will appear as there is an extension here to see what is the stabilization of the smartphone. You will know and full HD on YouTube. There will be a part of ah, but she will always give it a sniff to pass it on to his day off.

I've already done quite the opposite of making one before he did, and then people had a perception of what the quality was bad, like that there's no way you could think that the quality is bad, I'm in a shadow area. Here with the front camera This is the front camera in Full HD and here we can analyze the stabilization and a little bit of exposure. We have the sun here from 10:45 in the morning practically 11 o'clock. It is already possible to analyze a little of the stabilization I am going to go upstairs to that area.

But how is the update in Full HD very well stabilized, remembering that this smartphone records in 4K on the front and in 4K on the back? I won't do 60 slack here, but that's the stabilization walking with it in full HD audio, its direct does not have any type of ac I'm holding it here. Nothing really gives me a hand, I see it here that it is crying right now in the background and the sun is really strong. The front camera is 32 Megapixels, which is basically the same. That's why Samsung uses I'm wearing a black shirt and I'm going to take off your protective glasses, seeing that it looks like it's bursting right there. If I stay here, I'll study less, but for me it's mixing a little bit. He does something to tell you that this guy here doesn't have that disputed mode.

He has the video prod mode and the white mode for photo, but the video disk response doesn't have it. That will take a lot of angle and the 64 main camera on the rear, along with the 12 megapixels here on the front. Ok I don't know in the image preview. Preview I can see that it is bursting well, that the light is still there right here, Celtic and then you are, seeing it there whenever I turn to that side. I had a black shirt, right?, but now we are going to test any difference. Notice we're here on 30 off I'm walking now I'm going to stop here to see if there's a crop. Surprise, you didn't put the image.

A lot in the advantage of a chip, for example like the Galaxy s20 F that I've already tested- and it doesn't burst this and way despite being practically the same sensor or the same 32 Megapixel sensor on the front, Then I realize that now I think it's more right, You notice that it shakes more with your path. Now it's 4K You're watching full HD, okay, but this is the 4K part because, as I was recording the beginning of the video, when there is a video that has parts in Full HD, the video will be all in full HD.

You are seeing so at least the preview I don't like it, because it bursts a lot Look how it's all blown right there when it blows you are well exposed it's not missing the exposure in me practically, but where there's sky Samsung Always Better software later, but for a while, and it's still not possible to condemn if the price remains r$, 100,500, But ok, who are you seeing it's very, very bad, very blown There are some smartphones that don't even make 4K at wide angle. For example, there are some King smartphones, 4K can't switch between these cameras. This one is the 4K or Realize how the rear already has another Vibe rear is not bursting the sky, normal Look, where it is bursting is that part right I had a granddaughter Ford I in front, but let's test it.

Oh I was here this cell phone, okay folks, just for us to see a sense of difference. This is the 12 megapixel camera F 2.2 right, it doesn't have auto focus 12 megapixels, the one that captures a lot I could change between the cameras. It gives a 2x zoom without losing quality, even though it's 64 Megapixel right going back to main for wide-angle walking a little more, not a camera, optical crystallization right. It a lot I just didn't like this front camera popping too much in the other images there. It is OK. Now let's fight non-stop and now to say a certain, you can still stop recording. I can take a photo while I'm recording, I'll change, Azera I changed it to bring the wide-angle port hungry to main I can go to say one time for me.

All this has to stop is good to give a fluidity during the video right and I will see, and he goes back to the camera he was in. It's just photography, man I enjoy it, but let's see when I play on the computer and see the other images How are you doing. For you to see the options that have on the camera, look, guys, it's very windy. Portrait da Prata only photo portrait both front versus rear that mode to blur professional video. Slow motion photo video mode, traditional slow motion and time lapse mode. Ok, I'm going to click here on Makro to see that there is no option to make a video, Only the background is blurred, which is for taking close-up photos.

You are watching It's, just a recording, no screen, but this is the real notion you will get of the proximity that you can take. Photos don't make video. The skin tone never pleases me perfectly on Samsung, so you can tap here to access the filters right then. In the filters you will want it warmer and colder to make some adjustments the way I want Beauty. The link to buy this guy is in the description. Now it's giving some of them stuck now access it enter shopping around. You help me a lot Beauty the best price we're still going to the photos, guys That's it here is a screen recording to show you how far we can say a I stopped here on the side of the road, this one that the wide angle is the main one.

If the screen recording is here it is 2 x, 1 you can put 4 and for 10 x everything digital right. Let's see what quality we get 10x right, let's go again from there x photo as you saw 10x digital zoom is not very good. Ok, but until two pull the law up to 3 x, maybe four: you still get a nice photo 10x. After all, we can't go guys that you've seen there, you've seen the photos you've seen the videos I've already put them here. My computer I've also seen the videos on the big screen and after analyzing these first photos of the first videos of the Samsung m50 and 25 g nice to remember that this guy, at the time of recording this video, which is the sunday after Black Friday 2021, it is r$ 1499 today. I start with the Samsung Galaxy m 5215 g on the front recording in Full HD.

You are watching in Full HD because I explained it there. Every time full HD comes in the middle I will not put a 4K video for you to watch because the pieces of escape have to suffer before he, then you will have a wrong idea. The image quality will get worse for you good one negative thing: guy, mainly thinking for the price of the product By, the way, the link in the description for this product I have a huge spreadsheet with all the Samsungs, all iPhones registered. In addition to our group of offers, all Czech motorolas are listed in the description. That has the channel of good guys on the telegram. The camera front really needs a video update man. At the time I was recording it popped a lot of images. The sun was very strong, 32 degrees, but still I'm really deep.

So the first thing about this guy that I know you ask I, buy this guy or this guy I'm still him instead of 1 m and 62 right, but the m62 proved to be better than the m 52, at least in this first software version of the n 52 5g the front camera for video needs urgent updates, especially if you think for this way, I like to test my videos, I put them in the worst situations, because in the worst situation this is what you will face face recording in a Or maybe in the mall, guy, doesn't have as much light as there was back there. You won't suffer that, but I like to show the worst scenario you will find.

So this camera This processor on this chip must have the power to bring good enough processing to not let it burst the way it was because even in Full HD 30 4K 30 it hasn't changed n ada. It remained with the images blown up in the background that I hated it I didn't like it really needs an update, because the Galaxy s20 is ugly. I said that the STF is not a camera show, but it is not bad that way because it has a more powerful chip. It costs a bit more than the m52 and it has advantages over the m52. It's good, but the front camera I didn't like when I do it for 4K it shakes. Smartphone, cheap, does not have optical stabilization and no lens on the rear. Camera in video is what I think has already got on the rear.

It is nothing Spectacular, but it is good that we always have to think about the price. The thing changes the results that were from the front camera once again pleased me a lot knowing how to rank where this guy is hacked and so for all that this guy has I. Think the current price is worth what you have reservation that this front camera needs an update for video, but in photos it delivered very good photos in portrait mode and in normal mode that I put blur-free mode in the video, I just need to understand: hey I want normal mode now. The rear camera did not disappoint in the photo. It did not disappoint neither on the front nor on the rear, Considering the device it is and I still had a surprise here. Megapixels delivers very good results at wide angle.

Results good photo the main too good main result of 64 Megapixels, F, 1.8, wide angle, 1, DF, 2.2 of 12 megapixels and the macro camera is a 5 Megapixel macro camera that doesn't make videos, The macro photos you saw there are very good photos, video on the rear, also good stabilization, more or less, but for the price of the product. You can't ask too much huh guys these considerations. If I were to talk about complaining about something thinking about the price, this product is I don't know how much it will be in the future. I would complain about this one of this front video camera. That needs an update more for the price it fits at the moment.

I'm recording this video and I can't do a futurology exercise here to know if it is going to be more expensive, cheaper when you are watching this one video today, it is very worth it for the price. I will bring another video here, telling you how it turned out after a week of use to bring a little battery feedback and a little bit of general feedback on the product, I feel photo and video. If you bought the product, whoever heard of black friday glasses knows that I recommended this guy for the price it is costing. The one I would give as a gift to someone with a warranty and invoice talking about a device sold in poor Brazil and if we were to go for some key options at the same price margin, not taking warranty into account.

We can also get a device as good as it is so remembering that National device invoices and guarantee beauty until the next video bye..

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