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Hi guys, today I'm here with the Galaxy 72 to compare with the 52 because. There are no differences that are even very important to you. I highly recommend you watch this video until the end to fully understand these differences and that may make sense to you, so watch this whole video and I will explain what changes from a 72 to a 52. In fact, the price difference is already quite large. If you look at the difference in configurations, it isn't that big, but yes, they have it and I am going to explain to you now. It is people my hand, dir hey.... It's bigger than me at 52, but if you look at the resolution and brightness level angle all these details, don't change anything.

They are two very but very good screens, as you can see there with full HD pan resolution, super, AMOLED technology and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, hair and I'll always explain this thing about this rest, it is the speed at which the screen changes per second, it's standard normal. You will have a feeling of greater fluidity. That is quite good, but it is not better than checking if you're subscribed to the channel, okay, I will follow it to stay Show the ball, check if you've already subscribed to, very good,. If you haven't it's here on your finger. Subscribe to the active Tink channel to receive notification about new ones. I didn't like to have it in the comments.

if you would buy one of these two and which one as a setting for the operating system, look at the same little thing sas. Now you can RT 10 with the white version of the Samsung interface in 3.11, so both are very up to date. Don't worry about that, Samsung is providing great assistance with partners. It is simply to show you here. There is a way to configure the screen. Speed, ok, you can come here, smoothness of movement, right, screen settings can put them in default right. Look high, then there's that butter feeling on the screen right slipping. There is a lot of information being passed on the screen.

This is also a considerable difference right, because the 52 has four thousand five hundred million battery time, and let me show you here the following: look inside that comes in the box: I always like to show you, probably you have already watched the unboxing, but let me show a difference here. It's like a flap and the 52 is smaller Samsung decided to put a weaker charger also inside the box with the charger so that it can reach the maximum. It's 15 hours and maximum power the charger from the a 72, and it already comes in this standard USB-C, and it's also super fast charge, but it's much more powerful and can reach 25 hours of power, so this one is good yes, it's cool.

This is really fast charger, but there are negative points, right? What won't come anymore, unfortunately not even a box, the manufacturer is so naughty there, right, and as for the battery of this one of the big guys, a 72, it is 5 thousand miles per hour. But an interesting thing is that I have done the following: I put both at I carried it in one hundred percent, both left it without you. You said that I fight and the brightness and it's very high even on his screen is very good and then I put it to run videos on YouTube, right, the same videos So left it all the time and the interesting thing is that they were equally charging the battery of the 52-year-old smaller. It must be well used because it is basically delivering as sugar 32 there.

But it does not mean that the a 52 will have the same time of use as the a 72. It is not because, as you can see here, I was already there playing with them here, opening a game and such before the comparison, and here it is already 59, and here it is still 60. There will be a niece to beat I would probably laugh about ten to fifteen percent, which is not bad, isn't it? It's not bad from G. The 72 is a better option, but for the price difference is expensive to be honest with you, I don't know if it's worth it Okay, but by the way, but I always leave a link here in the description for you to buy from a reliable store,. So you click on the link and check the price,. If it has an interesting legal price, then you can buy without any fear.

Very important and the smartphone, which is the protection against water, right? the water splashes all that dust there Well they both have IP67 protection, so you can jump into the pool with it. So quietly for up to a half hour at a deeper depth or less than 1 and a half meters, I didn't do this test, but if you want I can bring in a video here of the two putting them in water for 6 hours doing something here. We can see what the recording of the comparison will be. Right, who is going to give [ __ ], but I, don't think I'm going to leave it inside a jar of something like a bowl and there's no way it's going to go wrong, since they were made to withstand a very deep one. It has already been closed I am going to open the game Launcher I which clicked at the same time.

To get an idea of the speed to open here a little game. You are not necessarily saying that they already have it d - here. I follow one they have basiclly. The Snapdragon 720g s a hell of a processor, as I mentioned you, isn 't, at the same time, it is not the newest processor, right of the intermediaries, but not approved processor, that must be really good, and also remember that the two have 6gb of RAM and 128 of different internal storage. It can be important for you, so look at in terms of game settings, so the graphics and such will run actually in the same way, because it has 6gb of Ram 128 of internal storage, and the processor is also the same, and remember that they have stereo audio. At the same time, you can see it, so you will have an audio but full-bodied.

So that's good, right This is very good, so I am trying to cope with this madness and boy is here and remembering people the chip slot. They do not take two chips and a memory card. Now, let's talk about the cameras, because yes they have an important difference here. It is just one piece coming on top of the cameras, but I confess to you that I expected a cover, right with aspect more premium. In view of the price they were launched absurdly the price they went to dance, of course that you can already find much more much cheaper today, but talking about the cameras is the following: has 64 Megapix els both us? Let me open the app I will open the camera app, so you can see this one I am up and let me put it here.

Both it has 12 Megapixels of resolution and the Macro Camera Look, I'm, just to save the main difference is for the end, it's ok, there's the one I kill here, oh macro and macro has 5 Megapixels of resolution that's good, okay, people I mean we have a tile machine at least decent right, but then what happens to diesel that you want? It will give a digital zoom at 72 already using the main camera. One viewed it three or four times and he changed the camera. Pedro has another one that has a zoom camera of 8 Megapixels of resolution.

The mask eight Megapixels are already approximated, it's a lens that already sees farther, let's say, ah, and shows the information differently from a 52 that simply gives a digital zoom, and this difference is noticeable when you need to zoom in larger, for example I'm here, okay I can zoom in 10 times here, the maximum is 10 times, okay. Since in the 72 I can also give one of 10 times and the maximum of it is 30,. Ok, but it loses a lot of quality, but there is a huge difference in quality between 1 and 10 times. There is a difference from very high quality that you will notice when I show the photos side by side on the computer screen in a little while, I like that Look here guys front camera Danilo and me.

Also, the stabilization is a little limp right if you use 4K in everything, but if you put it here in full HD for example, the stabilisation is already better, both front and rear. And remembering that you can right record with the rear cameras and move the cameras while recording is very good people. I'll leave the link here in the description to Google Drive, where you can see these photos, we are zooming in and checking out all the details. So when the video is over, pls click on the link and go to Google Drive. We have multiple photos here that are pissed off at the same time with both smartphones, and we will be able to get a real idea of who has the best camer or better, who is more versatile, right, becaue in terms of quality.

Let me pull the front camera of the two smartphones here at 52, this side at 72, this front camera people on the same simple thing and that was taken with the same device. If we come to the dark to remember and if Night mode comes on the front camera this one here without the night mode, as you can see. It was better then I activated night mode on both and looked at the result. We have a better photo so that their night mode is really working, You see and yes the quality is very, very close to send another one, but it will be if we pull the cameras to bring it, the same thing. Happens, look at this people's wide-angle camera that breaks open more, right. I took it here in the studio, with a lot of light coming into through the window, and still was lit here.

Look at the result that we have the camera on your AJ on both Smartphones and what happens. We have exactly the same result as can be seen, and the main camera pulls and the main rear camera. We can see the stuff that takes place in the same thing. People made two smartphones with cameras exactly the same as No No calm down. Just like I said at the beginning of the presentation, the question of versatility is right, the 72 is here a little more, why? Here is this image of the a 52 and this one of the a 62 I took with 10 times what and on the a 52 he used the main camera right. He doesn't have a Zinha camera, so he used the main camera and Digitally zoomed in 10 times different from the 72 times that used the camera three times.

One who sees closer already and then applied the digital zoom, making a month expensive right optical zoom right changing what you want to see with the digital zoom So.. We have a very poor result: It is much superior to the air 52. So it's more than proved, and for photos from afar that you want to get a little closer there, the 72 is more cool. Then I was already forgetting to show the macro: camera. Ok, people, the macro camera of the two smartphones are looking at what we have here at 72 to 52 I end up with a little of focus here at 72, but I have it and we here in macro mode are also going to see the issue of focus. It is also very similar, right, people are very, but a lot of trend can't say who was better.

The latter was worse than not, and now is the time to see if there's a lot of difference between one and the other in relation to video recording, starting here right with the front camera front camera in full HD resolution. Because the video is going to be standing, I think the full HD is cool. Remembering that the stabilization works only when it is in full HD, so no or the 4K pro. You can not even activate scaling but. It's cool, it's cool, let's test those rear ones and Hey guys, now with the main rear camera. So you can get this idea, right in the full HD resolution, that the stabilization all the time works. The devices are in hand here for us to see how it behaves against the sun. Oh, this test is good for us to see how it is that stays in favor of the sun in.

And is always nice. The audio recording will also pay attention. Here there are a lot of cars passing by, is it that they are able to cancel out a little external noise and add noise to my voice? For example you do not have to stop recording, but I just need to do this. You can see it on the floor plan Look simply and of course you can apply one more, but then it is already 12 times here, Wait, you are still messing with everything. Zoom camera breaks down a country-wide difference. So that is why I told you to watch the entire video to understand all the points because any of these points that differ from each other and may be important for you, beauty, I hope you have all the information I tried to pass on to you here.

There are no they are the same thing, we're basically my cell phone. Put it in the comments if you think it's worth paying more, a lot more expensive, have them also put the comments that we want to know your opinion, it's good, then these people will let you feel a big hug bye around here..

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